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  1. Just another of the many reasons why I prefer 1pc surf sticks. Blow the sand out of the tip before assembling...get a tube of bow string wax and put just a dab on the male end the next few times you assemble, it will help break in process.
  2. Her and Joe are both ready for the chair, the one you get strapped into. She did as much as anyone to bring this violence into peoples lives by backing the BLM movement, ignoring the border invasion, and the handcuffing of LE agencies nationwide...how ironic she's the administrations best choice to "fix" it.
  3. Rinse plugs...never. Might leave the bag I carried that outing open on the tailgate when I get home to air dry a bit. Buy hooks in bulk and just change out as necessary. Off season I crush barbs, cut the hooks that need cutting, and box them in smaller quantities...keep some in the truck along with a split ring, channel lock, and knipex cutter. Pull that rarely used plug from a spare bag and the hooks are rusty, replace em in seconds. I'd rather mow the lawn on a muggy 90 degree day than empty and wash plugs and plug bag...
  4. Does Lami even offer 1pc GSB blanks anymore, seems anything around is new old stock from a builder or tackle shop...
  5. Does any manufacturer make butt over tip ferrule in popular 9-11ft surf rod applications. Only one's come to mind are some of the Century tournament rods and the Daiwa ballistic tournament...neither optimal nor common in NE surf game. I have some fine 2pc surf rods, all tip over butt ferrule, but given adverse conditions, rocky structure, any tough going...they play backup to the 1pc sticks
  6. Surprised these didn't fly especially given the price...guess if you didn't grow up with 1pc rods you can't appreciate the inherent benefits. I'll leave em up few more days, maybe get a pic of each if I can.
  7. They're aggressive man, had one take a 3oz pencil dangling in the water right in front of me while I wiped my glasses, not even a keeper ! Had one take a Jnski peanut in the wash this morning, couldn't raise a striper but the short fluke took it.
  8. A pair of titanium single leg 6's from Seaguide come in even lighter... .15g. Their Ti double foot casting guides come in .5g for a 12 and .75g for the 16. Never seen them in person but have used their SS k frames, and they're thin enough to make me nervous. Still splitting hares I would think on 8wt and up.
  9. Forecast here LI East winds 10/20 tomorrow am increasing in the afternoon to the weekends forecasted level.. Was out this am with a light N wind at my back, was surprised to see some decent whitewater, the swells must be pushing up ahead of the storm already. Spinning gear for me tomorrow, bucktails, big plugs and metal lips in the white water.
  10. Heard a rumor after the Governors request they're inviting them all back to stay, yeah right....maybe long enough to put up Christmas decorations ! Hochul and Adams are reeling here now, this is burning up too much money they could've pocketed.
  11. 1321L cut from the butt 6in still my all around favorite. Ditch is right, like going over to a sports car when the GSB came out. Never weighed one of my 1363M, with big wire strippers and big Fuji runners and tip, almost twice the 132L I'd guess.
  12. I would hope so. If I found somebody to wrap a rod for $20 I'd throw everything rod wrapping in the trash and let him have at it...
  13. Not a tap until almost first light, managed a handful of blues to maybe 5/6lbs. Tossed a small metal lip in the wash for a short fluke. Moved to another spot for an hour, pencils and metal lips...nada. Big crowd around 2 party boats 1/4 mile out, didn't reach for the binos to see what they were on.
  14. Run your nail across it from both sides, if you feel it it's cracked.
  15. Drew curious how you turn the handle on a 1pc. The only 1pc I ever built I turned a tapered aluminum mandrel on my metal lathe, then glued and shaped the handle before gluing it up on the blank. Thought it might be too risky to chuck the blank and replace the tail stock with the steady rest to turn.
  16. Most of the labor involved is in stripping and prepping the blank without damaging it. Your local tackle shop should be able to provide you with a qualified rod builder, get a quote and decide if it's worth it to you.
  17. St Croix 10ft built on Ben Doerr Elite series blank. Rated 1-4. Wrapped Fuji Alconite Lowriders, rubber X wrap grip w/ Fuji plate seat so butt length can be customized to your liking. Clean rod, no issues with blank...$150 Rainshadow SW1208 trimmed from the butt end to 9ft. Wrapped Fuji high frame Hardaloys, rubber X wrap grip and Fuji plate seat. This was my go to jetty/heavy bucktail rod...ton of lifting power in the butt end. Clean blank...$100 Didn't bother with pics, these are well fished but clean rods, no issues. Anyone interested I'm in Smithtown can stop by any time to see.
  18. Haven't tossed bait in 20yrs but back then fresh clams lobbed into the wash after a storm was easy pickings, water was clean out front surprised you didn't get a few taps.
  19. The line roller on any of my Penn Z's was louder than my truck tires...never an issue. Hopefully Saltwater Edge gets you squared away quickly.
  20. The 9ft 1/2-1 1/2 Rockaway surf can't be beat as an albie stick...$99 on Amazon
  21. Pretty similar to an AVA as far as sink rate, too fast for a proper retrieve in shallow water.. put a single hook with tube on them,.excellent to twitch/drag bottom during a good sand eel bite
  22. And the virtually rust free CRKT that rides on my surf belt for 10 seasons still flicks open just as easily as a $300/400 custom...
  23. Thanks but looking for a larger VS at this time....
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