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  1. And that's the key, good companies will invest in the QC and we all benefit...still don't like it but that's where it is for the foreseeable future.
  2. I only pickle cucumbers and jalapeno's....pork rind wouldn't fly with the Mrs
  3. Traction would be an understatement if I tried slinging that thru a full tide anymore for me too...! Where's Oz !
  4. Yeah that's no 705 ! They fished great conventional too, Squidder with 20lb Ande and a 30ft wind on leader of 60lb Ande. That's the only pics I could dig up from 30yrs ago...very versatile blank when they were introduced. Haven't heard from Ditch in along time....all I need now is Oznavad. Showing my age here eh...
  5. Thanks for the heads up Killie, just went to the big auction site and spent a load of the kids inheritance on a bunch of discontinued Airflo's...!
  6. I would also, but no denying the can build a solid product if QC is priority for the distributor. Hardy, Redington, TFO...many well respected fly rods come from Korean factories with good quality control, reliable with loyal followings. I'm too old to buy into this global economy easily but there's no denying it exists !
  7. Never really a big fan of Wulff, not knocking but the TT just didn't fit for me. The original Airflo 40 Plus Snipers however I'm a huge fan of...down to my last one in an 8wt. Hopefully the new owners will resurrect the old Snipers, and the Beach lines...we can only hope.
  8. 1165/1363M were the gold standard in surf rods before graphite, that and a 705Z with 20lb pink Ande caught more big bass than I can remember. IU wouldn't go crazy rewrapping either....maybe change out the mildrum strippers for some old hardaloy Fuji's and just enjoy it. Nothing looked better than a honey Lami...
  9. Looks to me like the extractor tore the case head off a stuck round and the bolt cycled and tried to feed the next...what brand ammo ?
  10. I'd go $250 reel/line if interested....
  11. Nice score !
  12. NY was the same...good crop job with the scissors met they're ''required size''
  13. Still interested in the bucktail pouch $60...I'm in Smithtown, pickup any time.
  14. As soon as the wife decides N or S Carolina we're gone...
  15. To buy or sell, you and the buyer would both need a valid semiauto rifle license from NY state. It's basically registration and a delay to deter impulse buyers, plus a chance to carefully look at any mental health issues or social media "posed threats"... we'll see how much of a burden it is next month. I don't personally know of any campground in NY where hunting or shooting is permitted. Hunting is only in season and on state approved land if not private property. No target shooting is permitted on state land, that includes hunting season...private property or shooting range.