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  1. The school’s fishing club posted the the winners
  2. 24/7 Lures Al Gags Lure Big Fish Bait Co Big Water Pikes Black Hole Rods Bob’s Bait & Tackle Buzfly Products Brooklyn Fishing Club Captree Bait & Tackle Carleton Clothing Chris Voorhies Lures Chris Custom Tails Chunk Z Custom Rods Candyman Tackle Cow Harbor Bait & Tackle Cornell Cooperative Extension Crazy Dog Tackle Dark Star Surfcasting Fat Cow Fishing Fatty Lures Fish LI Lures Fish Kulture FlipRocks Flight Lure Co Gear Up Surfcasting GreenHeads Baits Gremlin Lures High Hook Lures Hogy Lures Inception Tackle J&H Tackle J&J Sports Bait & Tackle Jones Beach B&T Long Island Rod Co LIBBA Mark Malenovsky Montauk Surfcasters Association NJ Tackle North Brookhaven Fishing Club Nicole’s custom bucktails and teasers Northbar tackle NY Life Insurance NY Coalition For Recreational Fishing NY DEC ODM Rods Outcast Lures On The Water Pells Bait & Tackle Pointhooker Bucktails Phase II Gear Plug LAB Paulies B&T S&S Bucktails Sandshark Gear Saltwater Tackle Set The Hook Wear Stingo Lures Super Strike Custom Lures Strykers Custom Flies & Lures Donny Musso Wood Lures Surfcaster’s Journal Steve Petri Striper Maine-iac Custom Tackle Salvo’s Custom Lures Swagg Custom Lures Sportfishing Simulator Tank Lures Tak Waterman Tackle Box Fishing Co Tackle Zoom The Fisherman The Worm Bar The Surfcaster Tsunami Van Staal Washed Ashore Lures White Water Outfitters ZBelt Surfcasting Z Shore Custom Plugs
  3. Finished up a few of these Jr Conrad’s. One of my favorite late season plugs.
  4. The 1-6 is a lot more forgiving and will have no problem handling its rating at the top end. The 2-8 was designed more for the canal and is a beast of a rod that takes a significant amount of weight and energy to load.
  5. Just finished up a rainbow Conrad Jr.
  6. In the end you will have roughly 8 fl oz's of a 50/50 mix left that's 4 fl oz's of epoxy getting tossed. You will however go through far more epoxy because the plugs will soak up a lot more. Overkill?..maybe but buying two gallons of epoxy and tossing 4 oz's is nothing in the end. I find it to be a lot faster and less of a mess as well. If someone is only doing a handful of plugs at a time then it's most likely not worth it.
  7. I find that if I catch the line before my plug hits the water..I nearly eliminate the hook fouling problem. I think what happens is that at the end of the cast when the plug is falling the line keep going and gets ahead of the plug and this is when they catch.
  8. Your time and energy in rewiring a super strike is not worth it.. in my opinion. They are a pain to do and a lot can go wrong. The plug is originally built/poured around the wire. If you don't get the plug sealed up..they will fill with water. This is particularly tricky in the area where the wire passes through the swivel.
  9. My Surf Machine has handled some big tarpon and sharks very well.
  10. Home water of NY...Florida comes in as a close second.
  11. Wow this is an oldie. My methods for sealing have changed but I’m still using epoxy. I feel it’s the best option for most of the woods I use. My old method was really good at sealing but it was way overkill. I would fully immerse a heated up plug in a mix of 50/50 denatured alcohol and epoxy. I would then put the immersed plug in a vacuum chamber and draw in the epoxy. It worked great but was time consuming. I still heat the plug up and then weight it down in a tube of the same epoxy mix. I wait a few minutes until I stop seeing air bubbles coming to the surface, remove and wipe down the plug and let dry. You use a lot of epoxy so it’s not good if you’re sealing one or two plugs but for a batch it’s a good method. Here’s the tube I use. For your first plug, put the plug in an empty tube, hold it to the bottom and then add the epoxy.. this way you don’t overfill. Add epoxy as needed for the rest of the batch as the plugs will soak up the mix.
  12. Check out the Phase-Gear top. Great top that wont break the bank.
  13. Finished up an Atom-40 eel skin
  14. I almost always have a Jr troller and a superstrike bottle plug in my bag.
  15. Buy from a reputable company that uses a quality battery. So many of these cheap cheap knock offs are going up in flames because of bad batteries