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  1. I got this one guys; Species burn! AND I had no idea the guy from Roadhouse fished
  2. awe....some.... Are they running small Capt? Looks that way. Any King Macks out there at all (not spots or whatever just in general) I rented a place in Falmouth for a week next month and already cannot concentrate at work
  3. Yes. That's the lake.
  4. The working remote idea is a good one thanks
  5. Just remote.
  6. Hey- does anybody here know of a boat mechanic type that will go to my buddies lake (Amherst NH) and take a look at his trolling motor- Minn Kota V2 power drive remote controlled. It just stopped working- all the basic stuff checks out fine (wires are clean and tight, batteries have juice, plugs clean and proper.) It was working fine and then the remote just went to a 'loaded display' showing all functions at once and the motor itself is not getting any power. Confusing- Anybody know a guy that can look at it. ? Is there another site you can recommend I ask if this is not posted to the right place?
  7. I hooked one last week too. Thankfully it spit the hook or was snagged and it came off. I've "landed" two over the years. One was as long as outstretched arms on a six foot guy. It jumped after I hooked it about 30 feet from the boat. Looked like a missile launch. Got it on a 7inch arkansas shiner color sluggo. I figure they come over to look and "feel" the bait out of curiosity with their barbels. Sometimes they just get the point of the hook in the face. The big one was hooked right in the base of the barbel outside the mouth / from which I develop my curiosity theory. I don't know if chunk fishermen catch them or not, Seems like they would. That river is just loaded with Sturgeon from two feet to 6 feet, no exaggeration on size or quantity. Loaded.
  8. Typical SOL. One guy says you don't suck then an hour later somebody else says you do suck / ha ha Last two days nothing but sluggo on a jig head to little avail (I prefer OZBO brand Jigs to help me suck a little as possible). But hell yeah- I'll take a big fish on a mack all day long, and I'll drift it from my boat.. & I'll snag a pogie and drop it. Eels, Macks, Herring depends on the specific conditions,, If I have fresh bait I can potentially suck a little less in many situations For me its sport fishing-- But this aint no Kevin Van Dam stuff..
  9. So for those of you in "The stripers are dead" camp. Were you the same guys that packed the bar? ha ha ha Late.. / That's what I'm saying 6/17/2019. Jeez, that is so late though.. and whats up with the Macks? Are you guys seeing those in any "normal" amounts at the "normal" places? Maybe I simply, currently, suck. I will not rule that out entirely. Still not ready to sell the striped bass boat in favor of a fresh water bass type boat..................... not yet.
  10. 7 "tides" in 7 days- 4 guys, two boats over the course of the week. Nothing great - just 'little' ones (up to 35'' which was our biggest I'm sad to say) no matter where or what we tried from H-but point to H-pton harbor and in between. Even Macks were scattered and hard to catch - We'd get 12 or 16 in 5 drops and then nothing for an hour. The word "Late" was used around me by 50 guys from bait shops, to lunch stops, to fellow frustrated fishermen on the water. So that is what I'll pin my hopes on-- My fish- my ways- my observation - my water. I'm going with -Late. Yesterday was the big ball buster for me though. Conditions I've considered perfect for 30 years on these waters yield squadoosh for keepers. Have NEVER .....EVER seen remotely this many sturgeon jumping though - It became a game, try to count to 60 before another one jumped. It was hard to reach that number before another one took off- For several hours one jumped I'd say every minute- Many times several at once in different areas. They can get some serious air. If there is a correlation - I dont know what would cause it though. Sunday Afternoon Fathers day.. conditions that were good.. VERY fishy- Fishy tide- fishy time of year, no wind, occasional rain and we are one of a handful of boats at two launches we used. Guys just were just not bothering. We went to a bar for some dinner -- it was packed. HA! (I find that pretty funny)
  11. I see guys fishing from a few spots Alton Bay from land early Summer- but it's from my boat and I can't offer much info how they do. Trout and salmon are still catchable- especially very early, before the water gets busy. & I bet you could get the salmonids if you put your time in! Maybe AJ's up there can help you? The NH board is slow pretty much no matter what you post Maybe a search using that function on the board will dredge up old posts about fishing from shore on Winni Good luck wherever you wind up Rastaman!
  12. Scoolies bass live after being caught a few times anyway. So many times I've caught a Bass with a hole in its mouth or line sticking out of it, or whatever. - s
  13. dart spin.docx