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  1. While fly fishing from shore this year in Sandwich and Barnstable I have caught a few squid and seen plenty. What I have not seen is bass feeding on them.
  2. A beach frequented by BFD was yesterday’s fishing spot. It was a minus tide and close to low when I got there. Sandbars and bowls were exposed. The occasional tern was picking off what I suspect were sand eels. It’s a big area to fish and I was the only fly fisherman there. Wet wading I worked a bar from a point next to slightly deeper water out to the open ocean. As I continued moving across the sandbars and bowls I got a couple of hits and dropped one bass. I did see the occasional foot print indicating some sub surface activity. A blind cast to the open ocean got me my first Striper. I saw no indication of fish but when my fly hit the water it spooked a school. The line went tight on a healthy looking 20 inch bass. As it got darker I got another smaller striper in the skinny water. The only company I had was a gray seal. I’m not sure but I think he/she picked off at least three bass. It wasn’t catch and release for the seal. I saw the broad tail of the fish getting swallowed.
  3. RIP in Dick. Over the last week I fished Scusset and Monomoy....can't tell you how many times I thought of Dick. One day a few years ago he caught a Cape Cod shore fly fishing slam - a Striper, a Blue and an Albie . That feat speaks to his skill, knowledge and sheer determination. I will miss the man.
  4. The loop on the non slip mono loop knot I tied failed. One of the more accomplished fisherman I know here on Cape Cod uses green over white clousers almost exclusively. I believe when bass are flashing they are feeding on sand eels or crabs. 20 schoolies this time of year sight fishing is quite an accomplishment.
  5. The fly was not weighted. The beach I was fishing is covered in small stones and has a fairly steep drop off. I believe I hit the stones on my lazy back cast and broke the loop. Nothing this evening in the same general area. I did see squid and heard some sand eels were around.
  6. About 6:30 last evening I got to a beach that abuts an estuary outlet here on Cape Cod. My plan was to fish the beach and then move to the faster water closer to the estuary mouth. The outgoing tide had started and the current along the beach picked up. It wasn’t however much of current. It follows a small trough close to shore before exiting into the bay. At one point I did see breaking fish but too far away for me to get to. I side stepped down the beach and picked up an 18 inch Striper on a white estataz fly. As I moved closer to the estuary I got a 20 inch Striper. The edge of the faster water seemed to hold more fish. The area where the water ran the fastest did not produce. After sunset I switched to a black fly and continued to side step the beach. As it got dark the black fly broke off. The loop on my loop knot failed. I decided not to tie on another fly and called it a night. I got five Stripers in total on my 8 weight. The biggest about 23 inches. A good evening (for me) here on Cape Cod.
  7. Tom, Good go!
  8. Dick, Snook have yet to show up in the wash here in Naples. When you arrive I expect the action will be much better. Take care. Bucko
  9. Earlier this year I bought the Danielson 789. I use my reels about 5 days a week for a couple of hours per outing on Cape Cod from May to the start of December. The purchase was based on durability, minimizing weight and maintenance. I am using it in the Naples area now. The Danielson does seem a bit small compared to my Lamson 3.5.
  10. Dick, Ringing the bell is a good milestone. Have a Merry Christmas with your family. See you out on the Cape beaches next Spring.
  11. Last week I ordered a Danielson L5W 6 -9 weight. The reel was designed for salt water and hopefully will require minimal maintenance. Weight at 6.8 ounces seemed good to me. Maybe a new Air Flo cold salt Striper intermediate line. The one I have has to be about 5 years old and looks a bit worn.
  12. Always enjoy your posts especially the pictures. Why didn't you make it to Southwest Florida this year? If it was the Red Tide I can certainly understand.
  13. Talent and work combined in a fourteen year old.
  14. It's not unusual for me to put off fishing until sunset. Yesterday with the big minus tide I waded to a spot here in Sandwich where the only other fisherman was just leaving and complaining about the lack of fish. As the sun disappeared the small bass started to break. It was still going on as it got dark.
  15. High tide at sunset off the beach has been working for me...safe also.