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  1. One of the most overlooked aspect of wearing a respirator, is PROPER FIT and seal on your face.... if its loose, sagging, you have a beard, etc... and there are gaps, you are actually sucking in dust/vapors etc. in through these gaps, and they are not trace amounts... any mask is better than no mask.... and mask + proper fit /seal is what you need. also, dont keep taking it off and on.
  2. If your plugs dont fit properly, and it causes frustration, is it still a good deal? I made the mistake too many times , of buying something Knew wasnt right, because it was a good price... in the end, I paid for it with frustration, and eventually a proper replacement. (ofcourse, there are exceptions, when I have gotten cheaper bags for specific occasional uses
  3. Get Felt sole boots, install 20 +/- Grip studs #1800 into each boot... And live happily ever after...
  4. I have a tenant... Let's say, hypothetically speaking, they fall on "hard times" and stop paying me.... How long do I legally have to support my new stow-away and eat the cost?
  5. The ONLY scenario I would ever use boot foot again, is if I was fishing only on sandy beaches that do not require long walks, I don't even own boot foots anymore.... Stocking foot plus separate boots are so much more comfortable. I don't fish sand much, so its a no brainer.
  6. If people are really paying 170$ for a 10# slot keeper, the fishery is doomed... There will always be someone willing to catch and sell as many as possible... under the radar.
  7. Last october, I lost a very nice fish on an old SS darter when the old swivel pulled right off mid-fight. It was a personal nostalgia plug for me, and it cost me that night.
  8. Sounds like the line roller bearing... even the slight tension on the line while retrieving can cause a dry or corroded line roller bearing to feel or sound rough. (not sure exactly without using the reel personally, but since it doesnt make the sound unless you are reeling something in, thats my guess... happened to me plenty of times
  9. If you show up, and the guy that was already there has to change ANYTHING about the way he was casting or working the area, youre pretty much in the wrong. Additionally, if a guy gets off the rock to deal with landing a fish, that doesnt mean "open spoT!" he is coming back to his rock asap ( and YES... he noticed you creep 15 feet closer while you thought he was busy not noticing you creep closer)
  10. Some people are happy just to go to the garage too look at it! hahaha Hey... Whatever makes someone happy. if it works for them It works for me
  11. Yeah I agree... These threads always bug me to be honest. I just see teh same question, over and over, where some people dont understand the "need" or benefit of a VS. To me, it all comes down to durabulity and being watertight. I wetsuit most of the season, so its a necessity... but hey... life is short, and if anyone wants a VS... buy one! There are smoother reels for less money if submersion is not an issue for you, but everyone should buy they want either way. I agree with you
  12. Some people buy a jeep to go offroading in serious terrain... some buy it to convey and image and feel like they are a part of a lifestyle. Not evertyone needs a VS.... but there seems to be this unspoken " pressure" in the scene, that you arent a serious surfcaster UNTIL you have the VS. If you arent dunking and swimming with it, you dont need a VS.
  13. Taking the kids out on the boat during the summer almost always ends up being not what it started as.... Calm in the morning, and full blown wind by 11 am
  14. I personally never like the idea of a "holder". because it is a real pain to ge it back in quickly while you are still holing the fish you unlipped/unhooked. I ally's just have it clipped to a d ring on my left side, and it hangs down. This has been my preferred method for 10 years + Sure it swings a bit while walking, but on long walks, I just secure it horizontally . Also, a HUGE help to avoid leash twist: Put 2 large swivels between the butt of the handle and the lanyard (split ring/ LARGE swivel) you should really just trust me on this one....)
  15. I have 5 different pairs of waders in my garage from over the years.... different brands... THEY ALL LEAK. Sick of spending a lot , so I rolled the dice and bought some 89$ "TIDEWE". waders. Never heard of them, and I don't care.... They can't be any worse than all the brand names I ve been wasting money on.