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  1. underrated, and very productive. use it often!
  2. 25$ MAX but 15 or 2 for 25 is my sweet spot. That being said, I have completed stopped buying anymore plugs until I see some sort of future need for them... I don't need new plugs to do poorly... I will throw what I already own.
  3. Screw the bars and parties.... Have you seen the NJ "etiquette" when the hit they road to other states in search of summer bass? 3 words sum it up...." BY ANY MEANS. " Don't get me started... I have stories that will have NJ guys begging me to stop typing.
  4. Its like you said yourself Tim... ' your patience is at an all time low" and so is everyone else for whatever reason. People are the worst kind of aggravated right now... the kind where you are, but just don't know why. That leads to irrational behavior. Road rage has been getting REAL guys, so keep your middle fingers down if you aren't ready for it.
  5. The true currency in uncertain turmoil is not cash... but daily goods that can be traded or sold...
  6. one trophy tag per angler huh..... Totally disagree, and I'll explain why. its like the CT bonus tag that allowed you to legally keep 1 small bass. these tags are totally abused, by never USING it unless an enforcement officer is approaching you. It's like a "get out jail / kill a huge fish" card that you HAVE on you, but never USE unless checked. Make sense? Take a picture, revive.... revive some more....( be sure its revived).... then release.
  7. it's all supply chain issues... empty shelves at Walmart has nothing to do with "people doing stuff more" .
  8. Grip studs. model # 1800. They screw into the bottom of your boots. about 1$ per spike.... you can be set for about 50$ Not 500$ hahahah
  9. I was simply illustrating how spearfishing is different than rod and reel.... not defending the rod and reel morons that exist. Rod and reel has the OPTION for release.... spearing a fish does not. Spear guys need to kill a fish to have a "good day" .... a kill must be made to enjoy the hobby of spearfishing. Rod and reel has the RELEASE option. thats all Im saying. Read it 2x
  10. Spear-fishermen require a kill to consider their outing "successful". A rod and reel angler can catch a fish and release it to have a successful day. I have have had a spear guy exiting the water with all sorts of species on him, and he asks me if I want fish, because he 'doesn't eat fish" That's the difference.
  11. I just added it up: in 10 years, (which is not a large window of time relatively speaking) the REPORTED kill of JUST commercial bass is 10,877,448 pounds. All so guys can supplement their time on the water, and tourists can eat a fish that they can't tell apart from a Black Sea bass when its on their plate. And this doesn't even take into account the recreational kill which is certainly higher... and unreported poaching kill #'s. Wish it would just be illegal to kill striped bass for a solid 5 years for ALL sectors. thats my opinion... If you disagree, that's fine... you're entitled to your perspective... but too many bass are getting hammered too fast , by everyone.
  12. Grip studs are carbide tipped studs that screw into the bottom of your boots. the #1800 model is the most tried and true. Grip studs is the brand name.
  13. People still wear Korkers!??? Goodness.... order some #1800 grip studs nd be done with those horrible frankenstein sandals
  14. There is always a way.... to still use it.... I can already think of a few. Not pretty, but it will work. For example, cut a groove I(channel) n the remaining small section of the foot, Let a zip tie sit in that groove so it stays put, and then use electrical tape over the entire foot to the rod. remember... you didn't say "how can I make this "look good"... Im giving a free solution, that will take 10 minutes with a hacksaw or Dremel, and items you probably already have. no money spent, reel not sitting in a landfill.
  15. Fish it live first!! Save it after you get skunked, bring it home, and rig it.