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  1. Al, Thanks again for the help on guide spacing. The rod came out very well and does everything that I want and does it well. THANKS AGAIN, Left Coast Angler
  2. I would look at the Newell 200 series in the wide spool ;229 ? It may be too fast at 5:1. At any rate you should take a look. LCA
  3. Al, Thanks alot, I had a diffrent guide size and lineup all together. I'll let you know how it comes out. Thanks Again! Left Coast Angler:)
  4. I'm a first time builder of this type spinning blank and reel combo and am using a Rainshadow 1027 81/2ft 15-25lb 3/4-4oz and am using a Diawa TDA3500 spinning reel, any help on guide size and spacing would be appreciated.
  5. If you are not going to underwrap you should make sure that the bottom of the guide feet have no rough/sharp areas protruding down that would dig into the blank. I have also heard of builders using Flex Coat guid adhisive on guide feet for protection. GOOD LUCK, LCA
  6. My local hardware chain store carries a pretty good selection of both colors and sizes. You might also try an "old time" boat/marine supply.
  7. To save weight. Left Coast Angler
  8. Try looking on You Tube. Left Coast Angler
  9. Try going to **************** Left Coast Angler
  10. Todd at Custom Rod Art in Benicia has a complete selection of rod building components and blanks. His phone number is (707) 745-1080. Left Coast Angler
  11. I would love a handle for a Penn 114H . Would you also send any catalog or flyer. Martin Hustad Left Coast Angler THANKS, Marty Hustad Left Coast Angler (*edited - address removed - please don't post your address here - if selected, you'll be notified through this website - thanks. Tims)