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  1. Reel - Thank you. I try not to be too alarming about this problem, but it is apparent the governor and media are turning their back on this issue. I've also been posting this on my personal social media platforms to keep everyone in the loop because it has gone beyond the "fishing" realms to which people's health is at high risk! When you see our habitat being destroyed, turtles -dolphins- and big endangered fish dying all within a matter of few months. You know it's not the normal "Red Tide". After digging in deeper with what is happening, I found the clean water system has been deregulated and to add matters worse, there were 12 cancerous unchecked chemicals being allowed into the system. With that, it is apparent big business and corruption is being covered up AND people's lifestyle is at risk.
  2. Thanks for the post! Yours truly has been very sick for the past few weeks due to this "Red Tide" and quite frankly, I strongly do not recommend anyone venturing to Sanibel or its nearby areas (Fort Myers and Cape Coral). In truth, this is not just red tide... It is a combination of this new man made "Blue / Green Algae Bloom" and it is highly toxic and they are still releasing millions of gallons of this toxic bloom! Tourism is down, there are millions of dead fish, and record dead dolphins, Turtles and protected gamefish (Goliath Grouper) and it also collapsed the regional Snook and Red fish biomass. Currently there is a Federal wildlife officials opened an investigation to why this is happening. I am assure you the problem is real, and there is no shortage of corruption and greed by political players and big business. Stay tuned!
  3. There are decent fish to be caught this time of the year. Simply concentrate all the passes (inlets) during the early and very late ebb tides with live shrimp (split shot ) will yield various species (ladyfish, Spanish macks, pompono, speckled trout, snook, sheepshead and reds). If you are looking for bigger fish.... Concentrate the night tides with small rubber shads, swimmers and you will do fine. In addition, there are big sharks prowling the edges and whole ladyfish or mullet is the ticket. Just make sure your tackle is up to par and wire leader is required. Hope this helps!
  4. To clarify this post - The pink lure that is posted is definitely a NorthBar "Bottle Darter" and not a Tactical Anglers product line. In fact, Tactical Anglers Inc. does not make any "bottle" lures. Here is a picture of the TA (Tactical Anglers) SubDarters. I hope this clarifies this post.
  5. It's my pleasure IsmailG! Good luck in your job interview and your fishing excursions.
  6. YES!!!!
  7. Yes, Make sure a screen shot of your License Purchase Confirmation "Print Number"is visible and you are good to go.
  8. Great advice there! And since Ding Darling is so close, make a point to check it out during the early mornings. Just downsize it and finesse those fish to bite.
  9. There are plenty of great responses and I like to add a few extra pointers. The night fishing is also good, and treat it as if you were striped bass fishing. Bucktails, soft plastics, swimmers and even spoons works well. Check out the passes (bridges) and get a tide chart and fish the less moving tides. It also pays to walk the beaches during the first light and your chances of connecting with speckled trout, snook and redfish is really good. Hope this helps.
  10. Contributing this eagle photo to this great bird thread. After dealing with Hurricane Irma's wrath (going three weeks without power - SWFL) I visited one of my happy place to decompress....and this eagle perched by me.
  11. I did not evacuate Florida and hucker down! Here's a quick video I took of Hurricane Irma while she struck SWFL (Estero, Florida). NOAA recorded a Cat.3 with gust up to 145mph. In this short video, you will be able to see and hear her strength. Project002_3.mp4
  12. Bido. It is very common to encounter those Goliath Groupers near pilings and rocky structures (that is also near a fish highway) this time of the year. They will also crush your lures (swimmers, darters, rubber shads and bucktails / flairhogs) during the night bites! In regards to locations - I've caught them on the Gulf Side, East Coast of Florida and the Keys bridges. Hope this helps. As for Irma's catastrophe, I am currently in SWFL and waiting for power. Thanks! ALSO - All Goliaths are protected species, and they must be handled with great care and returned back immediately.
  13. I am currently in Estero and still without power. On the bright note... Most of the traffic lights are now working, and as of three days ago... most gas stations are operational (and filled with gas) and my generator is working double time. Here are some of the images I captured (Irma in full force, curfew hours being enforced, special air force flying around and Irma playing scramble). We need to keep praying for those that were severely impacted by Irma's wrath... and those that lost their homes, livelihoods, and more....
  14. After reading many of the comments, I have to agree with many. The bottom line is up to the fisherman! If you think you could do better with or without... Just do it. It's all about that "confidence"! Here is my take on Albies. During the early season, they are extremely finicky (because they chase small fries) ...but as the season progresses (near the late fall run) they tend to get less finicky and chase a variety of bigger baits. With that said... It's all up to the individual. Albies (and bonito) are extremely line shy pelagic critters and I recommend a long fluorocarbon leader. I use the TA clips because it is not only easy to change lures.... it also gives extra lure action (like a loop knot). Here is a few shots taken in the course of a few days while chasing those speedsters....and the TA clips didn't matter.
  15. The way you've described the take and the battle... It sounds very much like a Goliath Grouper! I've had many similar situation and went back with bigger tackle (and gave them what they wanted).