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  1. 7500C3CT magged...or the old Squidder, magged also
  2. Hey BC, if I get a copy of that print will ya autograph it for me...
  3. Food and cold beer...somebody will have to twist my arm a little!
  4. Looking for a 7200C3CT or 7500C3CT, standard gearing, not the high speed, used, any color sideplates. Buy or trade, anybody want to part with one
  5. Don't think either is a good choice...maybe the sw1209 for small sinker and chunk but the 1321M is NOT able to throw 8Nbait. If you like Lami then a 1361MH or 1364M glass are good heavers...look at the Breakaways also, 1508 0r 1509, the 1508 loads easier but the 1509 out guns them all once you master it. Check with BC about the SU1209...he likes it alot, might fit all your needs
  6. The metal lips were flyin out of my bag this weekend with a stiff northerly at my back and the flat surf it produces...nothing like seeing a big striper come up and slam your offering
  7. Had a hard time understanding the results clearly, maybe when you have time you can break down # of guides/sizes for the rod layouts Billy.Are the distances posted the average of a number of casts or the best cast from each man. One thing was clearly obvious which I've known from personal experience for a long time, the myth of braid being so superior to mono in casting distance was blown right out of the water.
  8. Hope I cross path's with a buck like that early next Monday morning...then I can spend the rest of my week off fishing
  9. It only feels cold when you're not catching... which I wasn't
  10. Bring me beer and food and all your broken reels...I'll make short work of all of them
  11. Casting directly into that north wind yesterday I don't think it mattered Modern design spinning reels with worm gear oscillation and long, shallow, tapered spools do cast better because of the criss-cross line lay-Penn and Van Staal with short, deep spools and direct drive oscillation can cause the line to dig into itself on the spool and cause friction when uncoiling-by todays standards both are considered by some to be poor casters-but IMO both are more rugged and better fish fighters than their modern day counterparts- pick which is more important to you and make your choice accordingly
  12. I don't know about that Shaky dude...he can be bought easily with prime beef and whiskey Gonna be in M thanksgiving weekend, I'll bring the wild turkey in case I have to mug ya Steve
  13. Terminal Tackle on the N shore and Freddies on the southside
  14. I also have a spare 1321L that I thought about cutting the same way, for something in between an M and an L... BC, Oz, anybody made one up like this, am also very interested in the results, although I'm gonna experiment and cut mine anyway
  15. I would have to say it isn't so much the braid as it is fisherman error. Hooksets and fish runs can feel violent with braided line and many probably have not adjusted hook setting and fish fighting techniques to compensate for the lack of stretch in their line. I can see high modulus rapid taper rods giving in to braided line,there is little room for error when pairing braid to such rods. Also hear more stories about straightened hooks on small fish than I've ever heard before, again IMO a combination of braid and operator error.
  16. The 4inch ones are much better when the blues are around,they usually swallow em whole rather than chop the tails off like the bigger ones, just remember to use 40 or 50 lb leader and check it after each fish
  17. For strictly throwing big poppers the 1321M is my favorite, but ya might want to wiggle a 1321L also before deciding, IMO more of a do all rod than the 1321M. Has a quicker taper so it handles smaller stuff much better and still tosses big plugs very well. I reach for the M when fishing heavy structure or throwing 3-4oz into a stiff headwind, otherwise the L sees much more use. Lami specs say it's only 1/4 ounce lighter than the M but it feels much lighter than that.
  18. Taipan's right Dave, about 3/4 out is a breech to the pool, not real deep but wide enough to cause trouble, it was still there last night and will probably be so til the next big blow...don't get too close to the waterline either, some steep drops if you're not paying attention
  19. Could ya be a little more should one park in the east or west end of the lot, or maybe the middle, so as guys don't have to be inconvenienced and walk too far to find fish Ah hell,guess I shouldn't complain, if all the googs run to 5 then they can't mug me
  20. If the guides were done with color preserver its a good chance the clicking is the guide foot where it exits the epoxy, if the leg wasn't cleaned thoroughly the epoxy doesn't really bond to it and it will click sometimes when the blank is long as the wrap isn't fogging from water getting in it's no big deal because the thread secures the guide to the blank, not the epoxy, it's only purpose is to protect the thread
  21. Full moon didn't help any but I put in plenty of time the past 3 days,S shore sand beaches, no signs of bait of any kind but kept moving and beached good number of stripers, unfortunately no quality size fish but good numbers.That sustained NE may have taken alot of bait and fish offshore with it...have to see what comes through from up North in the next few weeks. alot will depend on the weather. On the plus side the water cleaned up nicely by Sunday morning. Keep on pluggin, good bad or otherwise it beats raking leaves and putting up Xmas decorations
  22. Hi/Lo casts alot nicer with less chance of tossing your bait on the cast. I modify mine to use only one dropper loop on the high end, about a foot from the running line swivel, 5ft total length...seems to lessen the number of skates that find the bait. 8/0 circle hook, reel in gear, and hang on
  23. Figured about 4 dozen burgers and rolls and some nice sausage if the butcher has any ready saturday morning...we got any grills yet?
  24. I'm in, will bring plenty of burgers and sausages, some beverage too...don't have a portable grill though, last year we were short on grills, so anybody got one, bring it along
  25. Try some of that 30lb Stealth Tim has...awesome stuff and I've never been a braid fan