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    Okay guys. I’m cleaning out my shop have a bunch of stuff to clear out so here we go. 

    Lot one - $50 

    Lot two - $50

    Lot three- $50

    Lot four - $25 



    Most are left overs and some have defects but are still all around good jigs. Please look at all pictures carefully. If you need more pictures ask and I will do my best. 


    Lot one - Fluke balls 2 - 8 ounces. Some with eyes. Most with out as you can see.


    Lot two- Fluke balls 2-8 ounces. Some with eyes. Most with out. 


    Lot three - assorted jig head ranging from 1/2 - four ounce.


    Lot four - assorted squid tail jig heads.  





  2. Looking for opinions. Does the second eye make a difference to you if you were buying these ? A5776552-B07F-4474-BC44-B4B35002E808.jpeg.f3f980fba247439da0fad9d1e07ff1ca.jpeg


    Give me your thoughts. Since eye is there because of the smaller hook being used.

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