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  1. The one in the photo is the one used. I haven’t found the newer one.
  2. I can ship for $8 bucks. I’m in DE. $60 for one. Not sure if I can find the second one. I have look around.
  3. I can measure when I get home to see if it’s correct.
  4. $60 Size medium. I believe I have two pairs. One is new or only used once. The other one is used 15-20 times. No rips or holes
  5. I will check and get back to you guys.
  6. HH large highliner green $100 Grundens brigg orange $100 Buyer pays shipping. I believe I have a few other sizes before the move but just found these so far so here we go. located in DE
  7. FOR SALE Hamburger 100Qt Cooler Rack Newly sand blasted and painted. Comes with mounting bars and brackets, or can be converted for a hitch at a weld shop. $250 OBO
  8. You got it. Sold. Send me your paypal info.
  9. Most are 4 in shad. With some 6 in mixed in not a lot of the 6 in. 50 shipped.
  10. Okay guys. I’m cleaning out my shop have a bunch of stuff to clear out so here we go. Lot one - $50 Lot two - $50 Lot three- $50 Lot four - $25 OBO Most are left overs and some have defects but are still all around good jigs. Please look at all pictures carefully. If you need more pictures ask and I will do my best. Lot one - Fluke balls 2 - 8 ounces. Some with eyes. Most with out as you can see. Lot two- Fluke balls 2-8 ounces. Some with eyes. Most with out. Lot three - assorted jig head ranging from 1/2 - four ounce. Lot four - assorted squid tail jig heads.
  11. I’ll post back soon thanks !
  12. That is exactly what I was thinking of doing. ! Thanks.
  13. Yes I do appreciate everyone answer. I’m am going to try and bend the eye down to fit in the mold or try something else. Will post when I do it. Stay tuned.
  14. Hey guys. The back end eye is only there because I had to modify the mold to take a small hook. More work to cut the second eye off. Wasn’t sure if it made a difference to just leave it
  15. Looking for opinions. Does the second eye make a difference to you if you were buying these ? * Give me your thoughts. Since eye is there because of the smaller hook being used.
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