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  1. Yes it is pm me Sorry for the late response
  2. No hubby Sorry I don’t, but the reel is in perfect working condition
  3. $10 off remaining items last bumps
  4. Thank you I got your PP, I will have the reel mail out Monday Conflict Has been sold The other reels are still for sale open to Reasonable offers
  5. Hey do you still want the reel. Pm on the way
  6. Thank you
  7. It’s yours for $240
  8. The reel Is In mint condition no marks no scratches nothing. I used it once Spoiled with 500 yards of 50lb Seaguar Braid Asking $250 shipped open to Reasonable offer
  9. Hey guys, due the what’s going on in the world right now, I have been left with other option to sell some of my reels, to make ends meet. Hope everyone is staying safe I’ll split shipping with you Add $7 to each reel Penn Conflict 2 I use this reel to catch tautog on the jetties last year it works perfectly Fine. There are a few small marks on the bottom form resting it on rocks nothing major, and some marks on the reel foot, from the reel seat. Box Included Reel is spoiled Full with 50ld Seaguar braid Asking $120 Penn Squall 15 used for offshore for seabass and tautog Its a little dirty form bait fishing, as you can see In the photograph. There is a bit of white paint on the handle how it got there know idea, few small marks for being moved around, works perfectly only used about 10 times. Box included Reel is spoiled Full with 50ld Seaguar braid Asking $95 Penn squall 30lb THERE IS A PROBLEM WITH THE FREE SPOOL, I can’t figure it out Other than that is smooth and in good Cosmetic shape. No Box Reel is spoiled Full with 500yds 50ld Seaguar braid Asking $60 Shimano Torium 20 This reel works perfectly. there are no issues with the reel. There are some marks on top of the reel. Clicker works fine No Box this Reel has no line on it Asking $120
  10. I have a Aquaskinz 3 tube bag. It a little bet up but in good shape. The square holders are cracked a little. I don’t have the belt for it
  11. yes 6inches $25 shipped
  12. done pm sent