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  1. Very nice
  2. Structure
  3. I failed to leave that part out LOL...went face first in the water and got wet for not using my dry top.
  4. Fished the outgoing and only had one fish swing and miss my sp minnow. As I waded back to shore I managed to find a submerged piling and tripped over it, both shins
  5. the C80 small enough for ya
  6. Same for me yesterday lol
  7. Thanks bud that’s good to know...I’m a short drive from there
  8. Not sure if this qualifies as mini but it’s small....5” and 2 ounces I believe. Cast a mile and swims great. Made by Black Label
  9. @Bob C.....he built that boat in his driveway
  10. Marco is a great guy and well respected in the fishing community. Very skillful person, he’s a member here, just can’t remember his screen name
  11. Check out PPW Tackle in NY,NJ area
  12. That would be nice
  13. Not sure if he finally closed shop but Moes in Jersey City had them
  14. True world in Bayonne