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  1. True World Bayonne Giglios Sea Bright Grumpys Seaside Park
  2. Nex1 2-6 and Nex1 3-8 cut down is what I use for the canal also
  3. Any idea on the weight?
  4. Checked out a few videos on them, looks nice. Look forward to your review
  5. Any pics or reviews? Wonder if they’ll jam up like Korker or Orvis? Been looking to try something different besides korkers even though I’ve been using them for years
  6. My condolences
  7. I’ve been using korkers for many years and only had one issue and customer service took care of it. Not familiar with Simms products but I’ve always heard good things about them
  8. Which models come with grip studs?
  9. I’ve never heard of this technology before and now I see it everywhere ....does it actually work against combating viruses?
  10. How about some data that it’s happening here....all of sudden there’s all these possibilities for getting the virus. Even saw a post that you COULD get from someone farting
  11. I’ve been using the Alberto Knot for years and no issues with it....reliable and easy to tie
  12. Fished the outgoing tide and avoid the skunk on a loaded redfin