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  1. Mine has 240k on it, original everything. Even the water pump. Have the kit ready to replace, just don't have a garage right now to do it. Starter was giving problems for a while, replaced the relay ($15) and it starts every time now. The only upgrade I have on it is the K&N Air Filter, and I've had it in since 2011, passed smog every time. Your error code might be something else.
  2. I have the same Tundra, 2001, same color. When they broke into mine they were nice enough to go through the bed and broke the rear sliding window only. I happen to carry a 2-piece rod there, tucked behind the backseat headrests, rigged up with a kastmaster. The line was broken, the kastmaster was gone, they left the rod and reel, but took the spare battery and a bag of wet beach clothes. I like to tell myself that the kastmaster wasn't taken intentionally.
  3. Where? There's a second guy? Oh. He's so camouflaged, hard to spot. No wonder he's sneaking around stealing plugs.
  4. Anyone happen to film the hopping and the skipping? Please post it.
  5. Nice one! Give this man a plug!
  6. It still says "The online course, alone, is NOT a qualification for a hunter education certificate. Once you have completed an online course, you will still need to attend a 4-hour follow up class". Does this not apply anymore? They should amend it as such.
  7. Getting bit wayyyyy out there is nice Congrats!
  8. Those are nice halibut, Jim. I guess one way to distance yourself is to dive underwater Now, is there a fish in the green sand pic? What are the markers you look for? I would think the eyes, they have to keep them open right?
  9. Woah, nice catch man! What did she bite?
  10. More than usual? People have been parking there and backing in against the trees to hide from the cops.
  11. Welcome to the board. I don't know much about fishing in WA, but Richland looks like a fishy place. I'd recommend hooking up with local guides and outfitters.
  12. You had me on the edge of my seat! Well, at least that part was worth it, you got to test out your drag (and your knots). Hey common now, don't be a debbie downer, it was a 9 foot sturgeon
  13. Could be a state record! Could have unseated a certain champion of lesser known fisheries. ..
  14. Nice score! I love chanterelles
  15. Oh that was not their intention at all, they really thought they could squeeze this one through with minimal friction. This policy was/is their answer to the federally mandated protection of salmon and they were hoping to just dust their hands off real quick. In the first meetings, where they had their 'scientist' presenting some bullcrap powerpoint presentations, they've concluded that there was no significant public opposition because comparatively it was a few drunk fishermen in waders talking about how their grandpa was catching 50 pounders on his harnell rod and they've only caught 40s.. etc. I'm really glad Dr. Le Doux-Bloom and Dr. Ostrach have sent in their comments and hopeful they do not get bought out by the Resnicks. #9 should be completely removed from the DFMP. Kill pistachios and pomegranates, save salmon and stripers.