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  1. Leader or tippet? All my leaders consist of 5ft 50lb clear mono- 2 1/2 ft 40lb clear mono-2 1/2 ft of tippet, tippet normally 16lb fluoro, may drop down to 10lb tippet if Albie fishing. Butt end nail knotted and cemented to fly line, use small loop to loop connection for fast change of tippet. Unless it shows visual damage leader or at least the butt section might stay all season, just tippet changes. Imo nail knot is the only way to attach leader to flyline, turns over much better than a bulky loop connection.
  2. Just remember to put that critter back in the water before you sharpen your pencil and start writin on your shirtsleeve!
  3. If it's for bait only why not a 1363M-2, take maybe 6" from the tip and the rest from the butt. To make it really nostalgic try the new titanium plated wire guides, Donart in Freeport carries em. Check with BC about the guides, he's built a few sticks with them and can tell you if they're worth the effort to build with. Something about a good parabolic glass rod when throwing heavy payloads!
  4. Don't have to bend my arm for a cold one! Count me in!
  5. Alright guys, if Saturdat August 7 is good then it's a go. Post if you think you can attend,so I can have a rough count for BBQ...any and all are welcome. Backside of Demo, figure we meet at the air station about 3:30-4 am. Any questions or suggestions PM your phone number and I'll call. Hope to see many! PS: if anyone would like to showcase their fly tying expertise bring materials for your favorite patterns, welcome to use my tools and vise.
  6. Call John at Terminal Tackle in Kings Park NY, he's a big supplier of hooks, both locally and mail order, great guy to deal with too. 631-269-6005
  7. Always had a little trouble turning over tapered 1pc leaders in the wind, a little soft for me. Any body else like them, and if so which ones do you use. Brian do you have a preference in light pound test fluoro?
  8. Was thinking maybe backside of Demo or the sidewalk jetty, Saturday August 7. we'll have the start of outgoing few hours before dawn, should at least get to tangle with some blues by sunrise. It's last quarter so high water shouldn't limit access. If you can make it post and at the end of the week we'll work out the details...if anybody has suggestions pm me and I'll call you back by phone. thanks guys Bobby
  9. Sucks because you used to be able to park at Ditch at night and walk east or west to fish without getting hassled. Now it's either a hefty fine or some crack lovin surfer breakin in to yer buggy at night just for kicks. I say we paint fins and lateral lines on their wet suits and let the daytime googans and the fly boats have at em!
  10. Having worked in that neighborhood almost 10 yrs and after having patronized the place longer than I should have I believe every "yet to be made official" word that Lang posted, I don't need a DEC announcement to make it official for me. Give the guy a break, he's just trying to give a little heads up so you can spend you're hard earned dough in an establishment that actually cares about us and the future of our cherished sport.
  11. And after you take it back buy some Super Strikes...
  12. I'm with Steel on this one. Too many guys make major purchases at the big mail order houses and then show up at the shop for rigging and advice. I try to make all my purchases from the two tackle shops I use, even if it's a few bucks more than an online purchase. Personal service comes with something of a price, But if Steve bought the reel there the least they should have done is rigged it free of charge.
  13. Just another good reason to keep my 706Z's!!
  14. Being the proud dad of a beautiful 18 yr old girl this puts a knot in my stomach...pray it all works ot ok.
  15. Steve's a yankee fan...gimme my money back bud!
  16. I guess paying for the backing is ok, but paying to rig it, I'd be pissed!
  17. I lean more towards lamb chops Spig!
  18. She's a beauty Dave, God bless!
  19. Hey chicky which reel did ya buy, oh hell, doesn't matter which one, can I borrow it!
  20. Always crush the barbs on all mine, paid off big too a couple weeks ago when a sudden gust of wind perfectly coincided with my backcast and buried a 1/0 clouser in my wrist! Oh it's only a wrist, thank god it didn't nick my rod!
  21. Shoulda thrown some flies at them dolphin John, good eatin!
  22. Unfortunately as is usually the case the fine will not be near enough, but hopefully the loss of customers will set it right!
  23. Correction to my post, the squidder jr spins between 3 and 8 sec, not 13, depending how the mag plate is 6500 mag elites will spin 13 or 14 sec with the mags off, probably why I can't cast em worth a damn, think I should slow them down considerably! Sudsy the adjustable mag setup is home made, didn't come with the accurate frame. Wish I could post some pics, not extremely difficult to build if you saw it but tough to describe. Built the same setup for a 7000C3 and a buddy of mine who fishes conventional alot tried it and said it's the best reel he ever fished, hands down. Gotta look into a digital camera and then how to post pics!
  24. Mike, I believe Fuji specs 46in as the distance to the first guide with lowriders. You might want to PM Oznavad or post it in the rod building forum because he has built a few with lowriders and will be able to confirm.
  25. the squidder I setup for 8n bait has 3 fixed mags, heavy oil,30lb Berkley big game, free spin is 6 seconds. setup a squidder jr in an accurate frame conversion, 4 mag adjustable plate, yellow rocket fuel, 17lb suffix tritanium, free spin is between 3 and 13 seconds, mags fully on to fully off position.