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  1. Cant help but being a little jealous of the work from home crew . I’m a carpenter and worked rite thru, work even got busier with all the hospital construction going on . My best friend works from home while his wife is in the office ; he’s got it made . I get pictures all day, Does what he has to, then chills with the dog , grills , hangs in the garage . I guess some times college does pay
  2. A couple cool ones from my phone …
  3. Hey guys . I have a 10ft sit on top pelican for myself . I’ve been thinking of getting something similar for the wife , but just the thought of loading and unloading 2 of them on a lifted SUV seems like a pain in the ass . Started looking up inflatables lately , I didn’t realize there were so many out there . Anybody have any feed back on them and what to look for ? Not trying to buy a $1200 one , and I don’t know if I could trust the $150 ones on Amazon . Doesn’t have to be set up for fishing or any crazy amenities. Just something sturdy for her and thick enuff that could take an occasional rock scrape..Let me know what u think. Thanks …
  4. Thanks for the reply’s guys . I should of been a little clearer , was gonna get an inflatable for myself also . If I wanna put 2 kayaks on the roof I would have to take my ski rack off the other side or somehow strap it down on top of it and hope it holds . I was just thinking it would be easier to throw 2 inflatables in the back and hit the road . I already have a dewalt battery compressor I would use to pump them up . Starting to sound like it’s not the best idea tho, I’ll keep looking
  5. I should of known by now . I should of specified , Looking for an “inflatable” kayak. Thanks again
  6. Hey man , I really don’t need any more set ups but would wouldn’t mind grabbing that fly and ultra lite combo . Any idea on a price for the 2 of them ? I’m also close to willowbrook
  7. Hey guys , has any one here took a trip to the rockies ? I have some air fair credit set to expire soon. Me and my girl were talking about maybe a trip to Colorado . Would be an early spring trip probably . We both love the outdoors . Not looking to do 8 mile hikes , just driving spot to spot checking things out . Looking for a little feed back on hotels/air BB’s , local must see spots , good little strips of restaurants/bars, etc … Thanks
  8. And nothing wrong with the smell of pot , I’ll fit rite in …
  9. Thanks for all the great replies guys .. after further talking with the ladie , she wants to go late September/early October. She was there a few years back for the beer festival at that time and said the weather was perfect. Been googling all the recommendations, all look awesome . We’ll see what happens and if I actually book something
  10. JB is my initials . That’s actually my buddys sea hunt . Which he sold , he was my “friend with a boat” . Which he no longer has , so just another reason to go north instead of south
  11. Born, raised and unfortunately still here in Clifton NJ . It’s the epicenter of everything…highways, stores , buses, trains everything u need within 2 minutes , but lately it’s been getting so crowded and congested that I’m over it . I’m a union carpenter by trade and about 80% of my work is with in 20 minutes which Is great , but I just can’t handle the traffic and stress anymore . Years ago my plan was to buy a house on the bayshore in MoCo , but even now when I go down there it’s just as crowded , and always cars in “my spots” . At this point when and if the home market ever starts dropping I’m going to far north or west NJ. My salt water game has been slacking lately and I’ve been doing a lot more fresh water the past few years , (embarrassing,I know ). mainly to get away from the crowds . We’ll see what happens in the next year or so
  12. So i ordered the 8lb gliss and got it today . I can’t believe how thin it really is … was planning on putting it on my 1000 stradic and 6ft st croix for all around lite duty fishing but actually was a little nervous . So spooled it up on my 500 and ultra lite for trout/panfish instead . I do love the feel of it tho , and that’s what I was looking for . I’ll test it out this weekend and if all goes well I’ll probably order 15lb or something for the 1000.
  13. Hey guys so a while back I got new stradic 1000 and made a post about what to spool it with . I settled on 6# yozuri hybrid line . I like it for the most part but it’s not the same as braid , which I’m used to. After a cast it seems like 2 or 3 wraps of line come off the spool before I have a chance to close the bail . Which leads to loops buried in the spool, wind knots and so on . I’m looking for a light braid like 4 or 6# , I want something soft and plyable, that would work on such a small spool . Let me know what you guys think before I order something . Thanks
  14. Really ? Not too surprised tho , especially seeing how thin it is … I guess I’ll leave that set up at home when carping
  15. Thanks for all the replies guys. I just ordered some 8lb gliss that people mentioned . I never heard of it until here . Did some research and a lot of people love it and it’s super thin like people mentioned. I’ll test it out in a few days when it gets here .. Thanks again
  16. Did u check to make sure they are the right gauge pins . I made that mistake once
  17. Depends on what size u have , as mentioned the 400/500 have in the 20 lb drag range . I believe the 200 only has like 12 lbs … I have a 400 that I use for everything , tog , bass, deep water fluke and no drag issues
  18. Haha , wish it was an XL
  19. Hey thanks for that link, I must of missed that . I’m not a “truck chaser “ by no means , but their reason of not announcing the date of stocking makes no sense . To avoid crowds . ..For the fall stocking they posted what places got stocked on each day .
  20. I was actually thinking of making a post about this the other day . I couldn’t and still can’t find any info about the 2021 stocking. All I see is info about last year and years prior ?
  21. Hey guys , so I just picked up a stradic FL 1000 over the weekend . I have a couple 2500’s that are set up with 10 lb braid . Just looking for a little feedback as to what line you guys are running on your 1000’s ? Should I stick with the 10 or go slightly lighter . I’m not even sure what rod I’m gonna pair the reel with yet , but I’ll mostly likely use the combo for creek/river smallie and trout fishing . I like thin “soft “ braid for smaller set ups rather then some of the “rougher” braid
  22. Yepp. I get to bust my ass there on the weekends to get that overtime money and then get disgusted when I see the amount taken out of my check for taxes , to fund stuff like that
  23. I live in NJ and was part of the building of the tent city at fort dix , whether your for or against what the government is doing is your own opinion ; but will say that the size of the complex and the amount of people there is insane . And not to mention the crazy amount of money being spent to make it happen
  24. Hey thanks for the reply’s guys . So it’s sounded like 6lb is the way to go . I’m gonna stop at my local shop after work and get it spooled up . Probably gonna go with j braid, since I have that on some of my inshore reels and like it . If they don’t have that maybe I’ll give the fire line a try
  25. Good read and info . I was staying on sacandaga like in April . It was just after ice out , the water was super clear and awesome looking . I only had shore access but Figured I would at least get some sunfish or crappie . Nothing in 3 days of trying . Anyone have experience on that lake ?