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  1. Woah there Punxsatawny... Too early to say that yet. In my superstitious brain that's not a thing we say quite yet. And never say "looks like the wind won't blow today" on the boat. And if you catch a fish first cast you just killed your shot at a good day fishing. Don't egg mother nature on or you'll catch your first bass mid June
  2. I love the weed string!! Let me see If I can add.. I used to do it (as in buy it, keep it, and maintain it) Now I don't do that anymore I have had the edibles ~ a dozen times Never did any other drugs regularly (tried a number of them, however -- that was a long time ago) ----- COMPLETELY lost my train of thought.....
  3. White perch.
  4. And somewhere in Norway that dude is getting slammed on line.. Fjord talk.. something like that. Wonder how you say "spot burn" in Nowegian
  5. I went & I saw the Mike Laptew seminar - I'm changing up the way I fish for Albies as a result. He is seeing many more micro bass all over, than ever before. And he has been diving for >25 years. Other divers say the same I'm informed. There ARE a load of them all over the NH/Mass/CT inshore as we all have experienced I believe. He has a theory why.. Its interesting to me. That was the highlight of the show IMO. Also bought some tasty pickles Somebody mentioned a Ganja smelling attractant earlier? Not sure that's what I picked up on, but in several of the rooms I went, it smelled like a Marley concert just got out. Decent show and for me, better than ice fishing in the wind
  6. 50 pages starting with a hypothetical weed question. Impressive! (or is it?) ha ha..
  7. I think he meant the other weed.
  8. I just find it affects short term memory.
  9. Biggest side effect I have noticed = short term memory is affected - or did I mention that already?
  10. The phrase "like a hole in the head" : comes to mind - I'll just tell myself yemista made me do it I got the 1024 - Its a good buy and a useful rig.
  11. Look up Harry at Crossroads B&T Salisbury - he gets busy but I don't know how busy he is now.
  12. Tried albie snax and a swim bait hook, love the way they cast and look in the water / but I also stink at catching these things this year. 2017 must have been luck. I got several bonito and a handful of albies. I thought I had something figured out.. 2018 = zilch bones and nada albertos. Did run into a school of feeding BIG MOMMA black sea bass that ate rubber. Too bad they are out of season. They would have wound up going on ice. Next weekend Champlain --gotta get going, fall does not last forever!
  13. I want to diversify my three tin rotation for these finicky fish. (Epoxy, Dick and Pimp- which sounds so dirty) Can I ask the veterans on this forum what plastics should be exchanged into my mix and how you rig, and present them? I have one idea so far ... but more help = more better..... I hope. (~ boat fishing, tie direct to 6ft 10lb test flouro leader, 20 lb power pro - what plastic and hook type do I tie on?) Thanks in advance Jaus