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  1. 15 hours ago, LowEnd said:

    I still keep an old school book and write as much as I can.

    While I agree that once you get dialed on patterns your memory will serve you well.

    With that as I’ve gotten older, I’ve found that sometimes dates, times etc. we’re not what I remembered. Having the logs to go back too is a invaluable source of info.

    Also it is cool to go back 20 years and see how much has changed for better or worse.

    Some guys I fish with never kept one and they do great.

    The log works for me and I will keep doing it.

    Same here....first few years I didn't saying my memory won't fail me, but the more detailed your records the more you can dial in on the real subtleties that can make the difference at a particular spot. We're land based, don't have the mobility and electronics that a boat angler has, so it truly helps to maximize an outing....remember that's why boat fish DONT COUNT but ours DO !

  2. Many popular disciplines for 22lr competition, NRA prone, 25 and 50yd benchrest, and the most popular precision rifle series. PRS is the easiest to start in but most challenging to master.. Stock class has a $1500 msrp price cap for rifle/optic. FFP optics in the 6x24 magnification range with good repeatable turrets are a must to dial elevation changes quickly, as stages are shot off of various barricades and shooting positions with ranges constantly varying....depending on the match I've seen ranges run from 25yds out to 300yds. If you have a fairly accurate 22 add an affordable optic...Arken and Swamp Fox both make solid FFP competition glass for very short money. Sort thru different ammo brands and stock up on whichever you're rifle shoots best. Work on building a dope card to calculate dialup at different ranges. You can wet your feet in stock class and have alot of fun, if it's for you then the sky's the limit in open class. Google precision rifle series and look for rimfire events scheduled in your area. Attending as a spectator first time will explain alot. Be warned though if you enjoy it it's like crack to a junkie...once you get a taste there's no stopping ! Youtube has alot of great vids on prs and Canadian Rimfire series, even more popular in Canada....those guys have some serious time and money invested in open class rigs.

  3. 32 mins ago, fishinambition said:

    Rock Island is supposed to be a good cheapo 1911

    Rock island does  get favorable reviews for the price...what's the price point on the Tisas ?

  4. 12 mins ago, R.R. Bridge Fisher said:

    Could someone explain the skirted spool vs. The cupped spool to me?

    The cupped rotor was always considered more robust, theory being it protected the spool and mainshaft from damage if the reel took a hard knock while climbing onto or getting washed off a rocky perch. True to some extent, always saw some skirted spool reels knocked out when fishing the north side of Montauk. With newer designs and modern materials does it still hold true, who knows. 

    It was and still is a niche design though, made primarily to appeal to surfcasters in the rocky NE where the design held some merit of reliability. Pure fishing was not going to limit possible sales of their flagship product, hence the changeover to the modern, more popular design. 

  5. The HT100's were the best and most serviceable drag ever produced for a submerged surf reel, 5 minute clean up on the tailgate after a tide and back in business...none of my early VS could match em, doubt ZB could either.

    We all locked the spool for a hookset when fishing 20lb Pink Ande, second nature then and still today....


  6. 5 mins ago, 40shades-of-blue said:

    Build something, sell it, fix it later. Hate to tell you but it appears it’s the sad state of the world today. I’m in the car business and unfortunately see it daily. I have my one gen 2 VS200 and never plan to buy another. Sucks for the people that bought this turd.

    Couldn't agree more. Just retired from 45yrs in the automobile business, most of em as an ASE Master Tech. Shudder at the thought of how fast they rush em to market just to boost sales...shudder even more thinking who's going to repair my cars going forward !

  7. 10 mins ago, LB said:

    Yes on the VS100/150 they never came with the Penn style drag system, l have VS100 #1690 that l bought in 1997.

    But my VS200 #375 came with an unsealed drag, but that reel is long gone.

    Never knew that about the 100/150 drag stack...thanks LB. Wish my lefty 250's would've came Penn drag style...way easier to clean/service, smoother too.

  8. I think it's just something to talk about in the off season, If it's really an issue VS will come up with the fix.. Pure Fishing won't lose future projected sales over the first thousand or so units sold. I say from experience Craig would like to speak but his hands are tied....Most that don't know him say he's just a company rep but from firsthand experience I know different....he took care of the major flaw in the very first Gen 1 LH reels and I've always respected his integrity since. Always stalked the North side of Montauk in his old Ford van ready to stop and help anybody with a VS reel issue, back when the fall run was good and he could've been fishing instead.

  9. 3 mins ago, Michael_s_fishing said:

    Light striped bass and blues fish stuff. Will probably get some use for albies if I catch them at the beach. 

    Ok sounds like a 3/ personal favorites....custom Lami 1081/1201L...Century Stealth 1145...BH Suzuki in 9 1/2 or 10ft, different wt range and action, wiggle em both first to see which you prefer. Off the shelf in that range Okuma Rockaway 3/4-3 in 9 or 10 ft....a real sleeper at $109....

  10. The VM, a non sealed bailed rail made to compete with the more popular Shimano/Diawa/Penn spinners. Reversible handle but only RH rotation like the above mentioned group. Forget the sizes it came in.... 

