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  1. Lack of panic due to media fatigue. people are just over saturated, over loaded with info and "shocking " news these days... steady stream. No one is shocked any more. combine that with 80% of people are xanaxed out daily, and no one gives a F
  2. "They Live". alley fight over the sunglasses....
  3. Savage nation podcast...
  4. Keep in mind that waders that leak beyond repair make the perfect pair of waterproof bibs for a boat, or whatever else you need true waterproof rain pants for. Just cut off the sock foot (or don't) few pin hole leaks won't matter in the rain.... only when submerged
  5. hyperflex "playa". Non water absorbing neoprene jacket with a skin that blocks all wind. Can be found for 110$ if you search. I swim with it and it does not slow me down at all... It actually adds buoyancy. This jacket has allowed me to fish well into late November/ early december.. Wear it over waders also. I believe the stormr "swell" is the same exact jacket, as hyper flex and stormr are owned by the same company,,,,, Same product, but one is marketed towards surfers, and one towards fishermen.
  6. Levari... I bought it new. And honestly, when did this thread turn into i need to arrive at some sort of agreement with you? My life goes on without your input or opinion, just like its going to go on without this st Croix rod. Case closed.
  7. Who cares... sell the customer a replacement... keep them happy and speaking highly of your company. Customer drops his steak on the floor at a restaurant.. OOPS! good restaurant brings you another one without 40 questions. Good companies realize the FUTURE value in keeping customers happy.
  8. Exactly... most rods break in the top section... the fact that so many Mojo's have broken in the bottom section brings me back to my original point, that there is a flaw somewhere. I personally know 2 friends that snapped the lower half on a cast... not normal. too many bottom sections have snapped on the mojo to be a coincidence. Again, 9 pages later we are getting all over the place... I really don't care that much, I never liked the mojo that much, it was my backup. I just wish they would have offered me an option to PAY for a replacement piece that seems to have issues for a lot of people. I can hear your "yeah but..." being typed up already.
  9. tide runner is probably the best piece of equipment for surfcasting I have purchased in years... I was so tired of police style belts being difficult to adjust in small increments. This belt is amazing.
  10. To be honest, I don't know any rod company that sells any section separately! But seeing as they are selling people the top half with no problem, I don't see why they wouldn't sell the bottom. If they are worried cheapskates will try to buy the 2 pieces separately at a discount, then just charge 100 for each! But a company that sells one customer a replacement top with no hassle, but adamantly refuses to sell another a bottom half (which has a track record of breaking) is just poor policy. Be consistent. They could have just sold me a bottom half and had a happy customer... Instead of creating a frustrated one.
  11. You serious!?? I started this whole thread because all I wanted was to buy a new lower section and the would not sell it to me. They said they don't do that. wish St Croix would just sell me the damn bottom section !!!
  12. Conversation branching out all over... Basically my rod broke, and I won't be investing any more money into owning a mojo by paying for shipping and warranty plan. I will find someone to give the top half to (funny thing is, I have an extra legend top half which was given to me by a friend that was in the same exact situation! so now I have a mojo top half, and a legend top half... but no bottom sections............ )
  13. I don't expect or want a free replacement... All I want is to BUY a new lower half from st Croix... I don't want to ship a long tube and wait for a warranty process... and they said they do not sell just the lower half... and under normal circumstances, I can understand a company not wanting to sell just a portion of a rod... BUT, if you know this has been an issue for many Mojo owners, you should offer the option to purchase a lower half so the user can get it quickly and get back in action. I don't want free stuff, I don't want a replacement rod... I want St. Croix to SELL me a new lower half... thats all. But they won't. I have to pay to ship the entire rod to them, and only then begin to discuss my options.
  14. Where the 2 sections meet when improperly fitted together.
  15. Listen... I know what I am doing... I'm not one of those " whip back whip forward in one motion casters. I would have never started this post if I though that even for a second that my casting style, or recent damage was the cause of this break. Let me summarize my main point: St Croix mojo's have had a huge number of their rods snap at a place that rods should not break on a cast... the foregrip. I did not snap the tip, I didn't break it highsticking a fish in close... it snapped at my fore grip on a 2.5 oz plug. I personally know people who's lower half has snapped the same way. I'm not vilifying a brand, I have no favorite brand... I am saying the MOJO has issues.