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  1. Found clean water for the incoming and got the , moved to different location and water was dirty and lots of debris and got the skunk there also.
  2. A fish a day keeps the doctor away
  3. Landed one fat boy about 32” on a bottle and dropped one close in the Arthur Kill
  4. Fished the outgoing tide in the Arthur Kill for a
  5. I don’t remember adjusting my drag but it cost me a fish, took several runs and spit the plug.
  6. Are favorable for my Hudson spots
  7. One and done on the swarter
  8. Didn’t get the skunk with one keeper on the swarter, it’s earned a spot in my bag, it’s produced on most of my outings
  9. Perfect conditions last night, dropped one fish and one other hit and that was it
  10. Got a pair of keepers in the lower Hudson, one on incoming other outgoing. 15# hit a swarter and the other fish TA darter while it sitting in the water because my line got wrapped on the reel lol
  11. Gave the schoolies a break for larger fish in the RB, only one hit on loaded Redfin on outgoing tide
  12. Maybe it’s sitting on the ocean floor with the prop fouled with braided line.
  13. I’m not familiar with different shads but I’m guessing 16+ inches and ridiculously fat
  14. he took it home to eat.
  15. Friends and I got into a bunch of schoolies on minnow plugs, biggest was 31”. Also witnessed the biggest shad ever, at first we thought it was a small striper LoL. Weight was around 8-10