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  1. I am sorry for late response had a family medical emergency ! I better go ahead and pass it looks as though my days of surf fishing have come to a close . STAY SAFE ! MAX
  2. You had mentioned trading for metal lip plugs is only reason I mentioned the AH 's . Iam located in Fredericksburg Va.. MAX
  3. I have some nice Afterhours plugs if you are interested ?
  4. I also made an offer without the braid and never heard back ?
  5. I.respectfully offer $100 without the braid ? Thank you for your consideration , MAX
  6. Your price is very fair Laura little more than I have right now so gotta pass . Good luck on finding this beauty a new home ! Sincerely , MAX
  7. Well I would not need the braid ? I dont know what do you need for it ? MAX
  8. I sure used the heck outa one back in the day !! They WERE the go to Drum.Reel.for sure !! Do you happen to have anymore Abus you are going to part with ? Thanks , MAX
  9. Would you consider selling just the reel.? Thank you , MAX
  10. Go ahead and let the other guy have it . Sorry for taking so long to get back to you , please forgive me ! Thank you !
  11. I respectfully offer $25 . Thank you for your consideration , MAX
  12. I only live roughly 20 minutes from there so that would would be a great place ..Let me know if that is good place etc. for you ?.MAX
  13. I'll take it on your way to the sunshine state !
  14. Yeah let me make sure and I will get back with you friend . Thanks , MAX
  15. Do you ever get close to Fredericksburg Va. ? I live close to interstate 95 maybe you pass by going to Hatteras or something ?