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  1. Exactly. If a balloon like this flew around when Trump was president the media would have been all over it.
  2. Unnamed sources say... I call BS.
  3. Weird how libbies will tote water for their idiotic president.
  4. Joe said shoot it down Wednesday. No lie. I kid you not.
  5. Joe got tired of taking the heat from repubs. So he had it shot down. China already had all the info anyway. Joe gets his 10% and China gets their spy info. All is good in lib land.
  6. James Bond or MacGyver either one would have already figured a way to get this balloon down.
  7. I have. Fishing Brown's inlet - good drum ,trout, flounder hole and the zodiac comes flying up with the 50 cal's pointed straight at me. After 911 of course. Overkill really.
  8. Milley called first thing this morning. He told China the plan was going as planned. Send the money to my Swiss account. That is all.
  9. Crickets from the libbies. Embarrassing for the USA.
  10. Joe is compromised. 50 plus years and this old farker does nothing. Shoulda hired a couple of good ole boys and shot this thing down.
  11. Lol. What an effing loser Joe is.
  12. SO I can hear Trump now. "Hairy Haley".
  13. I see no hot Russian girls in the video.?