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  1. 22' eel P.B. 42 lbs. Wish i could get bigger eels in august
  2. yes there are many,we should pay tribute.from the most recent ,poor poor dingy to one of the very first ,remember my fellow tavernites ol"city.
  3. personally i cant wait for the games to begin.
  4. ha,you know who yous are! effin office clowns
  5. im warm and fuzzy cuz all the office clowns are here tonite
  6. let me ask yous one thing;when this thing is over where will we be
  7. i will buy the entire inventory and the patent for these wonderful things where do i get the contacts name, come on tavernites this is worthy i promise you
  8. its sad to say but with the new government it may not be so smart to post pics or even mention hardware anymore.just a thought call me paranoid if you want.
  9. the smell would help.pooks like tulip poplar,locust has a yellow tint a a strong smell,by the pic it could be a few of the woods mentioned.ive been in the tree business for 35 years and have removed,trimmed ,sprayed and fertilized many thousands of trees.another that sinks is atlanthius,or some call sumac or city trees,nasty stuff really.mokes im gonna try some sycamore for a sinking needle fish plug,thanks for the idea.
  10. jesus i thought you were gonna tell us how the testerone was working ! congrats on the refi .
  11. ah sterno,brings back fond memories of time spent under many a bridge,the sound of a distant train whistle,the smell of a campfire
  12. thats good news.youll have that,them protracted breaks i mean
  13. there simply aint an irish broad alive or dead that could hold a candle to one of #10's bevy of hot,i mean smokin hot latino broads in his folder!
  14. what the heck ever happened to ol'speed anyways?not a farm accident i hope,specially in penn you herd about the country docs down there
  15. wow lotts a wires and stuff.look at all them guages and buttons how do you know the one to push?what if you spill your sody?that would suck prolly pretty bad id bet.man you must be one smart fella workin with all that cool lookin stuff