    And of course now the VR series.

  11. Don't let rod length or action be the deciding factor, rod size/balance is nothing more than manufacturers hype to sell more product. Does the reel have enough guts to reliably handled targeted species, does it have sufficient line capacity for targeted species, does it fit comfortably in your hands. If yes than any rod that has the action and weight rating you want is the right pairing...that could be a 7 or 8ft fluke/albie stick on up to a 10ft surf stick. Reel weight has nothing to do with rod balance, it's all about blank taper and fulcrum point. Longer rod feels tip heavy...try a weighted butt cap or tape the reel on slightly forward of the seat and see if the balance magically corrects itself without changing reel weight. Other factors come into play like spool size, but only when reaching for maximum distance, and then guide size and layout factor into the equation. Most recommendations you get will be based on what 'looks" like the right fit....meaning whatever seems to be the popular consensus based on what someone sees everybody else using, hence it must be the right pairing !

    Give us the intended use for the reel and you may get some sound recommendations on rod choices...

  12. Picked up a pair of cheap oe overseas surf rods for a specific rebuild project that came with the XQG's. Fished both rods for awhile to get a good feel for the blanks capabilities before stripping. Long story short they cast so nice they're now permanently in the rotation...after a full season no issues with guide ring durability or frame leg corrosion, I'm impressed. Downloaded Sea Guide catalog, an unlimited array of guide styles and sizes are produced. If I can get them I'll certainly not hesitate to use them. EB do you have a source to get them from.

  13. Work carefully, unlike a graphite seat where I normally make 2 slices not  thru but just deep enough to fit a screwdriver and pry it apart, you will need to go completely thru the aluminum...depending on the arbor diameter things can go south quickly. Is the seat too bulky an OD that it's not comfortable or the cold temps make it uncomfortable...maybe a good pair of gloves instead !

  14. 11 mins ago, EricL said:

    Main parts can be ordered from daiwa UK. UK shops can help with that process if needed.


    Bearings are standard metric size throughout so it's easy enough to get if you have a caliper to measure. 


    If a reel is regularly maintained, bearings should only be the thing needed to change.


    150 is already the guys price. The 10 is just for shipping and insurance peace of mind. It'll get to you in a day if youre close.



    Sounds fair...shoot me a pm

  15. 1 min ago, wjtoggin said:

    Man that is awesome to hear, less hooks the better I'll have to give that a shot, thanks!

    Now if only we had big blues show up again in any numbers....

    Big fish and trebles waist deep at night are no fun...what I wouldn't give for teen sized blues again !

  16. 5 mins ago, wjtoggin said:

    Rerigging a few plugs over the coming weekends and before I buy hooks I'd like to see what people have to say, following along!

    Now from my non experience, couldn't see why an inline wouldn't work although I would most likely turn it to face up as opposed to down.

    Thinking poppers and needles would be fine...not sure I'd go inline/siwash on a darter, probably need the proper sized trebles there, weights a little more important to a darters action, might be finicky holding in current

    6/0 Siwash wrapped with a bit of lead wire and dressed with a little bucktail matches the weight/action of the rear treble...crush the barb makes unhooking big blues quick and easy, switched over all of mine years ago, never looked back.

  17. 3 hours ago, striperswiper06437 said:

    I was at the show yesterday but didn't ask Craig about it.  I own 4 original models already so I am not in the market for a new one anyway.  The new series felt nice and they even had a lefty available to look at.  My bigger concern is will they continue to support the original series with parts.  I don't want to have an expensive set of paper weights in 5 years.  

    Van Staal will be at the CT show this saturday.  Ill ask him about support for older models.  

    Kinda felt the same way when they dropped the Lefty's from the VSX lineup, at the time had 4 250 LH, sold 3 of them last 2 seasons for the same reason. The last one resides on my 132 GSB and only gets used anymore when I'm climbing on rocks in Montauk. Looked at ZB thinking a 25 and 27 would replace them...great reel but too pricey for stripers/blues, put the 705Z's back in the rotation. Picked up a 151 and 201 VR, brand new used, bag, papers, bailless kits, for dirt cheap...and I mean dirt cheap. Fished both all season, same way I fished the VS...regularly submerged or dropped in the sand, no issues whatsoever. No rockhopping though, personally don't believe anybody's skirted spool reel qualifies as sturdy enough. The drag is much smoother than a Gen1 VS, and the longer reel foot is a bonus for my big mitts. Zero water intrusion or problems so recently picked up another pair for short money. If I hear no more support for Gen1 reels sdadly I'll part with the last one too before it becomes a shelf relic. Would I consider a couple VSX2's, no....for sand beach and jetty fishing the additional cost over a VR doesn't fly with me.

  18. SU are terribly stiff, jetty or canal rod for heavy jigs or weight/bait only. SW are a little softer, the 1208 cut from the butt to 9ft is still my favorite jetty rod for 3-6oz bucktails, under 3oz tough to load it. Very tough sticks, I can swing slot size fish up onto the rocks without issue.

    While we're on the subject anyone built on any of the RX7 surf blanks, would love to handle a few before buying, not inexpensive...