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  1. Bunker are fish!
  2. You might want to consider getting in on the ceremony to Jobu. Bring your own chicken.
  3. INCOMING on any morning is never good!
  4. Just came back from a drive by of the beach, MoCo. Hard NE wind and choppy water. Water slightly off color. Lots of white water, incoming tide. Two guys out on a jetty and one on the beach. Have a few things to do this morning and may try for early evening. depending on conditions.
  5. Based on what you report, I'll go with Jobu! Appreciate the offer.
  6. I'm glad a couple of guys had success. Gives me hope. Fished out front, MoCo, from 7 to 8:15 am. Beautiful white water. Nice lip along the wash. Found three nice rips. Not even a tap! A lot of sand bug carcasses on the beach. Only sign of life I saw was an osprey going by with a bunker in tow. I swear he laughed at me! Surfer dudes and one dudette were having a ball. Some big fronts on the waves. May give it a try toward dusk, depending on the weather. I'm thinking it might be time to resupply Jobu's rum and get a live chicken to sacrifice!
  7. Out front, MoCo, from 7:45 to 9 am. Great looking white water, no cabbage, and water still chilly (49). Not a tap. Tried all types of plugs. No bird action, actually only one or two gulls visible. The surprising thing was that I was the only guy fishing! Not another angler in sight. As I was finishing up, I felt a little disappointed in the results, until I realized that I should be grateful as hell. I live 5 minutes from the beach, have most of my mental and physical facilities working, which isn't bad for a 75 year old, and a supportive wife and family. I also thought back to friends of mine who didn't make it back from Nam, not as fortunate as I was. I thought about the personal struggles that I and many of my comrades have gone through since our physical return. I buried more of my fellow vets to suicide than I lost in combat. They're names are on the other side of the Wall in Washington, not visible to those who didn't know them. I thought of those who have died and are dying from the cancers and other diseases associated with the chemical "bullets" that rained from the sky. They too are on the other side of the Wall. Take a moment this weekend to remember those who gave the fullest measure of service and didn't come back from the Final Patrol. Also remember those on the other side of the Wall, whose numbers continue to mount. God bless them.
  8. Where's the egg?
  9. Reminds me of years gone by when we used to say we bought Playboy magazine to read the articles!
  10. Just did a drive by, out front, MoCo. NE winds still strong, washing machine surf, and the brown water line is at least half a mile out! Throw in the cabbage and it's unfishable, in my humble opinion.
  11. I may have met you several years ago, fishing on a jetty in Long Branch. If it was you, you were with either a friend or family member. We don't get many Scotsmen fishing NJ jetties, so if it wasn't you, that makes two and that's damn close to an invasion! Bob.
  12. Interesting approach, posting a photo upside down! I keep waiting for the water to fall to the bottom of my computer!
  13. E to NE winds for the next 7 days, decreasing in intensity tomorrow, picking up again on Sunday. As we used to same in Nam, sin loi (sorry about that). The cabbage in the water has been a problem, along with a dearth of fish. The sand bugs are abundant and I've seen increasing crab sheds, so there should be fish in the wash and along the lips. In addition, water temps out front, are, on average for this time of year, 5 degrees below normal. A warm winter, followed by a very cold spring. I was doing better, out front, in late March and the first three weeks of April in 44 to 46 degree water than I've done the past three weeks in 48 to 50 degree water. Strange year. This has all been confirmed using the MC55 Fish Catch Scale. From 1 to 10 it's hovering between 1 and 2! Poor Mike. We'll have to put him on fishing suicide watch!
  14. Your "black cloud" reference reminded me of Joe Btfsplk, the character in the Li'l Abner cartoon series, by Al Capp. He couldn't catch a break and had that cloud over his head in every drawing.
  15. Out front, MoCo, from 4:30 to 6:15 pm. Same as bechill11, except I didn't get a hit. Surprising, considering the white water. Water temp up a couple of degrees. Tough to find spots without a lot of cabbage. Back out tomorrow.