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  1. He is still building.
  2. If it doesn't feel right then it probably isn't. Nothing wrong with building a few for yourself but if a guy is still building and selling his own original design I think your best option is to come up with your own design that mimics what you want out of the plug.
  3. $10 a board foot is what you will typically find in NY. Was it true 2x6? Also note that lumber prices have been shooting through the roof recently.
  4. It is not durable. The UVLS is a replacement to a previous clear that was more durable but now it's a one part and doesn't hold up nearly as well. It is good for an intercoat or as a carrier for the createx candies though. You just need to top the bait of with a real clear after.
  5. I'm not saying not to wear a respirator.. I'm saying You don't need an explosion proof fan on your booth for createx. I've read the safety data sheets. The createx line of paint, clear and reducers aren't flammable.
  6. I don't think anything in the createx line requires an explosion proof fan.
  7. Krok..310lb and 500lb. Cheapest ive seen is on Amazon for around $7
  8. Iwata Eclipse covers a wide range of uses
  9. The createx autoair paints aren't solvent based they are acrylics..when you use the 4030 additive it becomes a acrylic urethane hybrid that is very durable.
  10. A few I'm working on..split personality
  11. Can I get 12 of the the 11" purple unrigged and 7 of the red 16" unrigged. Thanks
  12. Playing around with a new shape..this fish approved.
  13. Take a look at the Lami carbon surf. Very capable rod and at a very reasonable price point.
  14. The SuperSurf is a faster action blank in comparison to the GSB which is much more parabolic. For what you're planning to use it for I would prefer the SuperSurf. I prefer the SuperSurf because I like it's sensitivity and its faster action. If I was throwing eels or big metal lips or something like that I'd prefer the GSB.
  15. Get rid of the tail hook..just a flag and put on two cut 3/0 mustad 5x's