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  1. Tried out front today during the incoming tide, no luck on swim shads and bucktails. Didn’t see any activity
  2. Man, came on to read the reports for the first time in a while and I gotta say, all I’m seeing is grown men whining about fish that they feel entitled to because they saw them first. Your whining won’t deter the people you are talking about. Thanks to you all who post useful info like which lure worked for you, tide info, etc. we need more of you guys on here!
  3. Did some small pond ice fishing by my house on Wednesday, caught a dozen sunnies on a jig tipped with wax worms. No luck on the trout magnets, which have produced bass for me in the past
  4. Looking just to hook something, anything
  5. Fished MoCo from 8:15 to 10:45, no fish to be had, no birds or bait seen. First trip out in the NJ surf after 3 long years of grad school in CT and struggling just to take a 20 min trip for largemouth. Excited to get back to my roots and finally figure out how to find the fish in NJ. Thanks to the consistent posters in this thread for inspiring me to give it a shot today. Might have missed it by just a week...
  6. Finally did some ice fishing today! The ice was a little sketchy, 4 inches in some parts, 3 in others. Only fished for 2 hours since it just kept warming up. Managed some sunnies and a crappie on waxworms. Then swtiched to a powerbait trout worm on the jig head and landed a largemouth bass. I left happy but man it was a little tense walking off at the end....thin ice.
  7. Planning to go scout out the ice here in southern CT, been keeping an eye on it from the road. I doubt it will be thick enough to be safe for ice fishing but tomorrow morning is my best shot before warmer weather comes along again. We have had a decent cold streak going. Will report back....
  8. Here's the fish. Couldn't figure out how to do a normal post on my phone
  9. I scoured one of my little ponds yesterday, only 1.5 inches of clear ice. I almost didn't even check my other spot today but I'm glad I did. 4 inches of pretty solid white ice, guess this spot never fully melted during that warm stretch. There was a lot of snap, crackle, and pop going on but an ice hockey group was just leaving so i figured I'd be safe as just one guy sitting there. Wore my heavy winter wetsuit just in case and had a change of clothes in the car. Thanks for the advice guys, this may be the only day I get out since it looks like the warm weather is on its way back. I made it count with 2.5 hours of red hot fishing before I got too cold.
  10. Will do, the little puddle I plan on fishing never get more than 4 feet deep and I usually find the fish pretty shallow. I swear last winter the ice got so thick that there was barely any water left
  11. Yeah that's the one I found, thanks
  12. well all the ice here in CT melted, but looks like we have a few days of super cold temps coming. Is 5 straight days of well below freezing temps enough to give me a little window to ice fish before the warm weather comes back monday and ruins it? Did a little research into the rate of ice growth on ponds, but im sure my little honey hole will freeze even faster. I plan to wait until late sunday before checking it out so I have my best shot. If i get good feedback here ill even invest in some live bait if im sure I'll get to wet a line. Man I need to figure out how/where to open water fish in the winter months
  13. Cool, I'm gonna go and scout some areas. Although this week will be so warm. Have there been winters where it's never fish able thru the ice?
  14. Thanks guys. Have you ever found that a small pond with open water also had some spots that were thick enough to ice fish? Most lakes I see have some open water right now