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  1. Good to hear about the kingfish - were you using blood worms?
  2. I have a custom gsb101L for sale - great rod and in great shape - located in central NJ - not sure if its the same model you are looking for..............
  3. I have a 9' Avid for sale..........
  4. I don't need five 9' spinning rods and looking to trade St Croix medium power (mod-fast) rated 1/2 - 2oz rod for similar 10' version or Lami. This rod was rarely used, in great condition and is the dark colored blank. Would like to exchange in NJ. thanks in advance. JimD
  5. GSB1018L customer made a few years back - in great shape $200. I work in Matawan if you want to check it out first. JimD
  6. can it throw 3/4 oz?
  7. I'm have a custom 9' Lami (1 piece) gsb1081L matched with a brand new Daiwa BG4000 reel that I'm looking to unload for $275.00 if you are interested. Great combo for pickup in central NJ.
  8. Billy - I have an "old school" universal/bench that's all yours (free) if you come and get it..........some disassembly involved. Located in central NJ JimD
  9. got this custom made a few years ago with the best parts - 7 guides.............$230.00 with hand off in NJ - would sell combo for $600.00 if interested
  10. I have the 450 & 750ss (original owner) and still use the 750 for fishing bait in the spring, the 450 is matched to a 7' Kunnan rod that was a popular "Joisey" plugging combo back in the 80's but rarely used now. I offered to sell both (here on SOL) but only got offers of $45-50 on each and it wasn't worth the effort. Doesn't seem like much of a demand/market for them regardless of their condition - they are still in good condition and are solidly made. JimD
  11. Respectfully offer $150 - and live in central NJ for meet up. JimD
  12. Steve, Always great seeing you! For clarification, the rabbit was neither farm raised or wild - but rather.........road kill. JimD
  13. I have a few older Sustain models (FD & FE) and like them a lot - have heard/read only bad things about the newer "FG" model + they raised the price! I would 2nd the Saragosa recommendation as I have the 6000........... . JimD
  14. The J-6 & J8 are my favorites - try a loop/rapala knot with 80# leader...............works for me. JimD
  15. Understood - good point. I wasn't aware of the significance in SS eye color at the time. Good luck! JimD