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  1. Par for the course.
  2. Scam Newton sucks. Why in the world did the pats pick him up?
  3. Focker doesn't know what planet he's on.
  4. J Dorsey looked high.
  5. Trump Senate gains a seat. GOP retakes the house.
  6. Old news. Try to stay up. Nothing was looted or burned and certainly nobody rioted over this.
  7. Never Trumpers, Piss ants, soy boys and other weird a$$ mo fos.
  8. A little better than Murphy and Cuomo.
  9. More libs flailing in the wind. Poor bitches.
  10. New green deal should be renamed the new deal of color.
  11. We pay and they put new green money in their pockets.
  12. Voted Nancy, but #1 for me is Peter Strzok.