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  1. Agreed, the best method by far is lock the drag, lock your thumb down on the spool, crank 2-3 turns, freespool and pickout what it will give you, and repeat until finished...when a spool over runs it is spinning faster than the line is leaving,so the slower coils are over run by faster line from the spool until the speeds equalize again and the loose coils beneath catch up with the line that left and get locked over. By locking the drag and cranking the reel while pushing forward hard with your thumb you are pushing the slower coils of line back ahead of the faster line that wrapped over it. Every couple of cranks freespool and take back whatever pushed loose, don't pull hard on the line though, when it locks repeat the process over and over until all the coils are out from under the faster line that over ran them. Sounds long winded and confusing, but I've never used anything but my fingers to clear a backlash and never took a knife to a spool...not yet anyway!
  2. 3A wraps and 3 coats of got waaaay too much time on your hands CD! Better finish all that wrapping and make some time for weakfish!
  3. I could use 2 of them, where can we find em Billy...
  4. Hey Spig and CD, thanks for the company on the ride down. Glad to meet all you guys who made it there, had a great time. Alot of work went into that fling, feel guilty my only contribution was a few flies I tied for the auction. Bob Pop thanks for the casting tips. Good luck Shakey, hope to bump into ya on the way out to a good rock one night! Thanks again to everybody who worked so hard to make it the success it was...
  5. Matching size and color can many times be the key to success...that being said whenever conditions are favorable I love to throw really big surface wood, nothing like watching a 40lb cow surface and tail slap a big pikie!
  6. Learn the uniknot first as this can be adapted to almost any situation and has good breaking strength...always moisten the knot (spit) and slowly pull the tag end snug first to keep the wraps neat.
  7. Never use wire, 40lb mono is fine. If it's a real blitz switch to a cheap single hook tin or bucktail, can usually get 1/2 dozen choppers before 40 lb mono goes bye-bye.
  8. All good choices Joe, if you can find St Croix dealer, check out a G180HF or G180MHF also, sweet blanks, the MHF my choice...
  9. I ain't buyin no more plugs, ever...well, at least not before i get out of work today anyway!
  10. Mono exclusively for conventional, there is no distance casting disparities with a properly tuned conventional setup. Braid for the spinners except for my Montauk plug stick, still haven't found a braid that tops good old ANDE in the rocks.
  11. Another Rainshadow 1208 -spinner Lami 1321M that I'm extending about 2 feet...gonna pair it with a tricked out CT mag and try and throw some lead past 600ft (hopefully a few will fly before I birdsnest my way through an entire bulk spool of mono!)
  12. Super Strikes very consistent...Gibbs maybe one out of three darts nice.
  13. Super Strikes very consistent...Gibbs maybe one out of three darts nice.
  14. It's a Breakaway hi/lo rig...I tie mine with just a 9/0 circle hook in the top spot,fish the rod hand held with the drag set and the reel in gear. By eliminating the lower hook you cut way back on skates and sea robins,and the circle hook ensures a hookup, regular hooks ok for blues but don't work well for stripers, it's not a fishfinder so they drop the bait alot when they feel the sinker. Those sinkers are pricey but work real nice, a 5oz will hold as well as an 8oz pyramid.
  15. gotta love it...
  16. Popsicle stick/acetone works but very tedious...take 5 minutes to gently wet sand entire blank with 1200 grit...matte 'stealth' grey is all the rage with some manufacturers, now it's yours too!
  17. Rainshadow 1208 or 1209...
  18. A true surf reel in that price range, 706Z if you can find one or a 704Z...
  19. Goatee hair! I knew there was something that set them apart from most of the others, couldn't quite put my finger on it...and now that I know the reason definitly don't want to put my fingers on it! LOL
  20. Brown/orange bad luck bro- might only attract sea robins with those! You want retro for honey lami, gold metallic under w/thin red trim bands ends and center, black over. My 1364M looks good with the old red squiddah, catches pretty good too! NYC, just did a purple under w/silver metallic inlays ends and center, purple over, looks sharp w/matte grey.
  21. CP will soak easily through both layers, no need to redo.Might want to pack threads nice and gently brush a light coat on the weave first so threads won't slip, when that dries a good saturating coat over entire wrap.
  22. I'm with Gadwall on this one, 1362F is the finest pencil popper rod made. Mine goes BSVLG 50-40-30-25-20,-20 BPLTtip with similiar guide spacing, stripper a little closer at 40" to reel seat center.
  23. I'm with Oz on this one,as long as the belly is light colored there's no difference. Now a broken back 7inch Rebel swimmer in mackerel is absolutely deadly at....Naah, already told you too much!
  24. Recently built a 1208 conventional and already I see it's gonna be one of my go to sticks this season. And lemme tell ya, if you've never seen Billy's work,he's arguably one of the very best. Yep, the man should be locked up alright for givin away this stick so cheap, it borders on the criminal!
  25. CD, if you're an experienced conventional caster remove one mag and one brake block, see how it goes...strive to remove both blocks and as many mags as possible, one at a time though. Even with the mags in the full off position they still have some braking effect. Kip's right, if you use yellow RF, and I do, should add one drop to bearings every week. If that sounds like too much hassle switch to red RF or Dexron 5.