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  1. That is correct. Consider them sold.
  2. Can you do $120 Shipped to NY? I have made a separate offer for an additional needle you have listed on your other post.
  3. I could offer $25 for the single middle needle and I will post an offer on your other listing lot.
  4. How about I propose a package deal with other BM you have listed?
  5. I have these two. $25 shipped.
  6. Would you consider $25 shipped to NY for the middle eel colored needle?
  7. Frazerp - You got it.
  8. Sound fair. Dark blue cloud Danny sold pending funds.
  9. Five plugs for sale including three original Danny Pichney plugs. All prices include shipping. Bottle Darter - $12.50 Dark Blue Cloud Danny P - $40 Light Blue Cloud Danny P - $40 Light Blue Cloud Danny P - $40 Dark Blue Atom style - $15 Light Blue Atom style - $15
  10. Thank you. Sold pending arrangements. I will PM you details.
  11. I have a Tackle Solutions Surf n Boat Tackle Tote that I am not using and would like to find it a good home. Interested parties would have to pick it up in Northern New Jersey (Bergen County). It is complete and in great condition with no issues or missing parts. Stores a ton of stuff. Price is $150 picked up as it is simply too large and cumbersome to ship. Below are the details about the tackle bin: The Surf 'N' Boat Tackle Totes can hold dozens of big lures along with tools, terminal tackle all with easy access. No more "blobs" of razor sharp trebles tangled together at the bottom of 5 gallon pails and no more plastic boxes sliding around your truck or buggy. All your tackle is in one convenient location and ready to use from Surf or Boat! The Surf 'N' Tote has the following great features: "Saltwater Tough" super heavy duty waterproof and lightweight plastic tote Has up to 235 hook holders that can store large lures up to 12.5 in long Huge waterproof inside space to fit large items like large surf bags and multiple tackle boxes. Includes a Plano 964 Rack that holds (4) Plano 3600 series boxes for storing small items or for grab and go. Rack is Velcro'd to bottom of tote so it will not slide. Includes customized Plano leader material storage box to organize leader spools and allow for smooth release of leader material. Comes with labels for 20#-80# test LED interior removable touch light for night fishing and rigging (4) Easy access pop top terminal tackle bottles with attached lids for quick access to small items Tool storage bar for up to a 30# Boga Grip, screwdrivers, pliers, tools, or hook outs Scissors with stainless steel blades and coil lanyard attached to box are included (2) PVC pockets under lid for tide charts, maps, or the included striped bass and bluefish length/weight/age charts Fits easily in truck, trunks, or in cooler racks Manufactured with corrosion proof materials Dimensions: 29in L x 20in W x 15in D
  12. Hope I can be of some help. I was in Anguilla last February/March and took the ferry over early in the morning and fished with a local guide all day in St. Maarten. He is a local guy who is also a principal at a local school. He has fished all his life in/around the island and knows every spot. It is a bit unconventional but he knows where the tarpon are. We fished in/near a marina (caught two baby tarpon) and some beaches. Shoot me a PM and I can map out all of the locations he took us. Near the airport is a hot spot as well. If you had to take one outfit go with a 9 weight with floating line. Also although controversial as to whether they are actually a "fly" the gummy minnows were deadly. Look up Tyt Lynz guide service, the guy's name is Richard. Great guy and worth the effort to contact him.
  13. I have both and have used both. The QS loads up quickly and is good for short range. The regular Rio is better when you need a little more distance. Both are good lines and have their place.
  14. My wife and i were just in the Bahamas. It's worth the investment to invest in a good pair of flats shoes for coral and the like. Can't go wrong with the Simms flats sneakers. Actually look pretty cool and are rugged.