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  1. Im not sure what location youre referring to, but ive found on the western end of the south shore..if its blowing west, you can generally at +10 to any predictions.
  2. Playing around with some jointed trollers
  3. I've got a shop fox 2hp one from amazon. I think its pretty much the same machine as the Jet. Probably 20 years in and Ive never had a problem.
  4. You might have better luck offering up something to trade(other than cash) in the lure builders trade forum section. I don't know of any commercially available troller kits..so the chance that anyone has some laying around would be pretty unlikely.
  5. The BKK hooks are great...sharp, light and strong. Like you said though..cant cut them and they too will rust once you have to sharpen them.
  6. I find that any cut hook tends to rust out faster. I've tried a few measures to coat the cut section on the hook but nothing really seems to hold all that long. I did try to dip the cut end in epoxy primer but you can only do that when the cut section is open and you have to be careful not to crack the coating when you try to close it. And in reality it only held up for a little longer...really wasn't worth it. The more you mar the hook and remove that protective coating, the more they rust. I wish a company could come out with a very small, very strong split ring. The Rosco 4xxH split ring is ok but still not all that strong.
  7. I prefer the Mustads. Just for a point of reference though..the mustads 5x runs a full size larger than the vmc's. When I used vmc's I would go with a 4/0 but with the mustads.. the 3/0 is the same size as the vmc 4/0
  8. For the larger size trollers I like two cut mustads 5x 3/0 belly hooks and a flag on the tail. For the smaller size I like a single cut mustad 5x 3/0 on the belly and either a flag or another 3/0 on the tail. Cut hooks not only keep the belly hooks from fouling up but also keep the front hook from catching the top of the troller slope. I like two belly hooks on the larger size because it give the plug a bit more stability. With a single hook the plugs gets a little loosey goosey in a stronger current.
  9. I add a little gold to my white to get a bone color.
  10. I probably fish alone 90% of the time but some of my most memorable nights have been fishing along side good friends. The other plus of fishing with others is safety and it's harder to bail or hit the snooze button if you know someone is waiting on you.
  11. From what I’ve heard they aren’t banned but if the beach is closed to 4x4 access because of the birds..then it’s also closed to the bikes.
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