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  1. I doubt I could hit a chipmunk but will probably give it a try. The five gallon bucket or traps are a good option. Thanks to all for your advice. I picked up tomato and pepper plants today.
  2. Last year on the Cape chipmunks got most of my tomatoes, peppers and blueberries. They crawled up over and through the fence and other barriers I used. Any ideas on how to get rid of them?
  3. Definitely a Slam. A timely and time intensive accomplishment in an underappreciated Massachusetts river system.
  4. I can think of only two maybe three fisherman who have caught 40" Stripers and Snook from the beach on a fly rod...kudos.
  5. I haven't used a Gurgler yet but will do so. Attached is a picture of the fly I use most often. It is a sort of Schminow, Lightbulb or J Lo type. The tan colored fly has caught a few Snook and originally had plastic eyes.
  6. This is the time of year when Snook fishing from the beach should be pretty good here in the Naples and Bonita area. The water temperature is 80 degrees. Unfortunately the Covid 19 situation has closed off most beach access. As a result I am fly fishing from a kayak. In the backwaters where I am fishing water depth can be a few feet or even a few inches. The water is mostly cloudy but sometimes quite clear. The preferred location for Snook is up under a canopy of mangroves. Snook are spooky. When you see the Snook they invariably back further into the mangrove or head to deeper water. Getting off a quick accurate cast from a kayak and under a mangrove overhang is a challenge. More than once my fly has ended hung up in the mangroves. Yesterday I saw the tailfin of a Snook in the mangroves deep within a maze of roots. It appeared to have only an inch or two to maneuver. I still haven’t coaxed one out of the mangroves. The Snook I’ve caught have been when while trolling or wading a sandbar or oyster bed. I caught four one day at a miniscule feeder outlet from a bay that leads into the Cocohatchee River. Stay safe.
  7. Picking up small snook in some Naples backwaters. Bigger ones are spooky as usual.
  8. The snook cruising the beach must be seeing little pressure from fisherman. Beach front owners might be the only people with access.
  9. Agreed. Social contact appears to be the most likely source of the virus spread.
  10. Can't recall what TV station reported it but Boat Ramps are supposed to open. Yesterday the ramp at Wiggins Pass was open.
  11. The beaches here in Naples have been shut down. As a result I can't go for my sunset fishing/walk. The beach I fish does not have a lot of people so I felt fairly safe. Stay safe.
  12. Late April should find Snook off the beach in the first trough. They do however usually see you and that makes the catching a challenge.
  13. Could our seals on Cape Cod be used for feed pellets?
  14. The 2019 season started for me in the Naples/Bonita beach area of Florida. I caught few fish, the best being some small Pompano. I hardly saw any Snook in the surf…. a big disappointment. The area has been hit hard by the Red Tide. Fly fishing for Striped Bass from shore on the Upper and Mid Cape (Cape Cod) started in May. Results were consistently good for 20+ inch Stripers. A 20+ inch bass on an 8 weight will usually put up a pretty good fight. I caught four small legal Bass, one got me deep into my backing. I usually fish for a couple of hours around sunset. I found fish in the usual places but different spots had some good results. Keeping on the move and picking spots based on tides and wind direction always keeps things interesting. I tried for a December Striper and got nothing but a long walk. The following pictures include: a Keepah, a brown trout caught in an estuary and a Northern King fish also caught it in an estuary.
  15. Fly fishing off the beaches of Sandwich I have seen some big breaks off shore out by Scorton Ledge. I have been thinking they might be tuna. I was also told Mola Mola will jump and cause a big splash. Last week I saw porpoising fish that looked like striped dolphin. Is a striped dolphin the same as the "two tone"  mentioned in your posts?




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      Looks like the animal a group of us could see.

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      this was last weekend.  they were pretty “active”.  when we were further away they were completely airing out and tail “schwooshinh” on purpose (for a splash effect).  nice to see the big schools around more and more.