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    Retired and spending time in my shop turning bowls, making furniture, and making plugs
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    Woodworking, Fishing,Skiing, biking, yaking
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    retired and loving it

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  1. I can either mail you a check from PayPal or electronically send funds to your PayPal acct... from my acct
  2. Thanks Mike-- I look forward to using it
  3. I still want the Penn Squidder at your asking price and actual shipping price added.. I will PM you with my address and info to request paypal payment.. Thank you
  4. I will take Penn Squider 140 at asking
  5. Offer withdrawn.. decided to spring for a used Stella
  6. I really want it so I will bump up to $675...
  7. Mike would you take $650
  8. Offering $225
  9. I will take the yellow one for $55. PM me your paypal info
  10. bumping to bring to the top... still offering $45 for the white one
  11. Offering $45 including shipping for the white one
  12. SOLD to Bassonator Thanks TIM and SOL Community THread Closed
  13. Still waiting to hear back from Bassonator007...
  14. SOLD Thanks Tim and SOL community Thread closed
  15. Will PM you