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  1. Looks like somebody left it on the bbq rotissiere for about 3yrs to get the full coverage fade look. Not a scratch on it either, probably never been fished. Dare I say it could be worth more than a Gold one to the serious reel collecting officianados...?
  2. What sane American could lower themselves to watch. lies, lies, more lies. The economy is fine, there isn't and never was a border crisis under my watch, no truth that Penn Delaware has all the proof that my son and I sold out the country, it wasn't a spy balloon and suddenly we found out Trump allowed three of the same flyovers....and yes police reform should take precedence over bail reform.
  3. Leave this up few more days...Loop quality is outstanding.
  4. Loop Optistream 8wt, excellent used condition. I trimmed this back to 9ft form 9'6" original length for saltwater duty, REC tip top installed. Loop sock, no tube $115 shipped
  5. I'll get some pics of the spool and open a new thread reel for sale...
  6. Bauer M5 frame and drag spool. Bought this years ago just for the spare spool, have a beat up frame and spools that are indestructible so this collects dust, maybe someone wants it. Looks like it was never fished $110 shipped
  7. Last shot ....$40
  8. Sony Cybershot compact...3X Zeiss lens, works perfectly. Includes 2 memory cards and LowePro belt case. Inexpensive knock around for beach or the little kids. $60 shipped
  9. 3 of the very early LH 250's and never noticed any color fade...maybe the salt protected them because I never rinsed em on a regular basis
  10. One time price drop or it stays....$225 whole reel or $100 frame and drag knob.
  11. One time price drop...$225. Just sold the reel I planned to pair this with so it needs a good home.
  12. Redington Predator 6wt 4pc....this model has full wells grip and saltwater fighting butt. New never fished in factory tube $250 insured shipping included
  13. Sold...enjoy it.
  14. Nautilus XL Max-new never fished w/new Cortland 30lb Micron backing...flyline not included $325 shipped
  15. coming.
  16. Before braid came on the scene pink Ande was the gold standard for surf use...
  17. $300 shipped best I can do....these are $449 anywhere you look
  18. Assuming you're shore bound I'd use a good 25 or 30lb mono, memory is not an issue on a revolver and 30lb doesn't stretch easily. 7000 with 2 brake blocks and a mono mag are very tame and reliable, even if you get sloppy and throw a good nest it's quick and easy to pick out with heavier mono. Don't be so quick to remove the levelwind either, fishing not tournament casting the distance loss is realistically negligible, and the convenience of not having to worry about properly leveling line while playing a good fish is a real convenience. If you really want to play long cast tune up a 6500 with ceramics or Abec 7's, a mono mag and some good 12 or 16lb mono with a wind on hollow core leader as Surf bomber described...and have fun !
  19. Whole squid lobbed from a sand beach have caught many cow bass over the years. I like to throw squid flies, with a 10wt or on a dropper loop in front of whatever plug or tin needed to deliver it where I want it.
  20. Must be true, the left always tells the truth...times three in this case I guess !
  21. A comparison chart that might be of interest...
  22. Always nice regardless of fishing style or rod type when you find that magical pairing of rod and line. Must be a very smooth and efficient setup, because the only time I've seen you excited was when hooked up to a good striper or battling to stay on your feet and deliver a good cast in a waist deep rough surf...good for you. I have no knowledge of spey casting, what type of fish or conditions warrant a 15ft 10wt and that many grains ?
  23. Yes...8/9. Was an impulse buy that I just never found myself using, hence the sale. Has approx 150yds of new 30lb Cortland Micron backing, that fit a full 8wt floater... capacity could be higher if you needed with gel spun
  24. Many conventionals came with a levelwind, still many do today. Many years ago when I used to fish bait I would throw either a magged Squidder or an Abu 7000 C3 with a levelwind. Might lose a few yards distance in a fishing scenario but the convenience of the levelwind in the dark while trying to land a good fish outweighed any negatives...for me anyway. I consider a baitcaster to be a small conventional with levelwind made for repetitive plug casting. A 6500 Abu I'd call it a conventional not a baitcaster.
  25. A proper rod for the canal should be a bit stronger than a standard beach plugging rod, no real one rod that covers the range without compromise somewhere. Pass on the Gosa and with the $$$ buy a BG and 2 rods.