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  1. John was my go to for 25yrs for hooks, rod building supplies and rod blanks. 5 minutes from the house. RIP John. Suffolk Sportsman on Main st in Smithtown is more of a gun shop than tackle store, but Al the owner is a very accommodating guy, stop in and say hello if youre in the area.
  2. Top 5 all time...white, white, white, white, then white, in that order.
  3. spool overrun...pull slower or tighten drag a bit when stripping line
  4. Properly fitted cork stays in place. Redo the grip if it spun any makeshift repair and it will happen again at an inopportune time.
  5. The CC Pro 1 10wt is my go to beach rod for most situations I encounter. I throw a 425gr long intermediate and a 450gr sinker. Rod handles both very well and has the backbone to put some heat on big blues and albies. Medium fast tip easy to cast in a variety of different conditions.The grip is different but nothing some grip tape couldnt remedy easily if you dont like the shape. Transport not an issue for me so both my beach rods are 1 pc, like em alot.
  6. Couldnt agree with you more Mike, my SH of choice the past season and a half is a home built 8 footer slinging 550-600 grain heads. Can fish it all day if the bite is on. Everyone needs to test there own personal limits, probably be amazed how much more they can do as opposed to what the internet "says" they can do. Hope the Cape is good to you this year, miss you in Montauk... Bobby
  7. 775 is reaching for the stars...respectfully offer 400...
  8. RedGreen, thanks for the detailed reply. I did watch the video, looks interesting. As most of the rods I build are 1 piece durability is paramount for me...not easy to redo a damaged grip with 9 guides and a tiptop in front of it and an expensive reel seat behind it! Gonna order some and makeup on mandrels I turn out of aluminum to get a good feel for the product. Thanks and enjoy the rod once again...Boby
  9. Very nice first build. Thinking outside the box can bring good results. I too have been experimenting with non fly blanks for heavy SHer's, with some good results. Very intrigued with the syncork, good cork is hard to find anymore and with time and heavy use doesnt look good anyway. Is it firm enough to get a good input from the blank when is it to work with compared to conventional cork rings? Enjoy the new rod!
  10. RIP Gunny...
  11. Rtic is the clone Yeti tried to sue for patent infringement, same cooler, less than 1/2 the three Rtic's and theyre fantastic....F--- Yeti!
  12. Probably has more to do with current flyline ratings/vs AFTMA standards...match the rod to the line grain weight it can cast and it correlates to old school standards...
  13. Late to the thread but heres my take. Did you go to shooting heads for the "magical" distance increase in casting?...aint gonna happen! Proper length/weight heads give you single spool versatility but rarely extra distance. If you're a good caster and matched the heads to the grain weight you're rod handles then heads rattling thru the guides when casting should be a non issue, heads should be roll cast outside the guides and sent on their way. I have one rod set up for heads and it works splendidly in its intended environment,. does take some time to dial it in just right though. Stay away from so called "running lines" for distance, the tangling issues more than offset the few extra feet of casting distance in real fishing scenarios.Use the back end of your favorite flyline for running line, the one that always tangled the least...never look back, enjoy!
  14. Always loved the 8wt, still have and fish it...
  15. Most of my albie fishing is from a rocky vantage point above the waterline, a shorter 10wt works well.