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  1. William, Hard to believe it was almost 4 years ago that we went to West Point to meet your son! Fine looking man and he'll be an asset to the military. Whenever I get discouraged with the way things are going in this country, I think of the young men and women, less that 1% of the population, that guard our gates. I assume Chemical Corps is the old CBR. Each one of those guys had a burn spot on their arm, part of the rite of passage, back in the day. All of us, regardless of MOS, had to go through the gas house, take off our mask, and give name, rank, and serial number. Very few got past their name before stumbling, and being guided out of that gas filled room! That was before I went to Desert Warfare school, then Jungle Warfare school in Panama. Got gassed once in Nam, when wind shifted! It was that old CS riot gas. Anyway, pass on my congrats to your son. Regards, Bob PS. I have a contact in South Korea, a civilian contractor for the military. When you son gets his duty station, let me know, and if its near my friend, I'll give you his contact information. Might be able to give him a quick tutorial for the area.
  2. Agreed. Can't handle the large one anymore. Mini is fine with me. My first trip to Kelly's was as an 8 year old, in the 1950s. My friend's brother was a bartender there and we would go in and they gave us hard boiled eggs, peanuts, and orange juice. Working stiffs could run a tab during the week and pay up on Fridays (pay day). This was when it was the original Kelly's, partially under the old wooden Avon bridge, by Route 35. Place turned into a goldmine when Bill Kelly built his new place across the street. The dart board was located next to the take out package area and you had to time your dart throws as people walked by to go to the bathroom! I missed one time and the dart stuck in a guys jacket, as he strolled by. Don't know if it pierced his skin, but he calmly pulled it out and handed it back to me! At some point they got rid of the pool table, when one to many fights broke out! Two nights after I came back from Vietnam, I went over there and this one guy was still on the same stool as when I left for the war. Said hello (he was in his 4 sheets to the wind condition) and he looked at me and said "Hey Bob, haven't seen you for a couple of weeks!" When I told him I had been in Nam for a year he said "Oh yeah, how we doing?" Can't make this stuff up!
  3. A few pints of beer and a fried rat on a bun tastes great!
  4. Richards Deli on Brighton Ave, next to the train tracks, Long Branch.
  5. My start date is always St. Paddy's Day. Rain, snow, or shine, I make my first cast that day. Been doing it for years.
  6. Been married for 44 years. I give her money and say"Get what you want and let me know how I did picking it out!" Works like a charm!
  7. God didn't invent Florida! Al Gore did as part of global warming!
  8. You can have my spot on the ice!
  9. If God wanted you to fish all year round He wouldn't have invented winter!
  10. Last frost fish I saw was in the late 50s, early 60s. Bygone eras.
  11. Fishers Anonymous meetings. Water temp in Belmar, this morning, was just over 39 degrees. Not a lot of activity at that temp. That being said, there was bird action in Ocean Grove and Bradley Beach Tuesday morning. Have no idea what they were picking, but they were active.
  12. What percentage of those quality fish were caught out front? I'm guessing most were from the bays and rivers.
  13. OMG! Milk and bread! Gotta stock up! It's Armagedden!