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  1. You should have gotten my payment ? Thank you , MAX
  2. Please send your paypal info so I can pay for the Allstar please . Thank you , MAX
  3. I would imagine this blank was intended as a Largemouth Bass or Trout rod when built ? It will be a Bass rod when and if I get it ! I have one other like it that was built for Saltwater Trout worked awesome ! What color is the blank you have ? Is it sort of maroon by chance? Sorry for so many questions BUT it's not everyday you run into such an awesome blank.! Saying that I better put " I'll take It " pending shipping !
  4. What is the rating on the Allstar blank ? Would you ship it to 22406 ?
  5. No I needed one . Loaned my cart to someone and never got that part of it back !
  6. Absolutely perfect !! There is NOTHING like seeing a well trained dog do what it was meant to do !! Interesting fact , I had a friend growing up who was a HUGE bird hunter ! He also worked for President Johnsons secret service detail . President Johnson was also a huge Bird hunter and of course had beautiful dogs of this breed . My buddies father also had a dog of this breed . I was to find out many years later that his dog came from a litter of the Presidents dogs !! He was also the man who taught me how to fish and hunt !!! Oh the stories of this awesome man Guy G. Darden , thank you sir for everything !!! PLEASE forgive the long response I could not resist seeing this beautiful dog !!
  7. If you.consider splitting I would be interested in the reel.? Thank You , Mark.
  8. WOW ! what a BEAUTIFUL stand of grass friend !! You MUST BE a golfer wow !! Great job ! Sorry to interrupt I am a yard nut and I just HAD to leave a comment !! MAX
  9. I will take the reel . Please send me your pp info. . I will need it shipped as well .
  10. What gear ratio is this one and how many bearings please ? Thank you very much ! MAX
  11. Would love to get the reel if you split them ? Thanks , MAX
  12. I am sorry friend gotta pass now . Thank you though I did not figure you would change your mind on the ship things so I moved on ? MAX
  13. IF you split would be interested in the Daiwa 20 . Thanks , MAX
  14. Let's try any color but green ?