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  1. Awesome catch
  2. @Lou T....appreciate the background info, learn something new every day. That’s pretty impressive for a twelve year old reel, hopefully you’ll get another twelve or more out of it.
  3. Some people refuse to let go of the past and keep with modern times....China is our largest trading partner worth over 600 billion dollars between the two nations. That was many decades in the making
  4. My 200 didn’t actually need service but a fellow named Bert who many know from Long Island offered so I let him service it. I’m sure the American models needed service at some point. I don’t have stats but I’m confident that the current VS is the number one selling fully sealed reel on the market so I’ll continue to support VS
  5. But Lou....all my life I’ve been told they don’t target humans and more likely to get hit by lightning.
  6. Have the 200 and 250 from China....waited five years before servicing the 200 and the 250 still going strong without service. Excellent reels
  7. Got Stryper has been most productive
  8. Yeah if it gets into lower Hudson or the RB
  9. Heard there’s a spill in the Arthur Kill
  10. +1
  11. Awesome read....glad everyone is doing well
  12. Awesome
  13. You’re reading to much into this baba....why would I threaten anyone. I’m just saying I get along with people and have fun with I’m out fishing.
  14. My credibility? Civilized? You don’t have to like me or whatever I comment but when I talk about ODM it’s genuine, factual and sincere. I don’t need to BS anyone and the product has done a great job speaking for itself. At every event or outing I’m well received and respected. If we ever bump into each other you’ll see what I’m talking about.
  15. What do you know about quality control? Have you been to these factories over seas? Are you their bookkeeper and know all their cost associated with running a business? No one is forcing you to buy anything or anyone else for that matter. ODM contributes greatly to the American economy through transportation of the products, dealers and many other ways for your information. People calling you doesn’t affect ODM in any way remember that. Have a nice day