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  1. He can put one of these in if he hasn't got final. But wait... Speaking of that. Is the DW connected back to the street ?
  2. looks great. My Wife might want this... but we have 11ft ceiling.
  3. see that tab? Grab it with pliers and pull. the center should release around the cutline at the bottom. May need to pop it with a screwdriver to get it to start.
  4. the ones who beat and abuse women and girls.. yes !. Cut it off and stuff it in their mouths and pitch the whole pile in the ocean
  5. WTF get the victim to a safe place??? Beat the abuser and toss them in the ocean to swim back !
  6. So, you’re saying you had NO benefit from Trump being in office ? Careful now, we’ll know if you’re lying...
  7. A time what time did you realize Trump had a good policy, that Biden stopped, then had to reinstate. Or , rather his handlers told him to reinstate?
  8. don't deflect, We're talking about you here.
  9. says the guy in the quote... hypocrite. lol
  10. So, You cant grow up and just go with tit for tat ??
  11. You use that word like you know what it means. How about you tell us who these "nazis" are? Where are they ? What EXCATLY are they doing that makes them "nazis" ?
  12. Don’t listen to the pompous “ has to be wood only” schtick... you set some ribs in front of them and they suddenly don’t care..
  13. Cleaners!?!? You mean scraper? Do not warsh the smoker.