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  1. That’s a bummer. Hope he’s ok and just got burnt out.
  2. Anyone up for fishing Dicks beach after the ceremony? Nauset Dog and myself will most likely be there. Betsy’s Only!! (jk, but let’s be honest you’d all catch more fish if you did) %RIPBFD
  3. I’ll take em PM sent
  4. Medium
  5. Too late to order one of the simms shirts?
  6. F&*^)ing AWESOME fish dude. Congrats. Def save that fly. I have a feeling you will cherish that rod/reel//backing/line/leader/tippet for a while. Kudos to your wife for documenting it for you. Well done.
  7. If you do zip locks, bring an extra one for the flies that get wet. Salty flys and “dry” flies don’t mix well imho.
  8. I tried this yesterday but the hogy site said the page doesn't exist - maybe they sold out?
  9. This is the best fishing report I have ever read. You are one tough SOB Dick. not sure any of us would be able to come back that quickly, mentally or physically. very happy that you were able to get out and get some casts in with good friends before the end of the season. what a bonus you got some fish and Rich got his bonito.
  10. sounds like a lot of people catch em blind casting which has me thinking, hasanyone caught an albie at night? i know they feed by sight but plenty of fish feed at night and i'm assuming they are seeing the bait they eat. is it becuase albies only use sight and not smell, lat line, etc as effectively as other fish and their eyesight isn't made for night time?
  11. These two are my favorite
  12. hook, mono thread, BT, Laserdub, craft fur, eyes, solarez, fish!
  13. ditto on the importance of a good reel over everything else. well that and a good hook and clean leader.
  14. Hahah could not agree with you more on this. Happened at least twice this weekend. "OK reel in, let's go check out XYZ" and then water erupts 30ft from the boat for 20 seconds, gone. cast for another half hour, same thing. silly fish