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  1. Thread closed. Will be back up for sale end of July
  2. Ive replaced the tip before. It is a few inches short
  3. 1 and only bump....still for sale until 10am thurs when i leave for JFK
  4. no. I live in florida. Just visiting long island thru wednesday. Then it will go back into storage
  5. Sure, need a few minutes. Stand by
  6. Used Lamiglas Ron Aarra XSRA 1204 10' Its got some marks. Been fished a lot and needs a new tip guide. Great rod $120 picked up in Holtsville
  7. Sold to Moo PM SENT thread closex
  8. Moo, i bought the reel from the original owner in rhode island several years back. I sent it in to VS right after for servicing and havnt used it much at all since. And yes, ill take 475 shipped. Ill wait for your reply Thanks
  9. VS 200 Excellent mechanical and cosmetic condition. Just a couple of very minor dings Box and bag included $500 shipped
  10. No to ebay Thread closed Thank you all just the same