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  1. Unless you piss them off! Then they swarm and attack as one! Green machine!
  2. Out front, MoCo from 3-4 pm. A couple of hits, but that was it. Enough wave action and white water to produce fish, but nada. Water is still quite warm and it doesn't look like there is any cold weather in the in the near future to bring the temp down. Did have one of my curly tails bit off by a blue. Surf line was loaded with small sand bugs, but no other bait visible.
  3. What town wouldn't let you on without a badge? Most shore towns end beach badges on Labor day. All the MC beaches I fish don't have badge requirements after then.
  4. Quick shot for an hour, early afternoon, out front, MoCo. Wave fronts were larger and more powerful than yesterday. Good white water to work with. Missed a couple and blues bit off soft plastic swimmer. Only one other guy fishing. Beach was crowded with sun bathers, but, fortunately, few ventured into the water.
  5. Out front, MoCo, from 12:30-2:00 pm. Great looking white water and decent size waves. Only landed one, at 21", on a half ounce bucktail, with 6" curly tail. Got one of MC55s swimmers bit off and a couple of other hits. Surprised there wasn't more action, considering how good the water looked. Hope to get out again tomorrow. Had several of the Monmouth University girls' lacrosse team sunning themselves and wound up talking to them. Told my wife that it was obvious to me they were trying to pick me up! When she stopped laughing, she reminded me that they most likely viewed me as a grandfather and, therefore, no threat to them! Sure burst my bubble!
  6. So much for sensitivity training!
  7. Quick shot, out front MoCo, from 6:30-7:15 pm. Lots of white water, with waves building. Incoming tide. One solid hit and that was it. Water is definitely fishable, at least at this point in time. Didn't have the nice holes or cuts that others referred to, at least not where I was fishing. A LOT of sand added . The trough I had along the beach a couple of weeks ago is not there now. Much flatter conditions. Will work up the beach in hopes of finding more cuts, etc.
  8. Don't forget the milk and bread!!!
  9. Out front, MoCo, from 6:15-7:15 pm. Choppy conditions, with NE wind. Small blues destroyed a couple of my swimmers. Hope to get out tomorrow.
  10. Next time try the lures inside the bag!
  11. Jeffapeiken started a new Sept thread, a couple of hours ago, so this should be a real interesting month, with guys trying to decide where to post! Time for a referee to step in.!
  12. Checked the beach a half hour ago. Washing machine and dirty. Would be surprised if it clears up by morning, with ENE 10-20 overnight.
  13. I've been thinking the same thing. Found a spot that may be productive. My rake is still in pretty good shape. It's a giordano and was made over 50 years ago. Couple of the tynes need repair, but overall it's ready to go.
  14. Mike, The large calico shed is normally over right after the full moon (although smaller sheds continue during the month), so the bass should be jumping back on the bugs, who were all over the place day before yesterday. As you know, when that main calico shed is in full force, the bass ignore everything else. Nice to finally see a decent calico shed on the beach. It's been quite some time, at least in the area I fish. Bob
  15. Out front, MoCo, early evening. One 14" fluke on a white swimmer and one 22" bass on bugs. Saw a couple of decent swirls just past the wash. Small bait near shore and a LOT of sheds on the beach, including a goodly number of calicos. Water was quite warm. Hope to get out sometime tomorrow.