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  1. I'm considering a leg of lamb for the eater holiday and am looking for favorite recipes from the esteemed chefs on this board. Also, what to do with the left-overs? I've been told that it doesn't lend itself well to the re-heat leftover circuit like a big ol' ham does oh so well. Any suggestions would be great.
  2. Heck I'd just like to be able to manufacture some runs at this point
  3. ^^^ Unfortunately that doesn't help mobile non-locals passing through that may not be back around to fight it :-/
  4. Yeah, don't know how much use we're gonna get out of the yaks this weekend. It might be a Canal night when we get up there tonight. Just hope that this wind lays down :-/
  5. P.S. Anybody got any idea when we're gonna get a mobile version of SOL? Pain in the ass to navigate on a mobile (sure its been said, surry to beat a dead horse if that's the case)
  6. Don't know from Droids but I'm pretty much thrilled with my iPhone 4. Going from a base flip phone to a smartphone was a trip, lemme tell ya! Sprint unlimited plan so I have nothing to worry about as far as data usage and texts (don't care about talk minutes, even the base talk package would cover my talk time). Apple doesn't support Flash, so if ya need that for whatever, you're stuck. That being said, I've come across exactly 2 websites that I couldn't access because they were completely Flash based since I've owned it (December '11) Nowhere near a deal breaker IMO. Don't know about the Droids, but the iPhone is a battery *****. Keep a charge cord with ya, or buy a Mophie case with the backup battery and double your usage time for pretty much everything. A bonus with the iPhone is that messaging between ANY iPhone on ANY plan is free & unlimited, thank you Apple! (unless I completely misread the info). Texting speed between iPhones is simply astounding! When I have prolonged text sessions to,say, people with a non smartphone, texts can get out of order so to speak and I've had a few "misunderstandings, lol" because of it. Data transmission between my iPhone and friends Droids leaves nothing to be desired, seems just fine. I avoided Apple products thus far because I thought PC based systems were just more universal and I'm old enough to remember the first Apple desktops from my time in gradeschool (hated them!). Always thought Apple did things differently just to be different. Now I'm figuring out, that Steve Jobs guy prolly knew what he was doing! Whatever you choose you'll probably be happy, and take solace in that even the longest plan contract is only 2 years. Good luck, and welcome to the 21st century
  7. I can personally attest to the toughness of their Magnum Series boat rods
  8. I saw that movie...I think it was called Sling Blade, with that Billy Bob fella.
  9. "The Hooker Baiter". Priceless
  10. If I don't start seeing Plax and Santonio establishing a presence in the offense I'm gonna lose my sh * t
  11. Don't look now but the Angels and Rays are right in your rearview Boston fans:p
  12. I thought it was funneh Turd...hey, look I can post again(found my way out of the dark ages) but only if I use your "old" work PC station:squid: You better start a line-item questionaire if ya wanna hook up down there in Virginny brother!
  13. ^^^ Me thinks he doth protest too much!
  14. Yeah, c'mon, the celebrations in the Middle East after 9/11 were for an un-provoked attack against innocent civilians. Amercians were celebrating the death of a FIEND and MURDERER and some could argue the end of an era of doubt and fear.
  15. If he feels so badly he should donate the $ to the victim's families. Eff bin laden and his minions.
  16. Had all 4 done same time summer before college. Best advice, enjoy the gas pre-op, and enjoy the pills post-op. Honestly, my least favorite part was all the friggin' gauze stuffed in my mouth afterwards. You'll be fine, good luck.
  17. The Lindners, hands down. I think I could learn more about fishing for more species than anyone else I can think of.
  18. Those pics are too cool! It didn't look like his claws shed with the rest of his shell, is that the case? Ooops, just looked again and it looks like his claws did shed with the rest of his I'm hungry
  19. Ain't no thang, just one to grow on and don't make it a habit. Glad you didn't end up wrapped around that pole, look on the bright side.
  20. '09 I think.
  21. Jeros Tackle is a major distributer of tackle/rigs/equipment for all types of fishing supplies from China/Pacific rim. Most B&T's carry at least some of there stuff.
  22. Saw a boat years ago coming out of SRI named "Moose Knuckel" lie.
  23. Were they caught on morning wood? Nice job btw
  24. Nice sig.