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  1. I’ll take the stradic for $135 pick up in Manasquan
  2. Drew, thanks for the convienient meet up yesterday. Lami like new as described. My okuma 5n size reel matched up nicely. thank sol
  3. I’ll take the lami
  4. I’ve had both. Lenco - Only current boat has lenco, I bought this boat used when 9 years old, over the 5 years I’ve had it, needed to replace ove actuator, very ez diy repair. Never experienced what ferret described. Bennett - 2 of my past boats had Bennett, 12 years combined. Had to replace one actuator, not as ez as lenco, but not difficult for diy. Installed them on my past whaler, required longer through transom threaded fittings. Contacted tabman and he promptly mailed them out to me, no cost. Sad news on tht site that tabman passed away. He was a model support rep. Rip If I was in ferrets situation, wouldn’t change out the lenco for Bennett. Given batteries and charging systems are in proper operating conditions, would do Basic diy elec checks. Since its not only one tab not working, likely eliminates each of the tab connectors. Would unplug and check the main connectors, perhaps hit them with elec spray cleaner. And then go to the lenco power and ground connections and the fuse/breaker connection. Next level of diy elec check would be voltage level / voltage drops at those connections.
  5. Thanks IBSP2NorthFork Thanks SOL
  6. Following up on offer - If still available, can we meet near ibsp and do the $100 cash deal? Thanks Joe
  7. Many of the high end optional chips have a enormous amount of data and features. Recreational captain might use 10% of it. Just have to figure out which of those features are important to you, then focus on comparing that feature among the different charting brands. Can only offer experienced opinion for navionics on my simrad nss evo2 - base insight chart was ok for experienced waters. inshore contours lacked fine detail. navionics+ was the best value for my application, robust charting and super fine contours. includes 1 year of updates. interesting feature included in this grade is navionics community-edits
  8. Given a boat with light-moderate oxidation, and the same type of pad and compound / polishing materials - For the random orbital, aka dual action polisher tools I've had, porter cable being my personal favorite, they produce much better results than manually, are safe in terms of not being overly aggressive, and won't over cut high contours / shapes. But a 7" variable polisher with a "wool" pad will do the job more effectively and efficiently. However, it could cut too much gelcoat if ignorant of machine speed and amount of passes / time on higher shapes. Any diyer could learn to use this type of tool and expect excellent results. Though I could sometimes be very particular with specific named brand tools for certain tasks, for this application I've recently become a fan of inexpensive harbour freight tools that I might only use once a year, and might get 2-3 years out of the tool. Have tried many different products over the years, these are my favorites products and methods for light-moderate oxidation gelcoat. I pick a workable area for a 2-3 hour block of time, ie one of the hull sides, from the rub rail to the water line, from bow to stern. 1. Wash and dry the target area. 2. Meguiars 67 One-Step compound on a "wool" pad and work in with a power 7" polisher at medium speed. Small sections at a time, no more than ~6 square feet, remove immediately while still wet. If it drys, might need to put more on to help get it off. Plan on using many towels to avoid having to work harder with fouled towels. Continue compounding in ~6 square foot sections till the workable area is done. 3. Apply a coat of Rejex polymer sealant. This stuff has the best ease of use vs shine & durability ratio. 4. A week later, rinse, dry and apply a second coat of Rejex.
  9. Thank you ktugboat42 Yankeehusker, If you take paypal, please msg me info Thanks
  10. No disrespect to ktugbost42, but If things don’t work out with ktugboat42 , I could use this and will take it for asking shipped. Can promptly pay the $32 with PayPal.
  11. Payment received. Will likely ship out Tuesday, at the latest Wednesday Will msg you tracking number Thank ypu NYChaz Thank you SOL
  12. Messaged NYChaz, no reply. The Shimano Tackle Binder is up for sale. Asking $25 paypal shipped or $20 pick up in Brick
  13. putmyhoursin, Thanks for closing the loop. l.i.fish.in.vt: "if you would accept check or MO i will take it for asking price" Offer accepted sending message for payment and shipping info Thanks l.i.fish.in.vt Thanks SOL
  14. Thanks for the offers iputmyhoursin as first reply has first opportunity to purchase as listed - “$90 paypal shipped“. If iputmyhoursin doesn’t reply with 24 hours from my reply to his questions, then moving on.
  15. Thanks for your interest and questions - "Is it fully functional?" 100% functional "Bail works?" Works like new "Any grinds?" Absolutely no grinding Like new miniscule amount of gear lash when holding the rotor and trying to move the handle. With the handle at 11 o'clock, untouched, gravity will rotate the handle around to 6-5 o'clock Drag is very strong Drag has always been backed way off when stored