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  1. Hey chicky, didn't see ya, shoulda said hello...couple super strikes, couple gibbs needles, couple tins, like john said no great bargains anymore, oh what the hell, wife woulda ransacked my wallet after I went to bed anyway!
  2. Had my eye on a pair of blue sideplates for a 6500C3CT, but the one and only other bidder was "Big Dave". Wasn't sure if that was you but I didn't want to start a bidding war, besides you saw them first. Hope you enjoy them, and since I didn't bid, I hope it was you and not someone else!!
  3. Spoke with Larry Carlucci at the LIBBA booth in Freeport today, he said they're in the process of contacting the Town of Oyster Bay supervisor to try and work out a resolve, either a limited number, lottery,or a small fee, anything reasonable to appease town residents would be discussed. Lets wish LIBBA good luck on this one guys, would really hate to see it go...
  4. Went Sunday, great show. Ran into some pals, picked up a few goodies, and sat in on some seminars. Ralph Votta did a terrific show on fishing with tins. You could see the passion in his eyes when he speaks, very enlightening, must make it a point to explore his methods this season. Had a long talk with Larry Carlucci at the LIBBA booth, great guy. He says they're in the process of working with the Town of Oyster Bay Supervisor to try and get Tobay back for us, good luck guys! Urge everybody to attend the next meeting as a show of support for those members who do all the legwork, I know I will.
  5. Say it ain't so!!! Is this official or heresay? Tobay-Southampton-Smith Point-a few more and it's all over-looks like we're just gonna sit back and let it happen too...
  6. There's alot of behind the scenes "policy and politics" going on with just about every fishing club or organization that I've ever attended a meeting with. I understand Mike's point, him and a few of his pals really took a hit in Little Neck bay last year and got little if any help from the bigs who claim to work so hard to protect the SURF FISHERMANS rights. Is there any official word from Southhampton on the announcement, and any official word from LIBBA yet? I'm a LIBBA member and I agree in part that some of the directors seem to have there own personal agenda, ( but the rest, including Larry,) work very hard to preserve what rights we have left. I think we should open this up on the LI forum for suggestions and maybe a show of hands as to a general meeting to discuss any options we might have in case the ball gets dropped on this one too! Sort of an informal "Emergency Pint Fling", what do you guys the way Mike, what's the weight of that schoolie you're holding in the pic on page 26 of this weeks Fisherman, nice catch buddy!
  7. BC, not everybody hates ya, probably just the guys that know ya...hey Chicky, any more room in that jeep buddy! Seriously, what's LIBBA gonna do about this, it's not a laughing matter, and a prelude of what's to come.Other towns will be watching what if any amount of opposition this move has, we can't let this go without some sort of fight or we'll be seeing alot more of it soon!
  8. Need some input on my latest project. 10ft St Croix ESS100M, 1pc, rated 1-4oz.For those of you unfamiliar with this blank I would liken it closely to a GSB1201L Lami.Took 4in off the tip and extended the butt 22in, total length 138in. Stress test shows 5 guides in first 30 inches, after that I can layout either 8 or 9 guides total and notice no difference distance wise when test casting. Leaning towards 8 guides, less weight less friction, not sure if it's optimum, will give both layouts, appreciate some input from those familiar with this style rod. Will be used as long range tin/teaser rod from sand beaches with a 6500 mag elite.All measurements in inches from tip.Size 12 tip-BNLG Fuji's-reel center to butt 32in. 8 guide-12-12-12-12-16-16-20-25 4in-9in-15in-22in-30in-41in-55in-72in 9 guide-12-12-12-12-16-16-16-20-25 4in-9in-15in-22in-30in-39in-49in-60in-72in In both layouts the reel centerline to butt is 32in and reel centerline to stripper is 34in. Any advice or input before I wrap would be appreciated. Half time's over-enough about fishing rods-LETS GO PATRIOTS!
  9. Allstar 1209 is a beefy blank to build as a spinner ,is it for plugging or bait? If it's for bait and casting distance is not an issue I would use 6 guides to eliminate sharp line angles and take stress off the blank. All regular height BSVLG's,50-40-30-25-20-16- 16 BPLT tip. Might sound like alot but the weight's already there in that blank, the weight of the extra guides won't be noticed. If you want a 10 footer to plug with Allstar has much better choices than a 1209, IMO.
