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  1. does the rattle really work as it swims.....anyone ever try to hear it under water ....just curious
  2. why do they have to be inline ? why not offset a little ?
  3. that the epoxy has dried and is not sticky .....kind of sums it up for me
  4. a few I've made for spring
  5. I read a lot of review on amazon ...a lot of people complained they could not get the lid off after one time use talked about fishing lures and said it cracked on the first rock he hit I didn't want to try it
  6. with epoxy .....notice the lack of bubbles
  7. the next best thing to sliced bread .......I was cautious at first ......just did a little mixing and stirred the rest. then a little more every time and the past two batches I just set it and forgot it ....came back when time was up . works better than expected with little to no bubbles. I made the wood stirrer to fit the cup perfectly and scrapes the sides .....this stirrer was just a tester but works not sure if I will make a cleaner designs, my wrist loves it lol
  8. this is the best thing I ever bought ....I usually screw up a batch late spring summer because of the humidity to high in my workshop .....I installed a dehumidifier in the door of my shop .....and the hot air goes outside .....the workshop would get into the 90"s .....and I would sweat my @ss off I run the ac as well ....
  9. I've used Rustoleum enamel on some products of mine and found that some colors do not like a second coat. I did one coat and the second coat crinkled I was wtf ......other colors no problems I just do one heavy coat. Not sure what's happening either ?? I was spraying over epoxy coating so ???
  10. my design of a casting egg can store the leader on the egg
  11. spring time .....but I start at my beach .....first
  12. First time with foil ....still playing around trying to get the hang of it
  13. trying new foiles wraps
  14. something I made awhile ago