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  1. yes it was .... epoxy will not stick to silicone .... what I like best is when the epoxy starts to thicken up you can still push it around .... a brush the hairs come out
  2. but you can keep reusing the one brush over and over again
  3. works great ...been using the same brush for over 8 batch of plugs (100+) no more hairs . I did make another because I cut the lines neater and finer
  4. update I have used the same brush over 20 times and still going . only problem is now I have whole box of chip brushed I will never use
  5. yes that is me with the grove in the casting egg ... I got a lot more tip on the way
  6. using the resin side ... I still need the 30 min plus to set it off ....for how I do my plugs .
  7. I all most gave up on the stuff and still had a few bottles so I played around with it ... I added another epoxy to it and it seems to work . I need the 30 min time line when doing my second coat on the plug .I do not know the exact mix ratio yet ... let me know what you think
  8. I got it amazon ....I bought a 4 pack and cut two and still using the one Cuttte 4pcs Silicone Face Mask Brushes, Flexible Facial Mud Mask Applicator Brush, Hairless Moisturizers Applicator Tools, Soft Face Mask Applicator for Mud, Clay, Charcoal Mixed Mask his was the title . hope that helps
  9. funny I have used the same brush over 5 times so far . it really helps pushing epoxy around when it starts to go off.
  10. Finally found something that works for brushing on epoxy and having no brush hairs to pick out and easy clean up
  11. my bad it's Devcon 30 min epoxy ....but thanks ...doing test right now
  12. can I thin this down ....with ?
  13. thanks ..
  14. took it for a test swim and it worked perfect .....walked the dog easily.....cast well to ....but it looks like a turd ....I will try another
  15. he's what I got so far ...I made it out of redwood ....not very sexy ...but it sits right ....I have to take it out to the bay to test it