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  1. Nice...I have an early 1201FP, factory pistol grip and ghost rings. Never tried an optic on it, super reliable but they do kick hard. Tried a cheap red dot on my Anaconda once, lasted thru most of the first cylinder!
  2. Sounds good Dave...I'll pm ya
  3. If I could choose my "personal best with a flyrod" here on Long Island it would be a high teen bluefish over a 50lb bass anyday!
  4. Beast fly pretty wind resistant and pop lips are pretty heavy. I think it's more fly line taper than leader. What wt and style of fly line are you using. Heavy flies I use a 10wt with either a Rio OBS intermediate or a SA Titan floater. Either one my leader is as follows..3ft 50lb mono, 2 ft 40lb mono, 1ft 30lb mono with a small spro swivel attached. Tippet for heavy flies at night would be maybe 2ft of 40lb mono, loop knot to fly. You want the leader to mimmick the weight and taper of the front end of your flyline to carry good turnover.
  5. Doesn't get much sweeter for a saltwater fly angler....nice!
  6. Do we ever really need another rod Dave...!
  7. Not to crash the thread but if it's the 380gn @30ft I'd take it for asking since Dom isn't interested....
  8. Bumping this up for a price change and a few better pics...$100
  9. Looks good. Hopefully by the end of the trip it's a jumbled mess from all the action! Enjoy, keep us posted with results...
  10. I remember when he looked that I haven't seen him in a long time
  11. All look good, 3rd from top look like the one's I tie...
  12. If someone was familiar with the GL3 series and liked the action, they were good rods in their day, had a 10wt and liked it... i'd say 100-150 bucks
  13. Let's drop to $110....somebody needs a good backup or boat rod.
  14. Timing is everything I guess. Need a drag cover o ring for a V80...3 emails in 3 weeks no response. Try again today!
  15. Add 1/2 dozen flatwings and 1/2 dozen squids and that could be my go to also...