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  1. Thanks. Send a PM anytime.
  2. I have decided to move away from treble hooks completely. So a swivel to attach an inline hook for the belly is not going to work very well. My method is to use pieces of thru wire with a loop at one end to allow the thru wire to pass thru and anchor the loop. I drill a 3/8" flat bottom hole to allow for this loop. Fill the hole with 5 minute epoxy. Charlie
  3. Long time caller dweller also. Initially mostly furniture, now mostly wood carving and plug building. Charlie
  4. I have used all of the techniques mentioned above. My 2 cents: Hollow core to mono wind on style leaders don't cast well. The mono portion that is threaded through the hollow core (4" minimum) doesn't do well through the guides. Your FG with risutto is far superior. I have found that casting knots using smaller running guides is better. For 20-40# setups size 6 runners work better then size 8 or 10. Charlie
  5. My experience: If the carbon drag washers are not greased there will be some wear over time. This shows as some black dust that collects in the drag. This should be cleaned periodically, use break cleaner. With Cal's there will be no noticeable wear. I clean these periodically and re-grease. Removes all water.
  6. Forget the egg. Remove the hook from a good casting jig and use an 18" leader to the fly. Charlie
  7. I believe both of the Mag Taper rods, the 7'3" and 7'10" are Weapon Jr. I have both. Excellent rods.
  8. The 7'10" Mag has worked very well for me. Mine is a boat rod for Albies, 15# line. Will handle lures to 3 Oz. Plenty of backbone. Charlie
  9. I use a verity of site methods as mentioned above. I also find that to get the last 2-3 deg. alinement of the reel seat dialed in it helps to balance a 6" scale on the small flat on the reel seat and line up with a known horizontal line in the background like a cabinet door. Pic below. You might get a kick out of my rod building "machine". It's all I have ever used. I first built it when I was about 14, now 76. At some point the poor old thing will retire. Charlie
  10. Mike, The 10'3" sounds interesting. When will it be available for order and what is the split. Looking forward to it. Charlie
  11. Use Aquaseal as noted above.
  12. I use Naphtha to remove stubborn adhesives.
  13. NO. Foam will only add additional weight. Will sink a little faster.
  14. I am not a collector but use single edge cutting tools extensively for a lot of my work. My pocket knife (with me at all times) is a Fallkniven FH9, 3G steel. Pictured. Fish knives, Frost by Mora. Boat knives, Morakniv. Woodworking, hand planes Lie-Nielsen Woodworking, chisels Japanese all laminated steel some Damascus. Wood carving, Pfeil. Charlie