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  1. The brighter the light I see coming towards me, the worse my opinion of the angler that is headed my way.... Occasional Dim red lamp steady walk = He will likely give me space, and knows the drill... SUPER bright white light on non stop , erratically shining all over the place = I'm totally about to get mugged (also probably read about my spot on the internet , and has never been there before... No clue where to start... (so hey!!! why not start 5 feet away from me!) Thats my opinion based on years ... Its usually correct
  2. Honestly not being a smart asss here: don't mow so close, and use a weed trimmer up close.
  3. I used to own an ice cream truck from 1999-2004.... I made a MOUNTAIN of cash...
  4. Monthly issues are printed and mailed to subscribers.... weekly issues are digital. All of this information has clearly been shared by the magazine many times.... I have no problems.... still getting everything on-time, every time
  5. I like the resourcefulness..... Its complete Bullshhhh to shut down skateparks for kids that just want to be outdoors, but Walmart one mile away is MOBBED with people.
  6. T I D E R U N N E R ... I can't say it enough... one of the best pieces of gear I ever bought... why? Because it is the only belt I have ever had that allows for very slight , incremental adjustments for the perfect fit on the spot... its especially helpful when I use waders one night, and wetsuit the next....
  7. Honestly, Im gonna let it go... I don't need the damn headache and a 2,437 page thread on SOL about me. I want to fish in peace and be ignored.
  8. definitely the smoothest and best sounding drag....
  9. Anyone who knows me, knows How I feel about New Jersey... I make no apologies. Why anyone is surprised by the route they chose is beyond me.
  10. Dumbest thing I did when starting out? Telling the wrong people where I caught fish.
  11. They want you to contribute to the site , instead of signing up just to have quick access to active buyers. They want to discourage people using this site just as a place to sell things easily.
  12. I personally like a belt bag to sit up against me as close as possible... single row. The further away a bag sits, like a cube, the more weight is going to pull the bag downward and away from your lower back. The end result, even though you may not notice it, is your body tensing up your torso and leaning forward to correct and find center. Long story short: Loaded cube on your belt = sore lower back over time.
  13. 50lb power pro is my go to after trying many others... To each his own. (I will say I hated the slick though)
  14. I have tried so many... the only TRULY waterproof, submersible headlamp with "red on, red off" is the UK VIZION. the only headlamp that has ever lasted I vouch for it...
  15. If you think the 80's sucked... I can't convince you that you don't suck... Sorry you fumbled a great decade.