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  1. Thanks for the assist.
  2. Just found out this is available through my cable provider....any reviews?
  3. He rather throw clams and worms
  4. People catching on plugs and baits around
  5. Didn’t make the show but I had a friend pick up this nice plug for me from Rui
  6. ODM Nex1 3-8 oz cut down to 10’6” with extra guide for jigging and a Daiwa Catalina 6500 ODM Nex1 2-6 oz 11’ with a VS250 for top water
  7. Nicely done Dan
  8. You guys did a great job from beginning to end
  9. Worst than jealous people are the ones with serious issues with anger or bipolar....those are the ones you run away from.
  10. For top water I use 11’ Nex1 2-6 with a VS250 and I jig with a 10’6” Nex1 3-8 with a Catalina but thinking of putting a Stella on it
  11. Excellent show....I’ll be there for sure. Heard very good things about the food truck.
  12. Lots of nice stuff but these are all I needed....chatting with Orlando from Norcalkat was my highlight
  13. Wifey?....what’s that?