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  1. Will trade for plugs or sell for $30. Located near Giant stadium. Bench folds
  2. I left you a message on your plugs you were selling on the forum.

  3. I think I messed up and tried to buy something by messaging you.  I saw I have to wait one more day to access the buying portion.  I will just wait to contact you in described way.  Thanks

  4. makes sense what you’re saying, the creek is right behind her and it’s about a 6’ drop
  5. 2.85 ounces $40 $7 shipped paypal f&f
  6. One blue on a pencil out front….it’s over!!!
  7. I heard from a reliable source that Stan will come back once some legalities are settled
  8. looks like a good year to target weakfish with the amount I see being caught
  9. Outgoing tide out front, I really earned this one after many many cast and a lot of walking finally connected with one
  10. Hit the RB for the outgoing and water was a bit stained, dropped one on a metal lip swimmer and got another hit. No bait around so I made a move and found happy bunker with nothing on them
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