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  1. Thanks for the replys boys, the head is the first 30ft of an Orvis Wonderline WF12F, the running line is 100ft of 30lb .035dia SA running line. I fish it w/6ft leader and carry all of it plus 3-4 ft of running line in the air before the haul, never cast it with the head in the guides. Only in a headwind with a large fly like a 6" bunker pattern on a 3/0 hook does it die prematurely, on a calm day it turns over fine. Same rod, same reel( xtra spool), smae fly, same time, same cast, same everything, the 11WF intermediate outcasts it slightly and turns over what do you guys recommend, new head or new running line. Thanks again in advance for the help.
  2. Stopped in Sunday afternoon to check it out, not alot of inventory in the store yet but he hopes to have the shelves filled soon. Bought a few tying owner and his wife seem very friendly, wish them well, good to have another shop on LI.
  3. Did you by chance use a waterbased color preserver on the wraps first- have had poor results w/water based cp-if so dump it and try Gudebrod 811S cp
  4. Photoflo can be worked bare handed-as long as you wash em before heading to the dinner table... welcome onboard.
  5. Headin over to RM right now-let ya know later...
  6. Yeah, hope all you SOLer's down south managed to ride it out ok...tight lines fellas.
  7. Welcome to SOL a trout that size is to die for around these parts.
  8. Don't worry Dave, I'm all over them fish for ya! Any pics yet...
  9. Dave's right -improper mixing- I know because it happened to me on the first rod I ever built and never again when mixed properly. I mix with the handle of a stainless steel spoon in a shot glass, holding the spoon against the side and turning the glass, folds the two parts together, not stirs, 2-3 minutes, crystal clear, no bubbles.
  10. Wife and kids leavin with the mother in law for Myrtle Beach for 10 days on the 21st. I'll be in Montauk ALL BY MYSELF! Gee I'm gonna miss em...NOT!
  11. Brian, sorry you couldn,t stay longer. About 10 minutes after you left I was getting very frustrated trying to match the small baits in front of us so I went to the box and tied on a 4" snapper imitation. It worked somewhat cast outside the fringes, stayed almost an hour and landed 3 bass, lost a couple more on too quick of a hookset attempt. Small fish but fish just the same. The terns really loved my pattern, out of 40 or 50 casts they plucked it out of the water on half of them. On the walk out saw 2 guys pulling blues from the breakwater so a couple casts there got me 1 nice blue, casts were falling short so packed up and left. Pleasure to meet you, sorry we didn't get the chance to BS a little time.
  12. If ya woulda shown up Saturday coulda helped yourself to a handful...tell ya what, post some pics of the hot babe ya ditched us for and I'll send ya some flies!
  13. Not alot of choice now that Orvis dropped the silver label line of rods. T3 way more than $350, and there are much better rods on the market in the same price as the clearwater series. IMO Trident TLS tip flex 9.5 9 weight. Good luck whichever rod you choose...
  14. Polar Fibre breathes nice in the water, I use it for minnows, rhody chovies, squid patterns...don't be afraid to tie on plenty, if it looks right in the vise it looks a little sparse in the water.
  15. Wasn't getting on Brian TL, trying to wake up Chicky
  16. Yeah, you woulda seen all that bait first hand, maybe even caught a fish or two, if you woulda woke up in time to join us!
  17. Spig, same spot we got skunked last time...this time the spearing were in thick and the fish were on them! Went back Sunday morning and fared even better, still a stiff in the face wind, thank the fish gods they were in tight... my casting into a headwind still leaves much room for improvement!
  18. Back to back Uni will not fail if tied properly. Most probable cause is the braid knot is slipping under the mono knot when snugged together. Double the braid and make 6 turns, snug gently.3 0r 4 turns is sufficient for 50 lb mono, moisten and snug tag end firmly with pliers BEFORE you pull the knots together, the mono will slide down the braid, don't worry. Firmly snug the braid after they touch, but make sure the mono knot is closed tightly before they meet, or the braid slips under the mono. Tied correctly it's never failed me...
  19. Built a project surf rod to try out some ideas, aluminum 24" butt extension, aftco seat in matching color to wraps,couple other little things,it worked out well. Yes the collars are a little large but work like a trigger seat, yes they can get cold, so put on gloves or go home. They are available in 3 different lengths, I used the shortest one, holds everything I have including the short foot on a 6500 mag elite.Also used cork tape grips.It looks really slick and is perfectly functional, I say go for it Billy!
  20. I agree with Fly By Nite, strung hackle makes very nice flies,breathes nicely in the water. My best fish catchers are tied with strung hackle.
  21. Don't forget blue over white Sudsy, for the mullet run...I'll be out there too, if i find ya can I ho a plug.
  22. Bob, guide spacing from the tip back:8 1/2in-18 1/2in-30 1/2in-45 3/4in-63 3/4in. Used to wrap em 50-40-30-25-20-20tip, found the 40HH-30-25-20-16 works better for 2 reasons-the 40HH chokes the line down in 1 guide and shoots it from there, whereas line oscillation with the 50-40 setup didn't disappear until after the 40, so it doesn't shoot until it passes the friction of 2 guides. Saves some weight on the blank also and the wraps are a little shorter,like Steve said longer wraps deaden any blank, keep em short and neat. Could use a SIC or BPLT16 tip if you like, I just prefer the 20. Good wraps...
  23. Shoulda came to the fly fling John, more action our beers were colder too!
  24. Yanked the inserts out of an old Bronco surf bag, it holds 2 large, 2 medium fly boxes, leader wallet, spare spool, extra flashlight and gloves. The tin pouches on the front of the bag carry cigar tubes w/pretied wire bite tippets for the big choppers, and any flies I used get put in the tin pouches to be rinsed before going back in the boxes. Stuffed it still weighs nothing next to a bag full of plugs. I suppose the belt loops on the back could be rigged to carry a rod tube. BM I'll go with you in case the rod tube breaks loose in the surf, what is it they say, finders keepers...
  25. 4oz is alot to ask from the Arra, great rod but a little fragile, I know quite a few guys who have blown them up with less weight. IMO 1321M is the way to go,after testing and rewrapping mine 3 times I really like this layout: BHVLG40HH-BSVLG30-25-20-16-BPLT20 tip