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  1. All metal mags, all function perfectly. 3 OEM 4 rounders...1 aftermarket 5rd...3 aftermarket 10rd. Caliber compatible 270...280...25-06...30-06...35 Whelen $150 shipped for all, not splitting.
  2. I have a 930SPX tactical that I upgraded to the nitride coated 940 gas system parts, a direct fit...$90 and you can buy the parts direct from OR3 Gun, the company that makes it for Mossberg. There's some great buys now on 930 w/2 barrel combo...you can have a 28inch vent rib barrel for clays/bird, and a 22inch for turkey...all for less than a 940 JM.
  3. If breaking up the pair $200 for the rod...best I can offer.
  4. One more day and wrapped up in storage...if you can really cast a revolver this is a controllable monster.
  5. Super deal, not for me I'm in NY and a lefty...somebody score this !
  6. Closing this offer up in a few days...last chance to score.
  7. Last call, separate or as a pair...best beach striper combo I've ever fished bar none...
  8. Gotcha. The 1 piece rod makes it strictly a local sale. Welcome to come by and lawn cast it anytime, if it's to your liking a deposit will hold it safe until play funds come around !
  9. Appreciate the offer but I'm thinning the herd...way too many rods, reels, plugs and flies already
  10. Will spit these if interested....$250 each and a free fly line include with either, found the heavy rod sock that Loomis supplied with the rod.
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