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  1. One thing I forget to mention; met a surfer named Corey. She was the only one out this morning and was getting the crap beat out of her, but she was a real trooper. Waves were mushy and she was staying close to shore. Hasn't been surfing long, but has that doggit determination. Wished her luck, Nice young woman.
  2. Out front, MoCo this morning. Strong S wind and tea colored water. Waves were uneven and decent size. Strong S to N sweep. Plenty of white water, but difficult to stay in strike zone. Nada. No evidence of sheds. With this forecast for S and SSE winds, 15-20, thru Sunday, it will be gnarly out front. There has been a lot of sand moved around in the last 48 hours. Saw some exposed rocks that I haven't seen since replenishment (in the area I fish). One of my favorite cuts is now filled in, but others have developed. Will head down at low tide to scope things out. New stock of chickens and sacrificial goats should be arriving any day!
  3. S and SE winds into late Sunday! 15-30 mph. We can't catch a break. I just used the last of the chickens for a stew and sold the remaining goats off! Guess I'll have to pick up some more. The Out Front Fish Gods haven't been fully appeased.
  4. Just the opposite. They don't subscribe to the "party line" of either party, although they agree/disagree with specific policies. They tend to vote for the best candidate and the issues. I happen to be one of them. Grew up a Democrat, watched what happened to that party, and chose not to affiliate (register) with either party. I vote the person and the issues. I know what I want (believe) and look for the candidate that best meets those expectations. Murphy is not one I would vote for.
  5. I'm waiting for that thing to detonate!
  6. FINALLY, the curse is broken. What the heck am I going to do with all these chickens and goats that were donated for the Break the Curse sacrifice ceremony? ?
  7. Pugnose. Haven't caught one of those in awhile.
  8. Mike, Nice try at making yourself the victim by blaming me for the whammy! If you hadn't caught that bass on your first outing, we'd be knee deep, out front, in bass, by now! Everyone knows the First Outing, Out Front, First Fish curse that you brought down on us! Bob
  9. In 1969, trench foot and jungle rot!
  10. Did a drive by, MoCo, out front. Water is dirty. Limited visibility. Will take a tide or two to clear up.
  11. Out front, MoCo, mid afternoon. Foggy, and SE wind. Water feels like it got colder. Nice white water. Nada. The MC55 induced curse on out front fishing continues. Getting close to when a sacrifice will have to be made to the Fish Gods! Don't know if a chicken or goat will be enough!
  12. I live in the West Allenhurst section of Ocean Township, across from Deal Lake, and we still have smoke smell drifting in. Some heavier smoke along Ocean Avenue in Asbury Park. Been 24 hours since it started and its still smoldering.
  13. No need to thank me Mike. Always looking out for your best interests. Same for me this morning. Water up to 44 degrees and with that NE wind and nice white water, was hoping for my first fish of the season. Nada. Had some cabbage in the water, first time I've run into that. Can't get back out till Saturday, so you can have my share of the harvest tomorrow!
  14. Nice job of never telling people you're a plumber!
  15. I've avoided this by catching fish I can easily handle. I suggest you do the same! PS Bucktail, one hook, one chance of this happening. Treble, three hooks, three chances! PPS Just trying to help.