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  1. I’m sure it’s just habit but we’re talking flies vs plugs. Wouldn’t mind plugs but just making sure your orders are in order.
  2. I’ll take it. Sending pm
  3. Respectfully offering $50
  4. Great deal and even better reel!
  5. Interested. What’s the inseam size?
  6. Dragging this post out of the archives. My uncle gave me some fresh tails a couple years ago. Think they’re still good? I had em in the freezer first winter, then moved, and 2 years later found em in the fishing moving box. Kept in a zip lock box in a plastic bin sealed up. They absolutely smell horrible. Should I toss em?
  7. Nothing to add here but fished with BFD a handful of times (he called my cast 'too wristy' the first time I met him, to which I was highly offended and then realized he was right). Just glad to see this annual thread lives on. Nice work SOL. couple close buddies are thinking of a BFD memorial tournament of sorts. no cash or prizes or anything just bragging rights. maybe a DD gift card hahahha.
  8. I have very young kids so my wifes view is different now. previously it was no problem, have fun! And I have many passions, fishing, fly tying (yes those are separate), hockey, and golf, in no particular order but definitely in order of cost. none compare to shoes though
  9. I was in between hatch and nautilus and eventually went with nautilus because the drag knob is deeper/sticks out more so easier to grab when needed, and they are east coast (miami) vs west coast (california) and I'm based on the east coast. childish, I know. I recently posted on corrosion issues with nautilus so take my above recommendation with a grain of salt, no pun intended
  10. All waders do the same thing and all will fail eventually. I'm surprised by simms lack of customer service, i always mentally held them to a higher standard but never pulled the trigger on more expensive waders. Agree with pataguchi, awesome CS, not awesome prices. plus they are super (or least market they are) environment friendly. I have two simms jackets that are fantastic, a light wading jacket (sits higher up on the waist) and a heavier insulated jacket, both are worn every time i fish at night and have had both for years. I have only bought orvis waders because they are relatively cheap and they used to have shops around MA i can bring them to for repair. that is no longer the case unfortunately so idk what im gonna do when this pair busts open beyond self repair. I will probably just get cheapo ones and deal with leaks. we fish in water, water is wet. cold water is not fun but hey thats what bourbon is made for.
  11. Hey Mike! So they told me I overpaid and would mail my check back and I could pay via CC, but I didn’t feel like dealing with that and already wrote the check so asked if I could get a custom reel seat and a shirt and they said no problem. I believe I got the shirt for $10 cheaper than I would normally. So that was pretty solid but agree don’t think they cleaned the spools and didn’t address the issue, basically saying I beat the crap out of my reels, which is true.
  12. Same, and fished it every year since. I think everyone won a raffle prize that first year hahah. My buddy won the giant rod holder that goes on your car roof. It was his first time fly fishing haha.
  13. What every good fishing trip starts with?! A hangover!!
  14. Also fyi the cheeky fly fishing tournament is Saturday on the cape. I’m guessing 200+ people fishing (me included).
  15. Update on these: finally got reels back from nautilus. Very responsive leading up sending them in. Not so much after they were received. Had to reach out quite a bit for an update. They put some alumaguard on the corrosion and said they were completely dismantled and inspected. Looked like they were not cleaned in my opinion but definitely greased. Replaced a couple screws. Only $45 for reel and 2 spools which I thought was great since I sent a check for $135. Got a new reel foot and a shirt for the difference. spooled em up and back to looking sexy again!