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  1. Oh $%$#@^ just sat here and typed a 45 minute response to your great post Citizen and the thing just disappeared from my screen ? I try an re type the significant parts in later today dang it , hate it when this happens!
  2. I can see how they would work for reverse lights in the woods etc. turned backwards ! Awesome idea indeed , I have a set of Hella white driving lights mounted on the rear bumper and switched at.the dash ! They too work great for the same reasons yours do lol lol and have had to be used to teach driving etiquette to tailgaters ! I might add my Hella Fog and Driving lights are mounted to my rod rack on the front of the truck and are also switched on the dash . They are also wired to go out if the regular high beam headlights are ever turned on . This is why I want to switch to LED and reduce the power draw on my electrical system . Thanks you guys for ALL of your input it really helps the thinking process and at some point the buying choice !!
  3. Exactly , I think another thing that helps her Liberty is it is so light . It just seems to float on the sand where my big Cheby sinks in some and of course is a lot heavier !! We have had good service from it as well . Yep great little SUV for the beach indeed ! Tight lines and high tides hunter123
  4. Okay last time I saw this thread it said it was closed to any comments ? Okay so anyway , I am getting back into Largemouth Fishing and was interested to see if you wanted to sell the rod ? I don't have a spinning rod to trade so I wondered about buying it pending price of course ? Thank you for your time , trouble and help ! MAX
  5. Great folks indeed ! I would imagine you ran into Jam ?
  6. Maybe off topic but I would worry about the undercarriage of the truck while it is new !! I sooo wish I had done this back when something could be done without the high cost of labor to prep it for protection! Just a thought and something I wish I had done .
  7. X2 on the Liberty wife has one and what hunter says is true ! The only bad thing is ground clearance , they sit pretty low .
  8. If it were me I would try and find an OLDER model 4x4 Toyota or Nissan.Truck . There is a guy in our campground that has an older Toy that he took the bed off replaced it with a P.T. one . He added a rack on the front with two portable gas tanks on each side of the wooden bed . It is awesome and makes a perfect beach truck ! You could even Rhino Line the outside and wouldn't have to fret over rust , the 1 enemy of a beach truck !! If I can remember and he is down.i will get you a pic of it ! I do know if he ever sells it I am going to try and get it !! Hope this novel helps you ?
  9. I understand what you and modelcitizen mean . However I have a set of Hella Fog ( factory amber lenses ) and a set of Hella Driving lights also with factory clear lenses . Both are SaeDot approved for use on road with other vehicles but still make a huge difference especially the Fog Light in those conditions being nasty weather. The best feature of the Fog Lights is the wide beam where you can see a very good distance off the shoulder of the road ! Especially when Deer are running crazy in the fall looking for love lol lol ! It makes such a difference it is very hard to not use them all of the time . I have never had anyone blink there lights at me indicating they were too bright . I have however had oncoming vehicles nearly blind me with what I assume are LED factory headlights? I am interested in changing only to save the electrical system on my Truck from the high draw my lights now need . I do know I would not get a light fixture that didnt provide the illumination of the shoulders like my Hella Fogs provide now . I have seen where they make them combo with spot and flood which I assume will give you the best of both worlds ?
  10. I agree if not for the huge difference in power draw on the electrical system I wouldnt fool with it . I have an older but gooder Cheby lol lol and anything I can do to help it i am going to do within reason of course . Me and my Cheby have traveled 400,000 miles together and I have grown attached lol lol ! Thanks Drew great point !
  11. Lol lol the river site lol lol it flows past my house a lot it seems , wifey loves the river lol lol !!
  12. Yeah NOW we're talking garr !! You guys are freaking awesome , BEST group of folks in the world no question !! I dont care what you have a question about you guys GOT the answer or KNOW where to get it !! I thank God for you guys and this site , you ALL have helped me with soooo much since I first came here , THANK YOU ALL !! Garr this is really what I needed thank you for your time and effort you took to help me ! Really helped me realize just how bright these rascals are , and really affordable as well !! Can you imagine having a set of those Rigids on your bumper when someone kept tailgating you lol lol , you could break them of that habit quick or blind em one lol lol !!
  13. Wow , I know you have to be careful they are SaeDot approved which like you mentioned opens a other too bright issue? Although when I usually use them is late at night going to or coming from a fishing or hunting excursion , so I will check out your recommendation. Much thanks for taking the time to offer your help !! You guys on this site are TOP shelf folks for sure !! MAX
  14. I completely understand Webfoot44 . I will need to pass this time unfortunately but thank you so much for taking the time and effort !! MAX
  15. Thanks but iam interested in fishing tackle .