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  1. The Evolution just recently came on the market so you’ll have reviews in near future . I know several people that really like the Evolution.
  2. *
  3. Many of my fish this spring were on loaded Redfin.....videos on YouTube on how to
  4. Captree b&t
  5. ODM is having a rod demo in Long Island this weekend....good way to check them out and see what fits your needs
  6. The Frontier X lineup are excellent rods....I use the 3/4-4 and it’s one of my favorites. Either of those two will be good choices, figure out what range of plugs you want to cast
  7. Oh yeah.
  8. Fished the incoming in moco and found the water to be stained with bunker around. Threw everything and didn’t get a tap
  9. Chopper sighting in the RB
  10. Alive works well and if it’s dead tie small jig head to it
  11. Why does @fishless catch all the fish and you get the skunks?
  12. Yeah lots of grass on the outgoing
  13. Nice one Frank....tell Charlie I said hello
  14. What started making me miserable was the guy asking me a thousand questions.... I ignored at some point. I don’t mind helping people out but you gotta do most of the work. Trial and error is the best teacher.
  15. Tried one spot in moco and no bait and no fish....went to second location where I found bunker. Missed four fish all on big plugs