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  1. A ton of guys usually means someone caught a fish, they told one guy, " dude just don't tell anybody" ... And he told 3 guys, who all went and told someone else... Or someone posted it online.
  2. You are probably doing a lot of things correctly (which 10-15 years ago would have put you on fish)... but you are entering a stressed fishery at a time where numbers are low, and putting in hours and doing your homework STILL doesnt guarantee a catch. Welcome to the lean years, enjoy it for what it is, and hope for some good nights, while hopefully the population bounces back
  3. look like wearbars... my years of frustration with them leaning and falling out are over. Corrosion resistance means nothing if a product falls out of the boot
  4. Anyone have any info or status on this?
  5. I can't say it enough... any other stud besides grip studs are falling out.... The auger design tells you everything you need to know,
  6. before I had locking ski racks, I would use a thin cable lock.... many options online. I feed the cable lock through the largest guide frame (not the eye of the guide) I sometimes still use the cable when my rods are locked in the rack, because a rod can EASILY be pushed right out of a locked ski rack.
  7. Grip studs # 1800 I cant say it enough.... The rest ALL FALL OUT. Grip studs.......... remember i said so when you buy something else and they fall out and lean
  8. Probably less than you are hoping, despite the amazing nostalgic look. I though I hit a gold mine years ago when i was given a pile of creek chub pikies.... but i didnt. I fish them now
  9. Dude.... HELL NO!!!!!!!! I cant even get a pair of pants that fit right when I buy online... you think youre gonna buy a HOUSE!????? Literally , absolute insanity, and is a first class ticket to endless repairs, problems, and stress. Let me say it again..... H E L L NO. Try renting instead
  10. One of the most overlooked aspect of wearing a respirator, is PROPER FIT and seal on your face.... if its loose, sagging, you have a beard, etc... and there are gaps, you are actually sucking in dust/vapors etc. in through these gaps, and they are not trace amounts... any mask is better than no mask.... and mask + proper fit /seal is what you need. also, dont keep taking it off and on.
  11. If your plugs dont fit properly, and it causes frustration, is it still a good deal? I made the mistake too many times , of buying something Knew wasnt right, because it was a good price... in the end, I paid for it with frustration, and eventually a proper replacement. (ofcourse, there are exceptions, when I have gotten cheaper bags for specific occasional uses
  12. Get Felt sole boots, install 20 +/- Grip studs #1800 into each boot... And live happily ever after...
  13. I have a tenant... Let's say, hypothetically speaking, they fall on "hard times" and stop paying me.... How long do I legally have to support my new stow-away and eat the cost?
  14. The ONLY scenario I would ever use boot foot again, is if I was fishing only on sandy beaches that do not require long walks, I don't even own boot foots anymore.... Stocking foot plus separate boots are so much more comfortable. I don't fish sand much, so its a no brainer.
  15. If people are really paying 170$ for a 10# slot keeper, the fishery is doomed... There will always be someone willing to catch and sell as many as possible... under the radar.