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  1. Park on the grass at Scusset, they'll thank you
  2. Catch and release only, flies and lures only. It's a short walk,ask at the General Store
  3. I lived in Colorado 12years
  4. Get to fish Deckers,,,,North Fork of the South Platte, you won't regret it
  5. Well then man up!
  6. Looks like Utah
  7. Slim to no chance
  8. It wouldn't take an hour for a drone to go from say pole 20 to 120,and record the poachers, following them to the car/truck. I like the idea.
  9. My 8 foot flat bottom pram
  10. My TED WILLIAMS fly reel.
  11. By fasebook hero's,,,,,,
  12. Caught an 82# Halibut out of Sitka. A beast.
  13. I would never belong to any club that would have me
  14. I hope you wear a little more,,,,,,my brains hurt. Probably won't sleep well ,
  15. I'll be in Shawmee tomorrow,,,,,for the week But still gotta work