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  1. 2018 Hobie Compass New Hobie mirage glide drive / ST fins Upgraded rectangular hatch Upgraded forward hatch Upgraded stainless steel Seat rings Mesh Seat mounted tackle organizer Upgraded Hobie Map pocket with PVC spacer. $1,800 Options: Add New turbo fins and masts kit $140 Add Hobie Stand up Bar (mounted) $180 Add Lowrace Elite 4 GPS fish-finder (mounted) $120 and Battery SLA Add Zooka II adjustable rod holder $20 and pliers case with Mustad pliers
  2. https://www.mariner-sails.com/hobie-roller-drum-bearing.html
  3. Cold water and separated from your ride is a genuine concern. Worse is the reason we got there. When we imagine we are competent, experienced and an expert, we are approaching disaster. I fear this most. Overconfidence and forgetting to respect for the wind and water. https://globalnews.ca/news/4665948/ottawa-missing-kayaker/
  4. You have delusions of Grandeur
  5. I would love to see some pictures with fish. I tried this a few years back with disappointing results. Went back to buck-tailing , but I thought it would really work. Maybe I didn't rig them right
  6. It will be a great "starter boat" for many. If they like kayak fishing, they will eventually move to the top of the line. It will definitely be lighter, more manuverable and have more power than the propeller jobs.
  7. Never had a crate, never added a rod holder, never had rails. I run a stock boat, except I added a fathometer & battery, turbo fins, sailing rudder and a piece of bent pvc to mount a camera. The less I carry, the more time I spend fishing. BTW Barrell is closing shop and he is clearing out inventory. The lowest prices in South Jersey are sliding into the deep. Keep what you need and ditch the rest.
  8. Awsome Rob ! What did the 360 cost you? Which one is it?
  9. Most of my rides are from 10 to 14 gps miles for a six hour session. When you say eastern Trib's are you talking the Salmon river and east of there?
  10. I have built most all my sticks since 1960. The rods I have bought have been travel rods that can be put in my suitcase when I fly. So I have been stuck with "almost long enough" , "pretty good" sticks. I would like to have a 7' ---- 4 piece travel rod that I will use for Redfish, Rooster fish and Tarpon. Does anyone know a guy who is capable of building a solid travel rod? I have paid beaucoups in extra baggage fees for carrying my rod cases. Since I started using pack rods the savings cover my fishing licenses and a couple six packs. Travel rods pay for themselves on the first trip. The St Croix is the best travel rod I own now. It handles 15lb test well and I can cast plugs up to 3/4 oz pretty well. I have been outgunned by enough fish now to search out something more robust. Anyone got ideas?
  11. As far as the stocks go...do you think that this is "Fake Science" ?
  12. This is the first year I can remember where the health advisories recommend that no women of childbearing age or children eat any Striped Bass. I suspect that the many beach replenishment projects have taken their toll by releasing PCB's previously sequestered in ocean sediments. Why anyone would kill and eat a Striped Bass these days is beyond my understanding. Health Advisories for Eating Fish and Crabs Caught in NJ Waters.pdf
  13. I don't know about that. I have only made trips up there in August.
  14. Summer Ontario salmon fishing is a trolling game, lots of fish spread out and moving. Schools of 3 or 4 fish hundreds of yards apart swimming suspended from 60 to 110 feet in 200 foot of water. It is possible to jig them I'd guess, but you might be the only one trying. I fished downriggers and had a blast with the King Salmon. Massive strong running fish. I wondered if chumming would help concentrate them, but have not checked the regulations.