  10. 1081L, or better choice for your intended use a Rainshadow 1087...
  11. Not cost effective Steve, good used 7000C3's are plentiful and not expensive...unless you're throwing alot of tins I would leave it at 4:1, the higher ratio is too fast for swimming plugs and you lose quite a bit of cranking power on a big fish. Get a 6500 series to compliment what you already have.
  12. NEVER bend the lip on a good metal lip swimmer!Bend the eye of the plug up to swim deeper, down to swim shallower...the EYE, not the LIP!
  13. At 6'3" and 250+lbs the only back seat I ever remember fitting in was a 59 caddy convertible WITH the top down, and even that was cramped! (but if you could see the young lady cramped in there with me you wouldn't complain either!)
  14. Thanks for the input guys, greatly appreciated. In a previous post by Zimmy, Salt and Big Dave made mention of a BSVLG30 as a stripper to push it further out and reduce total number of guides...this rod is being built primarily for distance so I think I'll tape it up and test cast it like they say, any last recommendations, and again, thanks. Maybe BSVLG30-BNLG20-16-12-12-12-12 with 12tip
  15. Had a good time at the fall fling this year even though I only caught the first half of it, kickin around the idea of attending the food fling, like to meet some of the Jersey guys.Wouldn't mind carpooling, enough guys and we get our own caravan going for the trek south.Spigola, keep tabs on how many guys and PM me, I'm interested.
  16. Simple solution is to fish more at night,don't know how it is down there in Jersey but on Long Island I would guess the day to night ratio of googans is approximately 15:1,and as an added bonus rumor has it big stripers feed more at night too!Please don't mention increased fees, limited access, or lotteries as a solution, access is already on a steady decline and fees are high enough now! Basically I'm with Diamondwrapper on this one, sorry, but if it's too crowded for you then YOU stay home!
  17. Gad, you think I should drop it down to all 12's right after the first 16, interesting, have to tape it up and about the number 8 or 9?
  18. Hey Chicky did you get over there and get one? I got the $99 conventional, what a steal! I'll take an ESS100M anyday over anything Lami has in a 10 footer...
  19. good point Steve, forgot to mention it, aerosol brake cleaner is a definite no-no in the basement anywheres near the boiler or hot water heater!
  20. Abec 7's are a little tighter and less receptive to tuning, not always faster either...if you check with Tres Irby you'll see he gets more for a hand picked set of stock bearings than for the 7's.
  21. lighter fluid or a good alcohol based automotive aerosol brake cleaner...either does a good job.
  22. Not to get off the subject but anybody try the "casting cannon" from Breakaway for spinning rods, works like a charm, only hassle is when taped in position it gets in the way if you want to cast lighter plugs without it..put it on my 1321M for the heavy stuff, like it alot.Never saw a difference with fluoro leader so I'm back to 40lb clear Maxima for surf, drop to 20lb calm water.
  23. Lee Valley has the magnets you want, chrome plated to resist rusting and much higher quality (more powerful) than RS cheapies.Piggyback 3 of them in place, this will help until you smooth out the swing. The best mono for conventional is the co-polymer Suffix Tritanium Plus IMHO, 14 or 17lb slightly underspooled by 3/16 inch.The best way to pick out backlash, tighten drag, thumb the spool hard and crank 2-3 turns,pick out as much as you can and repeat the process until you're done. By cranking against hard thumb pressure you push the tension off the snag, never had a birdsnest I couldn't pick loose, and I've had some monsters! Be patient and good luck...
  24. Think the knock on the factory rods as far as breakage was from production wrapping technique. Rewrapped a 10ft elite spinner to custom fit it to myself and upgrade to hardaloy's and found poor guide foot prep on the factory Pac Bay's, lot of sharp edges on the feet and no underwraps probably contributed heavily to reports of suspect durability...that being said I find the blanks themselves to be outstanding, and mine has high sticked some teen size blues without a problem. Hey Rob, better to buy the one advertised for $99 and rewrap it, but you better get there before me!
  25. Thanks grandpa, guess it be best to leave the surfmaster as is, maybe just mag it, the thing has a good spool spin on the bushings anyway...guy once told me best way to lube bushings is to drop in pan of oil, heat on stove until oil smokes, remove, cool, reassemble...any truth to that or is my wife gonna yell at me for nothing when she see's atf cookin in her good saucepot!