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  1. The answer is simple, it's contained in his post; "I'm old and crabby."
  2. It's one of those mysteries of life! They're always "just out of reach", even on a boat (by the time you move the boat, they're "just ahead of you"). .
  3. You have demeaned the fishing guru! You are doomed! Might as well sell all your equipment! The Fishing Gods have cursed your lures, your rods will snap in several places, and a birds nest per cast will be your lot! REPENT NOW! There, I feel better.
  4. Its not so much if the bait shows up, its more about whether or not if it comes into the beaches. That has been the problem in Monmouth county over the last several years, at least at the beaches I fish.
  5. I've read accounts of the 1916 attacks. They occurred in Beach Haven, Spring Lake, Matawan Creek (2), and off New York. The only survivor was the New York guy.
  6. You dropped a Skunk! Which way were you casting?
  7. Anybody putting up an August page?
  8. Thank God you had a gaff handy!
  9. BC (before children)!
  10. Several years ago, during a blitz in Elberon, I put on a popper that had no hooks (purposely had it in my bag). It was a blast watching the bass and blues chase it from the end of the cast right up to the edge of the jetty. Haven't had that opportunity in some time.
  11. Yesterday evening, 6-7:30 pm, out front, MoCo. Small blues. Lots of bait in the water. Small metals and bucktails. SSE wind was hawking.
  12. Talent!
  13. First time on the beach in three weeks. Out front, MoCo, from 7-8:45 pm. All the small blues you wanted. Spanish macks jumping all over the place. Fish spitting up sand eels and spearing. Fun night.
  14. Getting soft in your old age!
  15. Of course you do! Never know when that 40 lb fluke will grab your hook!