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  1. I grew up on Eddie's Guitar playing, his music will live on forever!!!!
  2. Not only does he make a great product he is one of nicest coolest people I have met in person in a very long time!
  3. I am interested in the 10 jigs you have for $25.00 PayPal. I will take them if they are still available?
  4. Ok, your welcome.
  5. $520.00 shipped, PayPal or money order, will ship out when I receive the money. The Gigantic jointed is new. The middle metal lip flap tail wrapped in fiber glass is new. The bottom metal lip is gently used. All are GRS. The top two were custom made for me, I don't believe he does custom work anymore. This is the last of my GRS collection.
  6. I had them custom made by Gary several years ago. I don't believe he does custom orders anymore. Sold to Blankdisc, thank you. Sorry you missed out Zerotide. Thread closed.
  7. WTS two GRS no lip Flaptails, never used, $220.00 shipped, PayPal or money order, will mail as soon as I receive the money.
  8. Thread closed, due to no interest!
  9. I am gonna sweeten the pot here. I was fishing this awesome RM Smith Flag swimmer today. Well the bottom of the plug split or cracked. I bet it can be epoxied or could be huge up for decoration. I will give you the Flag RM Smith for FREE with the Big Rock for $65.00 shipped. Its not common for Ryan's plugs to split but its wood and it can happen. I was casting it so far I think it cracked when it slammed the water. It still swims awesome with the crack, lol!
  10. The bluefish are in South Jersey, but its hit or miss. They are not all gators that were here several years ago. My biggest Gator I ever caught was in the day time approx. this time of year a few years ago and it weighed over 15 pounds. Beach replenishment has destroyed our coastal fishery, the blitzes that use to be are becoming less and less.
  11. Final price reduction to $65.00, Memorial Weekend Sale Special. This a beautiful plug by BigRock.
  12. Price reduced to $75.00.
  13. Price reduced to $80.00.
  14. WTS Big Rock Metal Lip 2017 $85.00, never used. I will accept money order, I will ship out when I receive the money order. I also accept PayPal.
  15. Thank you, thread closed.