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  1. Yepp. I get to bust my ass there on the weekends to get that overtime money and then get disgusted when I see the amount taken out of my check for taxes , to fund stuff like that
  2. I live in NJ and was part of the building of the tent city at fort dix , whether your for or against what the government is doing is your own opinion ; but will say that the size of the complex and the amount of people there is insane . And not to mention the crazy amount of money being spent to make it happen
  3. Hey thanks for the reply’s guys . So it’s sounded like 6lb is the way to go . I’m gonna stop at my local shop after work and get it spooled up . Probably gonna go with j braid, since I have that on some of my inshore reels and like it . If they don’t have that maybe I’ll give the fire line a try
  4. Hey guys , so I just picked up a stradic FL 1000 over the weekend . I have a couple 2500’s that are set up with 10 lb braid . Just looking for a little feedback as to what line you guys are running on your 1000’s ? Should I stick with the 10 or go slightly lighter . I’m not even sure what rod I’m gonna pair the reel with yet , but I’ll mostly likely use the combo for creek/river smallie and trout fishing . I like thin “soft “ braid for smaller set ups rather then some of the “rougher” braid
  5. Good read and info . I was staying on sacandaga like in April . It was just after ice out , the water was super clear and awesome looking . I only had shore access but Figured I would at least get some sunfish or crappie . Nothing in 3 days of trying . Anyone have experience on that lake ?
  6. Where abouts are u located . If close by I could be interested ,not really trying to do the whole shipping thing
  7. Agreed , I have a 2500 and 3, 4000’s. I have an older fluger on my 5ft UL that’s roughly a 500 size. I feel like the 1000 might be slightly too big for that rod . Then was also thinking about getting the 1000 and a new 5’6 UL . Probably don’t need either a rod or reel , but I have issues
  8. Nice fish ... what size Stradic is that ? Cant decided if I want the 500 or 1000
  9. I’ll post pictures of some stuff when I get home from work later, see if there’s anything of interest to you ...
  10. Yea I hear ya , my buddy had a 732 spinning built there a couple years ago . Any interest in plugs or anything to offset the price ? Already have way too many rods but wouldn’t mind adding this to the collection
  11. I wish I saw this sooner , I was just in whiting last weekend , my grandfather lives there . I would be interested in just the rod , any idea on price for that or I have plenty of plugs for trade , sinkers/clean lead/homemade tog jigs ...
  12. Can you post a picture of the whole rod ? Foam grips ? All black ? Who built it? And where about in jersey are you . Sorry for all the questions . Thanks
  13. Yea .like i said it’s been hanging on a rack for years , color might of faded a little . No sweat marks or signs of wear .. hmm I’m not sure , I don’t expect the 75 ... any chance you’re in jersey ? To save the hassle of shipping ?
  14. Is this the one you’re looking for ? I bought it from Paulies prob 8+ years ago. Might of wore it the weekend I got it but has been hanging on my hat rack since.
  15. Alrite I’ll keep an eye on this thread. I’m working in Holmdel so could possibly do a meet up