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  1. Thanks everyone! It looks like charters will be the best bet. It is averaging to about $250 a person. I am the only person in the group that would pay $250 to go fishing so I guess there is always next time! Plus the weather will only be sunny for the first two days. The last three will be raining with thunderstorm. Temperature will be in the upper 70°'s.
  2. Hello All, I will be visiting the French Quarter for a friends birthday this weekend. If I am not too drunk/ hungover, I would like to ninja my way out to the banks and do some fishing. We will be staying by the French Quarter, but I am sure I can Uber to spots that are close by. Breakwater Park doesn't look too far away. Does anyone have any tips on lures? Can I fish by the French Quarter on the Mississippi river? Any tips or help is appreciated. Thanks Tight Lines! -Liem
  3. Thanks Fly! You just cost me $135.....
  4. Thanks Moronidae for the details. Is there a reason you use banana shape vs the others? From reading what Dan's description it is perfect for your 6" trailer and cuts through seaweed. I have only been to a few beaches and have dealt with a bit a seaweed. Norcal that is awesome. I really want to be able to make my own custom lures that catches fish one day. I tried a few different things for lingcods on party boats... but so far live rockcod has been better for me. Lures so far has not worked for me.
  5. Thanks Sea Breeze, I am planning on using otter tails. Norcal that is an awesome looking bucktail. Is it cheaper to make your own? I wanted to start tying my own but I don't know where to get lead only for a good deal.
  6. Hello All, I am planning on purchasing some bucktails from Dan. I wanted to know what weight everyone is using. I will most likely be going for 1/2oz, 3/4oz, and 1oz, I believe that should cover majority of the surf and bay. If everyone is using mostly 1/2oz and 1oz then I can stock up more on those and fewer of 3/4oz. Lastly which of these 3 styles do you guys prefer to use Bullet Head, Banana Head, or Tear Drop? For color I am planning on getting wine red, chartreuse, and white. I appreciate the help. Tight Lines Liem
  7. My current setup is the Daiwa Saltiga Ballistic H paired with a Aero Albrid Ci4 spinning reel. I got it spooled with 80# Samurai braid. But the most important thing to get is a BREAKAWAY CANNON. Just wrap your line 3 times and you are good to go. Your fingers will love you. That way you do not need to adjust the drag every cast. All of my bait rods have the cannon on them. Best investment ever.
  8. Hey Dbow, I know this is an old post but so far I have yet to see anyone say I'll take it. If it is still available I'll Take IT! Let me know!
  9. What kind of line do you have on the reel? I am assuming shore fishing since you have only an hour. Most of that will be fine. Make sure to add senkos and robo worms. Drop shot rig, wacky rig, T-rig. That should keep you busy for a while. Make sure to keep it simple. There are a TON of gear for fresh water LMB. Good luck!
  10. Hey Jho, If you don't mind me asking what are you using? Lures? Bait?
  11. I set my cousin up with a Phenix PSX-809 and a Daiwa Lexa 400 HS-P with I think 50# braid. I currently have a cousin Raze RSW 808HT with a Lexa 400 HS-P. If I would get to choose again I would get the Phenix PSX-808. Phenix has an awesome warranty policy. If it breaks its $60 bucks to replace. We use it for charter boat fishing. The charter boat that we go on requires us to use 12oz - 16oz sinkers when going for lings.
  12. Great cause. Count me in
  13. I'll take it for 120 shipped. PM sent.
  14. I am interested in the reel. I was wondering what kind of rod are you pairing up with it?
  15. I do not know how you do it... I could no longer feel my feet after 30 minutes or so. Even with my Northface jacket and hoodie I was pretty cold. What kind of wading jacket is that? That is an awesome deal. I got the buff just missing the first two parts. I will look into that. Not sure if I should just spend the extra cash on Simms or go with LL bean.