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  1. As mentioned above, definitely remove the prop. I’ve serviced my motors solo for decades, even to this day with an aging and not so great back. Lu isn’t overly heavy, but with the shape and drive shaft somewhat awkward. I’ve always held by the casing and skeg, never the shafts. The drive shaft is long so anticipate backing it out some, and try to stay aligned to avoid undue stress on the shaft. Now a days I use good griping work gloves. Heads up, there’s likely a fastening bolt that needs to removed which is located under the zinc. If you’re handy, with oem service manual should be fine.
  2. New Fathom II 40NLD2 silver black Gear Ratio 6.0:1 / 1.9:1 Max Drag 40lb | 18.1kg Braid Capacity lb/yds 50/785 65/655 80/565 $265 shipped
  3. Was nice meeting you Andrew. Thanks for meeting up and the good deal.
  4. If decide to split, and “...Im in NJ alot. Meeting can be arranged” includes NE ocean county coast PP-SSP, then offer $80 @ meetup for for the hogy package
  5. I have couple of issues that drive sneaker choice - * Achilles bone spur that protrudes aft, for my feet the asics nimbus line has held up comfortably including my lazy slide on/off usage * bad back that benefits from the well cushioned impact absorbing sole, especially the heal landing no issues with marking the deck for the asic colors i use was using the nimbus 24 the last couple of years,, currently using new nimbus 25 24 vs 25 main differences I've noticed 24 - * very good - excellent sole cushioning * tops are super light weight more open weave, breathable and very cool, but if used for low work on knees and drag them will result in toe wear through hole on the top 25 - * excellent sole cushioning * tops are light weight with less open weave, a bit warmer but not an issue, tbd if the tops wear better
  6. They’re a fun ride I'm going on my third year and still have a blast driving it Enjoy the new ride brother
  7. Thanks for driving south for the meetup, was nice meeting you. The lexa 301 matches well with the proteus. Catch ‘em up.
  8. I’ll take it for $90 pick up. Sending pm to coordinate on future meet up. Thanks RLB Thanks SOL
  9. I’m south of manasquan. Guessing you’ll be taking rt 36 between the parkway and sandy hook. If so, how about $90 pick-up on rt 36, perhaps near Keyport?
  10. Offer $100 pick up near manasquan inlet
  11. Hi John, If (Unspooled) = separate unused line included & enough line to fill the reel, then respectfully offer $250 shipped for the 40NLD2 Thanks for considering, Joe
  12. Thanks for your reply. Not interested. GLWS
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