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  1. Honestly thought this thread was going to be about jetty etiquette , fishing a rotation vs hogging the front etc... but no
  2. every cheap reel you buy that fails, is money that you could have put towards the reel that you actually need to fish the way you want to. there is no substitute. I got a used VS for about 500$. 11 years ago, and I've only had it serviced twice. I swim with it and it get submerged often. My grandfather always said: 'A poor man can't afford to buy cheap tools."
  3. Hyperflex "playa" is pretty affordable, and the skin in super windproof. (Stormr "swell" is the same jacket). ***Same company, two names. ... Hyperflex is branded for surfers, stormr is branded for fishermen. They created the same jacket for both groups
  4. I have a 12 year old black 250 that is still black. I wish it would fade to bronze... The faded bronze look is literally the best (my opinion, so chill) look of any reel, and its unintentional!
  5. I have been fishing the standard nor easter 11'. as my main go-to rod for the last 6 years. Grabbed a second used one while I could just in case they stop producing them.... Glad I did now. Bummer to hear they are no longer being made.
  6. Billy D.s plugs are a staple in my bag all season.... They produce. His stubby needle is a must have
  7. We all have. pair of old leaky waders ... Instead of throwing them away when they are beyond patching, just cut the neoprene sock (or boot) off.... now you have perfect waterproof jetty pants, that will allow water to flow out the bottom if you ever fall in. (I continue to wear boots with separate neoprene socks... feet get a bit wet, but it just feels like a wetsuit night.
  8. Absurd statement hahahaha . ridiculous.
  9. "Waterfront view" and "nothing too fancy" are rarely separated....
  10. Scoured multiple spots today from ganset and all along SOCO . spent most of the day searching and casting. Saw lots of birds and gannets far off shore... wind got pretty strong today from the WSW. The bait and fish were never visible in close.... Landed one schoolie for the day. Could have been great if the action moved in closer to shore. (but it didn't... so it wasn't. )
  11. I have a solution I've been using for the last 8 years That works great, and solves the issue of most available rod holders, which seem too small and hard to feed the rod butt through quickly when I need my hands free after landing a fish. I use a 6" vacuum cleaner drive belt as a pliable loop, and its zip tied to the front of my belt. its pliable so its not in my way, and always super easy to get the rod butt into fast when it counts. I use a heavy duty zip tie with high teeth. put it on my belt years ago and love it. Best thing about DIY: you can make things to suit your exact need.
  12. 2 Black buckets (2 gallon size). fit into each other... The top one has many holes drilled for easy drainage . I run an aerator and change water every 1-2 days. The 2 bucket system with holes can be used both as a ice/drip system when traveling, or to easily lift them out of the water to select a few or change out the water . (I probably could have explained that a bit better, but the info is there
  13. so far, My July and August was much better than September has started out. this was a slow weekend for me despite high hopes.
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