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  1. Well earned nick name. Hickory Shad do like to leap. When short hits start I always suspect Shad are in the mix.
  2. Walking and fly fishing is what I do now. In the future i expect to do a lot more walking. I am hopeful Chesapeake Bay will be cleaned up and future YOY indexes will improve.
  3. Great read. This winter I plan on reading about Striper fishing the Cape in the 50s and 60s. Please keep posting your memories.
  4. Green fish…exhausted fish. I’m looking for the middle ground. The hook with the crushed barb comes out easier if the fish is calmer. I can’t recall releasing a fish that was so exhausted from the fight that it couldn’t swim away. I have been fly fishing schoolie striped bass for many years here on Cape Cod. Hero photo ops, dragging fish over jetties/rocks and lousy hook removal have killed way more fish than I have. Check your avatars….sigh.
  5. Additional thoughts. Letting a fish run shouldn’t be a problem in playing a fish and yes I like to a palm the reel. Green fish can be a problem when removing the hook. Twists in hooksets involving bone, skin and cartilage are clearly a problem if the fish is still thrashing. A suitably tired fish is calmer and more readily accepts the work involved with removing a hook. Ready to swim away. You just have to know when a fish is ready and not be overly anxious about the next fish…newbie behavior or maybe a guide who wants to pump numbers. Please don’t tell me 99% of your hooksets are in the corner of the fish's jaw.
  6. Over the last couple of evenings I have seen my backing twice. That’s a good thing. Both evenings I have been fishing a beach on upper Cape Cod. The first evening I got a solid hit and the fish was off. I tightened the drag on my Danielson reel and let the fish go. The fly line left my basket and backing started to disappear at a steady rate. Got to see enough backing to realize I had a pretty good fish. The first run was powerful additional runs were shorter and indicated the fish was getting tired but still feisty. Beaching the Striper worked. A quick measure and a double check had the fish at over 28 inches. The fly with the crushed barb popped out with a little back pressure. My biggest striper this year. The next evening not surprisingly found me at the same spot at about the same time. As a righty the Southeast wind made casting difficult so I stuck to back casting that cut down distance. The water was rough but not white cap rough. I noticed some swirls and they were within casting distance. I got my black fly into the general area, got the hit and saw the silver flash as the fish turned. Fly line disappeared at a steady pace, tightened drag, backing started to show. Tightened drag again and the fish didn’t slow. Loosened the drag a bit hoping a long run would tire the fish out…didn’t work. The fish was not slowing and my backing was running out. I tightened the drag again and the line went limp. Got the fly back intact. I know where I will be this evening. Maybe a bigger reel with more backing, an aggressive hook set and a hook with a barb that hasn’t been crushed.
  7. X 3 for George Roberts. Although not specific to bait fish Ray Bondorew's book Stripers and Streamers has flies specific to bait and lots of tactics type information.
  8. This time of year is generally slow for me fishing beaches and estuaries on the upper Cape. Lots of birds and breaks two evenings ago but too far out to reach. Last evening bait but only a few birds. I probably should fish at night but just don't enjoy it.
  9. 2021 has been a good year for tomatoes and blueberries. This is the first year I have gotten more blueberries than the birds. I also found what I think is a beach plum bush in the yard. Can anyone help in identifying the plant and fruit?
  10. The plastic gutter guards i got from home depot worked for awhile. I didn't have to clean gutters multiple times a year as I did before the gutter guards. They worked for about 5 years before becoming brittle and less effective.
  11. What years had the most fish? My parents moved to Harwich in 1975. I caught a lot of bluefish then off jetties but i can't recall anyone catching a Striper.
  12. August is usually a slow time for me and catching. As a shore fly fisherman who most often fishes sunset this year is not particularly different. I know a switch to nighttime would probably produce better results but I just don’t enjoy it – tangled leaders and old eyes make for more frustration than enjoyment. Over the last couple of evenings I fished a beach and an estuary on the upper Cape for a couple of hours. Results were three sub 20 inch fish. The one highlight of the trips was the amount of bait in the water. Lots of schools of small baitfish maybe two or three inches long. Some of the bait appeared to be sand eels others may have been small herring or peanut bunker. The bait however was rarely bothered, just cruising. A friend calls bait like this “Happy Bait” no predators about so no breaks, swirls or even “footprints”. May be later at night the action starts or more likely the Bass and Blues just aren’t around.
  13. Driven by the Sandwich location a number of times. Parking, crowds and long lines did not appear to be a problem, more the opposite.
  14. You may want to remember the number of times you didn't get ticketed and factor that into the cost of fishing in Dennis.
  15. Yesterday I fly fished a beach and estuary for about two hours at sunset. The tide was dropping and I hoped to start fishing a small channel along the beach. The channel however seemed to have only minimal current. I side stepped along the beach and made my way into the estuary. Current picked up but the bass did not appear and I didn’t see much bait. Switching sand eel patterns from beige to chartreuse didn’t help. As I worked my way out of the estuary I discovered the area where I expected the beach channel to form had been blocked by a newly enlarged sandbar. With the dropping tide the sandbar got me to an area with a focused, faster out flow from the estuary and waves. Got my fly in the current expecting the hit that never came. As day light waned I switched to a black fly and worked my way back to the beach. I did notice a few small bait fish, maybe small herring and a couple of diving ducks and two seals. Got a hit and a small bass. Five minutes later another small bass that popped off as I grabbed the leader, my favorite release for these fish. Results were in line with what I and a group of friends have been having this year. The year started with some good 20+ inch fish but the action has slowed. Personally I haven’t gotten anything over 26 inches. I fish the upper Cape with regular trips over the bridge and the occasional trip to the elbow.