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  1. You've had some good suggestions. Maine is great for hiking and camping. It's also great, weatherwise. Although it can get hot, that's not the norm. Last week we were sleeping with the windows open and you needed blankets. There are numerous small coastal towns, along Route 1, that are quite interesting. The Abby Aldrich Rockefeller Garden in Sea Harbor is beautiful. You need reservations and the height of their bloom season is August. Kids under 12 are free. They do have a sand beach. The Farnsworth Museum of Art in Rockland has Wyeth art. Maine Maritime Museum in Bath gives you a very good history of shipping, etc. If you go inland Greenville offers a lot of camping areas along Moosehead Lake. You can also take the ferry, with your car, from Bar Harbor to Yarmouth, Nova Scotia once it resumes in Spring, 2022). Travel up the west coast. Beautiful. Also near Bar Harbor is Cadillac Mountain. It is the first spot the sun strikes the United States. A lot of people are up there in the morning to see it. Since you have kids, things are more limited, as to amusement rides, etc. Ocean water can be quite cold, even in summer, but the numerous lakes are warmer. We had our kids up there often, but I have family there and they played with their cousins. Surprisingly, I have never fished up there. Stripers have returned to lower Maine, but not so much in Belfast, where my sisters live. There is a lot of freshwater fishing. So that I don't get booted for going off topic, I didn't fish today, which resulted in not catching anything.
  2. I was disappointed when I read your posting and there was no picture! I expected to see a striper, taken at just the right angle, with a 5000 x magnification!
  3. Haven't been out in some time. Got back from Maine a couple of days ago and finally got out this morning. On the beach at 6:15 and fished for a couple of hours. Nothing on the bugs, although there was a workable drift. Incoming tide. Salp heaven! Did find a couple of spots where they were minimal. Switched over to swimmers. Nada. Went to a Stillwater popper and got creamed on the first cast, just as the plug hit the water. A blue in the 5 lb. class. Nice to feel that pull on the line. Boats were piled up in front of where I was fishing and birds were pecking. Talked to a diver who said there were blues, blackfish and small stripers cruising around. Noticed one area that has really been eroded. Looked like a drop off into the grand canyon. Probably need to repel to get down it!
  4. If you had attended the @DeeMonee School of Photography, that fish you're holding would have been 24".
  5. Welcome back. Looks like my call to Homeland Security didn't work! BTW foreign fish don't count. The photo of the footprints reminds me of the oft cited Jesus carrying the person, where two sets merge into one.
  6. Got out this morning for the first time in quite awhile. MoCo, out front, from 7:15 to 8:45. Incoming tide. Decent wave action. Occasional cabbage, but nothing serious. Worked with the bugs and left the plastics in the bag. Only had one runoff, but no connection. Water was warm. Was nice getting back out. Was surprised at how few people were on the beach. Only a couple of dog walkers and one workout dude. Surfers had a decent showing.
  7. Is that a pugnose or is it just the angle of the photo?
  8. I see why you were elected to the Rules Committee.
  9. Interesting striation on that fish.
  10. Next day, post storm bass, don't usually count. It's the 24 hour rule the Committee instituted. Since you were probably unaware of the change, they ruled these fish would count, but it's a one time exception!
  11. Another 20 fish lanced with a medieval torture device! I'm calling PETA. Sea Kitten liberation!
  12. After 46 years of marriage it has gone from "Are you going fishing?" to "You ARE going fishing!"
  13. Why did you take a picture of the same fish twice?
  14. Got to the beach late, 6:30 am. Outgoing tide. Rough surf with plenty of suds. Water was stained. NW wind. Tried bugs and swimmers with no success. Went out on a flat jetty and hooked up with a blue, about 5 lbs. Hit one of MC55s swimmers and, by a minor miracle, I was able to get the whole thing out of his mouth in one piece! Ran into three amicable Bennys. They gave themselves away with a reference to Taylor ham, a mortal sin south of the bridge. We talked bug fishing. Nice guys. Went to breakfast around 9 and did a drive by around 10. Beach had filled up and wind had already shifted to SE. May go back out toward dusk. Happy 4th to all.
  15. Now that's a great way to celebrate Independence Day weekend! Congrats. Wife gets big credit for landing a keeper.