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  1. What a great guy !! I have dealt with him on a couple things also top notch person!! Stay safe !!
  2. Could I get a pic of the other side plate please ? Thank you , MAX
  3. No way would that one EVER leave me !!! OOORAAAH !
  4. AMEN ! I am doing that now and have actually put a very close trustworthy friend in charge of my collection!! Very important , sadly I pray the future will have the 2nd Amendment still alive ?.
  6. Would like to get just one 525 . The one reel I never got when I was surf fishing and would like to just get one ? I pray you and the family are doing good ? Seems like a lifetime ago I saw you !! I am sooooooo happy God found you !!! MAX , aka SNDFLEE
  7. I will take the plastics if you still have them ? Miss seeing you !!
  8. Those slosh's used to be the go to reels for big Red Drum on Hatteras Island . They are like tanks indestructible ! From the description buy with confidence ! One of the smoothest reels I have ever used !! They caught a LOT of Drum in their day !!
  9. I am interested in the reel if you divorce the two or someone only wants the rod ? MAX
  10. Shoot he is in Va. Hour south of D.C. .
  11. I don't know where you are but I know a custom mechanic / welder that could make it work !
  12. I second that ! I have this same blank in a custom build and it will throw 4 / 5 ounces out of sight great blank.! It looks like this one is in EXCEPTIONAL shape !
  13. Have an orange one but Thank you !!
  14. Would like to find a R.H. Quantum Accurist in white with flipping switch . Thank you guys ! MAX