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  1. BLRGG - Gone But Not Forgotten
  2. The previous administration had no expertise, no interest, no money was allocated to the states for vaccine distribution, there was no national plan like involving the military or the Defense Production Act to ensure vaccine production and inoculation. Right now there is a shortage of vaccine, a shortage of workers and a shortage of $$ at the state level. The current administration has triggered the DPA and asked for 10K military nurses/doctors/medics to ensure you get vaccinated. The US alone needs at least 700 million doses of the currently available vaccines. Some states like MA have failed miserably at the vaccine roll out. FYI, it takes about 100 workers to ensure that a site can deliver 1000 vaccinations a day.
  3. When you start from zero on Jan 20th where there was no plan, no inventory, no expertise, no money, and no interest in getting America vaccinated....
  4. It takes a lot of organization, manpower and $$ to ensure that a vaccination site can easily handle 1000+ vaccines a day with a bottleneck at each function. IMO you need a fully vaccinated staff of around 100 people to ensure a smooth operation. Does the state have the manpower and the money? If so, why are there so few places vaccinating 1000+ people a day. Could be a lack of vaccine and if not that a lack of operational planning.
  5. When Biden took office they discovered there was no plan, no inventory, no money for the states, no expertise and no interest in getting the vaccine from the warehouse to your arm. FYI, 50 US Senators just voted against you getting easy access to the vaccine.
  6. Daiwa BG4500 BG Saltwater Spinning Reel - " To me the BG SW is the new best value spinning reel available anywhere today, " - Alan Hawk
  7. IMO, MA has failed in the administration of the vaccine. I blame the governor. My friend who lives in CA called in the AM for an appointment and got one the same day. When he got to the place there was reserved parking for people getting the vaccine plus there were helpers with wheelchairs and a small EV to take people to the building which he said was about 50 yards from where he parked. He said when he went in there was someone taking temp and instructing him to the sign in area where he said there were at least 8 people running the desks and he said it took him 5 minutes and then he was escorted to the area where he had to wait for the shot. He said there must have been 30 stations and he was done in 10 minutes and then instructed to the area where he had to wait for 15 minutes and then they made an appointment for his second shot. In and out in 30-40 minutes. He said highly organized and everyone was knowledgeable and nice. He said that they were doing over 1000 vaccinations a day there. Gov. Baker should see this.
  8. If you already own MS Word either 2019, 2016, or 2013 you have a great PDF editor at your disposal. Just open the PDF as you would any Word document, give the program a few minutes to convert the PDF, and then edit away.
  9. *
  10. Bernie winning a lot of primaries but few delegates, could change after NY.
  11. I got it from ABC news but I think it is a hoax.
  12. When you buy a gun, you know it's intended purpose just like when you buy a toaster. Under US law it is impossible to sue someone for the item doing exactly what it was designed to do. The problem is not the manufacturer, it is the lawmakers who refuse to stop people who should not ever own a gun from getting them. If all states had universal background checks, and make the buyer affirm he or she is the actual buyer, as does PA, and take away the license of gun dealers who sales/inventory cannot be reconciled, the number of guns getting into the wrong hands would be lowered.
  13. NC is paying for this law. "The Tennessee House has passed legislation allowing mental health counselors to refuse service to LGBT patients on religious grounds, making Tennessee the latest state to pass anti-LGBT measures this year. This comes as the governors of New York, Washington, Vermont and Minnesota have all banned state officials from making non-essential trips to Mississippi, as part of the growing backlash against Mississippi’s sweeping new anti-LGBT law. New York has also banned all non-essential travel to North Carolina, in response to its passage of its anti-LGBT law, known as the bathroom bill."
  14. NBA cancels All-Star game in hate state. "Charlotte, NC — NBA Commissioner Adam Silver held a press conference today, announcing that Charlotte, North Carolina will no longer be hosting the 2017 All-Star game due to the state’s recent passing of the anti-LGBT law HB2. “With this new law in place, Charlotte currently does not have any anti-discrimination protection in place, something that would be vital for a large event such as the All-Star Game,” Silver told reporters. “We are giving the state of North Carolina 30 days to repeal this law or they can expect the 2017 All-Star game to be held elsewhere. I want to make it clear that the NBA will not stand for this type of intolerance and hate.”