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    Husband and devoted father.
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    Sweetwater stipers and lowcountry redfish are my targets.
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    Park Manager @ Dreher Island State Park.

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  1. Make a offer and I'll be glad to sell em
  2. Thanks for heads up
  3. Thanks! Freshwater Southeastern fisherman: Canal rigging 2 split rings and swivel or cut hook with swivel/split ring?
  4. Gifted 3 155 FL Stick Shadds. Don't care for floaters, but wasn't saying no. Anyone weight these things like bombers and other plugs? Thanks
  5. Looking for a Litespeed 3.5 old school Bead Blast if any floating around and reasonable. Have a spool looking for the reel. Thanks
  6. Vice in flytying fold out box that my dad bought in a auction in SC. Price Vice made in La Pine, Oregon. Found a little info, but curious of anyone has anymore? Cool machined somewhat rotary vice.
  7. Duh...probably would have helped. I'm on Lake Murray, SC and typically fish for LM and stripers. The rod is a 4 piece 8 weight. Thanks
  8. Intermediate line for 7'6" TiCrX rod. Dock light stripers and bass. Any recommendations?
  9. What's the action like? Moderate or faster?
  10. I've gone another route...something kinda fell in my lap. Thanks for the response and I may check back to add another to the quiver for winter stripers down here.
  11. Is this still available?
  12. Do you folks upline the Cortland Clear Camo lines? TiCrx and Boron II MX 8 weights. The newer Compact Int reviews? Lake stripers in Southeast Thanks
  13. Looking for a Scott S3S "Leadcore Special" 9 weight fly rod. Anyone on West Coast(guessing distributed) have one collecting dust? Thanks
  14. So this is is the Airflo Sniper WF10I