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  1. Thought I was reading my own post! Just had my 7th cystoscopy, in the last 27 months. Diagnosed with bladder cancer in Sept, 2016, but they got it early and everything looks good. It didn't spread, thank God, and I'm on the 6 month protocal. If my next one is good, I go to a year. I always appreciate whatever size fish I land. At 74, I'm fortunate to be able to do what I do. Several of my friends have passed on are in not so good medical condition. Fishing is my therapy. We are fortunate to live so close to the ocean. It's a special place. God bless and Happy Holidays. Hope all goes well. Will add you to my prayer list.
  2. Got in an hour, late morning, MoCo. Hard NW wind. Water clarity was very good, Nice wave action. Not a touch. Saw one bird make one dive and that was it. I was the lone fisherman for as far as I could see. Not ready to pull the plug, but it's getting close.
  3. Fish or degrees?
  4. Gave it a shot for an hour late afternoon. Nada. No one else in my area hooked up. Might be it till Monday.
  5. Hit the beach from 6:30-9:00 am. Man was it cold, but, thank God, little to no wind! Similar to others, I had fish right in the wash, at 6:45, breaking water, and saw small bait rippling by. Cast just ahead of the bait with a Tsunami sand eel and hooked into a monster 17" bass! After a furious fight, I landed him and sent him on his way. Hooked another one and lost him. One more bump and that was it for the morning! Ran into MC55, who replaced my mutilated swimmer. Much appreciated, Mike. Hope to get back down late afternoon. Considering the temp has soared to just above freezing, I'll probably fish in shorts!
  6. Did you catch them or just watch!
  7. MoCo, from 9:20 to 10:30 am. Had an early morning Drs. appointment and missed a lot of the tide I wanted to fish. Picked two, both 21", and fat. Both on a small wonder bread. Only thing I could get hits on. Back out in the morning.
  8. Appreciate the thought. My daughter suffers from a neuropathetic nerve disease. She is in constant pain, level varying. It's most likely a result of pass along effect from my exposure to Agent Orange. She's a real trooper who rarely complains . Fishing is my escape mechanism. It is often where I do my best talking to the Man upstairs.
  9. Out front, MoCo, from 3:30-5:00 pm. Three shorts, biggest 22". He was bulky and put up a good fight, for a little guy. Two on wonder bread, one on a smokey Joe. Hope to get out tomorrow afternoon. Off to Philly, in the a.m., for medical appointments, for my daughter. Anybody going out tonight, DRESS WARMLY! It's getting quite chilly out.
  10. Maybe we could just live line the Squirrel and see what happens!
  11. I've come to believe that fish have spies in local B&T stores that pass info to them about what some of these older lures look like! That's why you have to constantly be using newer "fad of the day" lures. They only work until current intelligence is passed on to the schools! Some day we'll find the "fish mole" in our midst and 86 him!
  12. On the beach sushi pigout
  13. That's a darn good FPC percentage!
  14. Agree with you on this one. Have several of the Surf Eels left and haven't had a touch with them. The Squirrel always did well with the Sand Eel, while I had a ball with the 1/2oz. WHITE bucktail. As an aside, MC55s white swimmers have been fantastic in the present bite, both the brighter white and the bone white.
  15. As usual, you are fishing with defective lures. The tail is missing! Surprised you didn't know that!