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  1. PB, Thanks for offering, I’ll take it, will pm for payment info. SOL members, Still WTB larger spool(s)…
  2. WTB large spool of multi-color metered braid 80 lb preferred 1500+ yd spool or multiple spools 700+ yd spools power pro depth hunter preferred open to other brands open to 65 lb
  3. Some of us went with less costly plastic yard storage box. Brands like suncast at Home depot/Lowe’s/Costco/target For the limited storage on the boat, mostly safety and fishing stuff on board. Being an oldster, really like the convenience of maintenance/cleaning stuff in the dock box, trying to minimize extra schlepping especially after a tiring fishing trip.
  4. Fluke - relaxing summer thing ez for typical solo fishing ez for infrequent fishing guests to drift drag and catch. ez cleaning, good eating, freezes well, enjoy cooking fav recipes - quick basic broiled, broiled with blue claw crab cake stuffing, franchise
  5. following up - reel received as described good deal on new multi purpose reel thanks jason thanks sol
  6. I’ll take it pls msg me with PayPal info thx
  7. Lots of good advice from SOLers above Redid my entire dash 2 winters ago, enjoyed that off season DIY project All new switches and std size switch face plate from newwiremarine Not bargain prices, but they were good to work with, web site had switch schematics for wiring options Behind the dash - added another fuse block, labeled wires, cleaned up all wiring I could get to back there In your case, perhaps consider self fab or could have newwiremarine custom fab a replacement panel, change from woodgrain material to black plexi / black matte to better match the electonics compartment door Think it through for other opportunities, like the usb charger previously mentioned, complete re-layout, if enough depth behind the dash perhaps room for strutscan wireless caddy, so may possibilities. For the clear cover, perhaps ditch/keep As mentioned above, definitely tinned wiring Circuits amperage and wire gauge awareness For all the terminal and butt splice crimps, if you don't already have then invest in a nice crimp ratchet tool. After using I regret not going for one of these Anchor tools years ago. Heat shrink termination and butt splice connections. With the usb charger pictured above, prompted a final comment - blue lights look very modern, but my old eyes find the color very distracting when navigating at night, went with red for switches. Fun stuff...
  8. I’ll take it if the extra set of new jaws are - “Saltwater Jaws are available for hook sizes up to 6/0” Please advise Thanks
  9. another fan of stamoid, and weblon have them on my center console t-top - stamoid/weblon - 2006 oem still in service, hoping to get another 1-2 years out of it full enclosure - weblon - 6 years old, console's 3 windshield pieces are used all season, other pieces used in spring and fall, all holding up extremely well
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