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  1. Aside from the running guide update that's a classic rebuild, rare to see metallic tiger wraps or full under wraps anymore...enjoy it. Wrapped this one many years ago.
  2. OP stated it only rubs with the line under tension on the roller...could be as simple as loose or stripped screw securing the rotor to the sleeve guide, worth checking for sure.
  3. I hope it's the original surf top they came out with years ago, still have 2 of them...far and away the best I've ever worn. Still have an Aquaskinz Hurricane neoprene for the coldest/wettest days.
  4. Unless you have the proper tools to flare and bend avoid stainless, it usually uses a reverse bubble flare, and you'll need compatible aluminum flare fittings to connect it...brass flare or compression fittings won't work properly. Compression fittings should never be used for hydraulic brakes period....flare connectors only. An occasional rinse followed by a wd40 spray is about all you can do. Wouldn't worry about saltwater intrusion, just bleed thoroughly from every bleeder screw until fluid runs clear.
  5. Century kevlar noreaster or another GSB. ODM doesn't compare to either in durability
  6. ^^^....goop adheres well. stop by local pool supply store and get a small pool underwater patch kit, if the inside of the boot is rubber no cloth liner patch it inside and out, works great on rubber boots.
  7. Great to hear...catch em up !
  8. In reality most of the city and the outer boros are gun free zones...all of the mass transit system, houses of worship, schools, playgrounds, parks, bars and any eatery that serves alcohol, government buildings...I'm sure I missed a bunch too. If traveling by car the Governor has instructed people to leave their sidearm locked inside... but no mention of who's responsible if the car is broken into and it's stolen.
  9. Bet on that, and believe that the ridiculous bail reform laws won't apply in these cases, all of a sudden the DA will get tough on crime...
  10. Yep, that heavily ported spool lets sand in easy but the spool to rotor is tight, mine did the coffee grinder until I dunked it a few times. Same today, and only from being blasted in sandy wash, not submerged...had to dunk and crank to clear. No better than any other reel I've ever fished.
  11. If it's really chilly there is no glove that will warm wet hands, carry a few chemical hand warmers to slip in ...I switch off between two pair of Simms fingerless wool gloves, waterproof neoprene's cut off circulation and you have no tactile feel with them, even when not cold.
  12. 4-5 inch deceivers in peanut bunker and mullet colors, sand eels 3-4 inch, and some of your favorite surf candy and bay anchovy albie patterns. Enjoy the trip, hope you get into some fish...
  13. Fishing the swells yesterday morning my VR201 locked and needed to be dunked a few times, no better than a cupped flyer VS or Penn Z...although I might have jammed it straight into the sand a few times when the backwash almost got me ! I'm liking it so far though, we'll see.
  14. 4 in section is plenty. I pre tie a few using standard 125lb trolling wire and a small swivel, keep them in my belt bag in a plastic cigar tube. Tie tippet to swivel and haywire twist fly of choice to the other end. Works fine with spinning gear and plugs too.....any kinks just straighten.
  15. If you're not bait or boat fishing switch it to bail brainer.
  16. Use an older LL Bean, has held up well, 5 or 6 short plastic spikes added thru the bottom. If anything I wish it was an inch or two deeper for those windy days. I like to scoop just a half inch of water into the basket, I've noticed it helps manage the line a bit better. Much prefer a bungee cord to a belt, easy to dump if a wave fills it, much easier to swing around my side without snagging on pliers or small belt bag I always wear on main belt.
  17. Darter needs good current to swim properly, slower moving water there are better choices. They take some time to get a feel for working them properly, even then the feedback is subtle....just have to know the conditions they like and throw em with confidence Don't run deep either regardless of current. I think the darter was born for the north side of Montauk...the shallow water and honking speed on the drop is what makes it so effective out east.
  18. Albies, big bluefish, stripers...
  19. Penn Prevail 12ft spinning rated 4-10. rod was fished once, could pass for new. $75 pickup Smithtown LI
  20. Had a Revo 10wt, very capable rod. Can't speak to the heavier wts. Send a message to HL here on the forums, Herb is the US CTS distributor and has built and personally fished many of their blanks. He will put you in the right rod.
  21. One sold/traded to MSSZ...thanks Matt. One left w/spare spool, fresh Fireline on both spools...$115 shipped.
  22. Pair of 705Z greenies. Bailless, rotor cups drilled and counterbalanced. Spooled with fresh 20lb Fireline. Greased, serviced, no issues. One was fished lightly last fall, the other just done. $125 each shipping/pp fees included. Take both for asking and I'll include a brand new gold spool also filled with fresh 20lb Fireline.
  23. The 706 mechanically no issues, if so reel for reel plus $50 on your end works. ck pm's
  24. Have a friend with a truck shop who's interested and will do the removal. Where you located, he will come look and work something out. Price range...?
  25. Yes but not in quite awhile. If you ever needed still available complete stack OEM under $10