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  1. Remember the gloves. Also, you'll need a bag to put them in as you're raking (watch for the purple and black claws that indicate a comer. They'll give you a nasty bite, but are good bait if you do what I showed you). I tie an old army gas mask bag to my belt and use that. A small cooler is also good storage to and from the beach. Most times, I just fish the ones I rake. Others can be stored, for up to 48 hours, in the fridge, between moist scott towels or seaweed. Guys use to shed them in tanks in their homes and garages, but you gotta keep an eye on them cause the ones that are still frisky enough will eat their brethren softies! Judy is a nice lady and it was thoughtful of her to give you a rake. They're hard to come by. Should be interesting to see how you adapt that rod holding contraption to haul all this new gear. If I see you on the beach flailing like an upside down turtle, I'll flip you over!
  2. Once again, you caught the fish I lost yesterday! I recognize him by the stripes! Glad you had a good morning. Well deserved, considering the time you put in. I was in Philly with my daughter this morning. First good news we've had in a long time. Her port is not clogged and there was no growth over it. It did not need to be replaced. The options ranged from emergency surgery to surgery at a later date to "Ok go home, everythings OK." We finally got a break.
  3. These are the rakes you inquired about. The one in my left hand is a Giordano, 50 years old. The one in my right hand I bought for $30 at a garage sale. Both are hand made.
  4. I'll have one of my kids help me attach or insert a picture. I'm dumber than a door nail when it comes to technology! Still working off a flip phone and that baffles me at times! However, unlike many of our younger generations, I can still make change for a dollar, in my head, and write in cursive! God bless the Sisters of St Joseph (although my knuckles still ache)!
  5. Forgot to answer the question on favorite size. If it's a softy, any size. In general, I like them to be as big as they can get. I've caught some nice size bass, however, on small softies. Softies are to bass what heroin is to an addict!
  6. Quarter size to inch and a half. A few a little bigger. No observable egg sacks. If memory serves, the females have sacks a little later. Although there's no regs on what you can keep, I've always released females with egg sacks. They're always hard back at that stage anyway, at least that's what I've observed. I always fish the area I rake, immediately afterward. There are always some that get stuck on the tines and I've raked up sand eels and grass shrimp, along with an occasional juvenile fluke. Stirring up the area attracts all kinds of critters looking for a free meal.
  7. I knew you'd get the fever! BTW, I was pulling them up this morning when I only had my bug scoop! That's how plentiful they were. None, however, were softies or tinbacks. Only the kind that liked to bite you! There should be beaccoup softies, comers, and tinbacks this weekend, with the moon phase. Let the good times roll!
  8. Fished out front, MoCo, for 2 1/2 hours this morning. Lost one, a couple of other hits. Wave action picked up later. Water was clear with no cabbage. There wasn't a very good drift for the bugs, unlike yesterday. Nice morning on the beach. Doesn't look to good for tomorrow.
  9. It's a rake designed for calicos. I bought it close to 20 years ago from a guy who had it for over 30 years. We were using it today when I was showing MC55 how to rake. Most bugs slip through, since the mesh openings are big enough for them to escape. You do get a couple of the larger ones, but the majority slip through.
  10. Out front, MoCo, from 9-10:30 am. Lost one, a couple of other hits. MC55 was down there when I arrived. Gotta give him credit (or a referral to a therapist) for fishing early, in the rain. He can give his report and, I guarantee, it is better than mine! Nice conditions, with plenty of wave action. Did start to pick up some cabbage toward the end, after the flip to incoming. Beaucoup sand bugs in the waterline. Wind starting howling out of the NW when the front came through, but has backed off some since. Planning on getting down early tomorrow.
  11. Now that's a worthwhile June posting! BTW Mike, that's the one I lost yesterday on the calico! Figured he'd be sticking around for seconds! Nice job.
  12. We just passed 24 hours without a single posting in the June report! That has got to be an all time record! Just when you think fishing can't get any worse, you get slapped upside the head!
  13. Out front. MoCo, from 5-7 am. Little to no wind, but great wave action. Bottom of the tide, then the flip. Some nice cuts. Tried plastics, but not a hit. Started to dig bugs and got a nice surprise, a softie calico! Threw him on and got slammed after a couple of minutes. Lost that fish, which bent the rod pretty good. Didn't find any more softies, but did discover that along with the bugs (the beach is thick with them) there were a lot of calicos! Most I've seen since Sandy! Fished bugs for the rest of the time, with a couple of hits, but no hookups. MC55 showed up and we fished together. I'll let him report on how he did, but it was better than me! I found out that he was cheating, using non GMO organic bugs! He was gracious enough to replenish my dwindled supply of his swimmers. Thanks Mike. With the discovery of the calicos this morning, I'll be pulling out my rake for low tide this afternoon. Been a long time since I felt it might be productive to rake again.
  14. Finally, after 3 1/2 weeks, I was able to get out fishing. A myriad of medical appointments, family related, took up most of my time. Fished from noon to 1:30 pm, out front, MoCo. Nada, not even a tap. Fished plugs and threw some bugs. Wind shifted to SE and a pretty good fog rolled in, shortly before I left. Good looking water, with nice wave action. Water in lower 60s. As MC55 reported, lots of bugs along the shoreline. I'm hoping to get out early am tomorrow. Felt good to get back out.
  15. Stopping at Kleins fish market doesn't count.