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  1. Woody. Thank you. Let me know as soon as possible because by tomorrow morning I will be in RI with grandpa Gabe
  2. bump! help! going out to Rhody tomorrow so lets see if anyone can help?
  3. Glad you gave him a ring! He's a great guy/ captain! Catches everything and gets a new boat every year
  4. Title says all guys. Really need one in time for summer! Docking it in RI! Tying it up to the floating dock, as we just got our dockspace after 3 years. Any used/new 12' RIB inflatable that is in nice condition will suffice! If you know where i can get one please help out!!! I live in NYC, but my grandparents live in Newport, RI and that's where it will be docked!! Thanks Gabe
  5. i've caught em bigger than that in the NY bite!! love em
  6. Hey guys! Grandpa wants to buy dingy because his dock space finally opened up. Looking for something fiberglass and inflatable, (RIB) something built well. (New or used) it's going to be tied up to the floating dock. Must be powered and good for fishing and cruising Turnkey and go Any help would be greatly appreciated if you guys know how/ where i can get a good deal on one. House is in Newport Thanks SOL Gabe
  7. Captain Matt Maloney. My favorite by far and I've been on over 20 different charters! Give him a search on google.
  8. if anyone has a Swedish House Mafia, Barclays, GA ticket for saturday and can't go, or has an extra I will buy it. must be general admission!! let me know!!!
  9. Hey guys, I need a weight bench for my room. small one like the one pictured. preference is something that i can angle to do incline presses and stuff.. thanks Gabe
  10. not posting pics unless you really want it because like i said its new. Everything but box is included. Gabe
  11. Hey guys, have a basically brand new Canon Pixma All-in-one MG6120. Retails for $200 and thats what I paid. $75 firm plus shipping, unless you would like to pick this up in Manhattan, Upper East Side. Thanks Gabe
  12. Just trying to help here Looks like the hammered diamond jigs are all made by OE tackle right? Congrats on the little one! Gabe