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  1. Sorry after talking with a few people I’m worried about having issues with servicing the reel. I’m going to pass.
  2. No original knob not sure where it got too. I have box bag and should have paperwork. I just wanna make sure that your 150 is the sealed drag. Can u send me serial number to confirm. Thanks
  3. Hey just realized that yours is American made. Can u text me the serial number wanna make sure the drag is sealed on that reel. Or at least the first 2 numbers. 29*** etc if more comfortable thanks. I’ll have pictures in am. 609-290-2340
  4. I have the aquaskinz hunter elite roque bag which is 4 tube I’d be interested in selling. I’ll get pictures and a price if interested.
  5. I have a VS200S that I’d trade. Where are you located. I have a box bag and papers. I’ll get pictures after work
  6. I’ll take a chance at 90 that they’ll fit.
  7. Ok. I’ll message you later this week when I can confirm I’ll be at surf day.
  8. Ok. I’m interested in the reel. I’ll make sure I can make it to surf day and we can meet up. Just one question. The bottom of the reel seems bent any leaking issue
  9. Do you have a few pictures and where are you located
  10. 450 cash picked up. Or add shipping.
  11. Or I’d like to offer 450 shipped.
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