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  1. Avet for the tog rod, Abu for the surf rod, IMO,can't go wrong with either...that said I have 3 Abu's and 0 Avets.
  2. Some more numbers to kick around,IMO... 1201-BPLT 20tip-BSVLG20-25-30-BHVLG40HH spacing from tip-7 3/4-20-33 1/2-53 1/2 1321-BPLT20tip-BSVLG16-20-25-30-BHVLG40HH spacing from tip-8-18-30-44-64 good luck Mike, but I would let that epoxy cure 7-10 days before I fished it
  3. Please put me on the list, I will definetly take it if no one else interested...
  4. That Mag3 is the ugliest thing I've ever seen...if you want to hide it in my garage send it over, that's what friends are for,right!!!
  5. Making room for some new toys, Lamiglas GSB1321M-custom wrapped 11ft spinner-Fuji hardaloys w/large surf top, cork tape grip, wrapped purple over purple w/silver metallic inlays and trim bands, matching diamond butt wrap in purple,black,silver metallic... mint condition $200 firm Lamiglas SB1213M-custom wrapped 10ft conventional-white fiberglass-Fuji BNLG's-Fuji reel seat-cork tape-28in reel seat center-wrapped light/dark blue w/black inlays and trim bands-matching chevron butt wrap-great eel/jetty stick, also throws 6n bait a mile... mint condition $150 obo Fin nor Ahab 16A-some ding and scratches but mechanically perfect-spooled w/300yds 30lb Power Pro.... $100 plus shipping Diawa Emcast 5500- long cast spinner-line capacity 325yds 20lb test-new in box w/spare spool.... $65 plus shipping Ambassadeur 7000C3- maroon sideplates-custom converted by self w/adjustable magnetic spool control-removed clicker assy to do mag conversion but have all parts to return to original condition-w/box and papers- excellent condition... $125 plus shipping Rods are 1 piece so can't ship, will deliver reasonable distance or meet up...thanks [ 05-09-2004, 09:32 AM: Message edited by: surfrat59 ]
  6. Last bump,,,will accept reasonable offers or trades on anything still available, all good stuff in mint condition, hate to see it collecting dust in the garage.
  7. Happen to have a nice 1213M for sale if interested, ck my post in buy-sell-trade...
  8. Built a fully adjustable mag plate for a 7000C3, but removed the clicker assy and used the existing holes in the sideplate for mounting and thumbscrew adjustments, a bit of careful fitting required, but the only way to go IMO. Fixed mags are only good for a specific weight, anything outside of that weight and controlability/casting distance suffer.I have since magged all my conventionals, the only one with fixed mags is a Squidder tuned to throw 8nbait only. Assembly details are lengthy, if you want pm me and I'll try and walk you through it one night.
  9. Looked at the new Quantum Cabo PT60, impressive at first glance, felt solid and smooth, but I don't know about the durability. Had a thin mainshaft and the underside of the drag knob is grease coated to waterproof the drag,ala Nautil style. Anybody catch fish on one yet, some feedback would be great.Really liked the feel of this one. Even so hate to plunk down 200 clams for something made in China!
  10. Demo actually has some interesting new structure that will be good during certain moon phases, but like Brian said, inaccessible at times. There is some great baitholding structure, which I took full advantage of tis week to beach 38 blues in two outings at full high water, was holding so many peanuts the blues were selective about what they would take...had no problem accessing the tip on foot, but there was water gently washing over the access behind me for about an hour after high.I am more concerned we'll lose it to idiots as I witnessed about a dozen or so what looked like "newbies" driving right through the plover nesting area to access the backside of the tip! If that continues we won't have to be concerned about wind direction and moon phase for access anymore. Think somebody called in a complaint as I saw two park police at the backside hassling some newbies, hope they yanked the permits and not just gave em the speech...morons!
  11. S.shore inlet last 2 mornings, last of incoming to slack...bass 0 blues 38 Graves tins and SS poppers in white, 3in peanut bunker beaching themselves en masse to avoid razorlips!
  12. Welcome aboard Tommy...
  13. Shameless bump...1 rod/2reels still available. Willing to trade some for a 6500CS mag, if anybody interested.
  14. Tim, ya never been to Montauk...maybe we could have the fall fling there this year, then ya got no more excuses!
  15. I own both reels. The new C5 has a thumbbar free spool release while the mag elite has a plunger freespool button. The mag elite also has the left side spool tension control while the C5 lacks this control (not a big issue). The biggest issue is the ball bearings in the level wind. The C5 has these but they require meticulous cleaning and care. Salt and sand is easily imported by the level wind into these bearings. They are, however, easy to get at and clean. But they still require regular servicing. If you wish, ehe bell bearing level wind is an easy to make addition to the mag elite. Parts are readily available from Abu and the switch is a snap. Check Gowge's board for lots of posts on these reels and the conversion.
  16. Don't listen to Shaky whine about old age, the guy can still tap dance on a slippery rock 100yds off the beach in any kinda heave...hey Steve, how ya doin buddy! I have favorite spots that have been good to me over the years at different tides/times of year, but inbetween I don,t mind spending time in a new location, even if I spend more time reading it than fishing it.I fish for quality not quantity anymore, to catch really large you need to be in the game as much as possible and in a place thats proper for weather conditions, time, tide,etc. Limited to just your favorite spots your chances go way down, IMO...that said, I'm off to one of my favorie spots right now!
  17. In case anyone need be reminded why we pound the surf at ungodly hours whilst the sane people sleep warmly in their beds...what a fish! Congrats, Brian!!!
  18. Recently rewrapped an old 11ft Lami of mine, was BSVLG 50-40-30-25-20 w/20tip, rewrapped with 40HH-30-25-20-16 still 20tip, rod has a more responsive feel with the lighter guides near the tip, think it casts a tad farther too...some food for thought.
  19. Guide type and size, especially near the tip,as in larger than you really need, does way more to adversely affect the action than a proper underwrap. I think a saltwater rod looks "right" with underwraps, so I use them...A under, D or double wrap A over
  20. Single foots too fragile, IMO. If I were building it for me 40HH,30,25,20 BSVLG,s and BPLT 20 ring tiptop
  21. Flu, yeah, that's what I'm gonna have tomorrow if the fishin is good tonight!
  22. Spigs, 3M rubber splicing tape, local hardware store should have it, home depot for sure...
  23. Up around midnight to go and fish the high turn at a S.shore beach, having a cup of coffee, tryin to wake up, all of a sudden the windows are shakin!...oh well, back to bed, another long day at work without fishing!!!
  24. Ahab 16 is gone, thanks...
  25. Had my first quality outing so far this spring last week, 8 stripers to 18lbs, and the biggest 2 gobbled up a beautiful blurple pikie built by, yeah you guessed it...Thanks Tagger!!!