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  1. Yup Rio. Outdoor limited still has some. Haven’t seen any other brands available online in a while. I’ve never used Rio buckshot but their slugs have been fine at the range for me. I was able to get some federal in a shop in early July but haven’t seen it since. I still check all the sites for stock when I’m bored.
  2. If you’re checking the big sites several times a day (outdoor limited, lucky gunner, buds, etc) you’ll find what you need for the most part. The big ammo places update daily you just don’t know because it flies so fast. Just be prepared to pay. I Just paid $27 for 50 rounds of 9mm and $24 for 25 rounds of #1 buck in 20ga. It is what it is. My fault for not having it sooner.
  3. I’ll take it if I can pay with PayPal. I’ll add $5 to help with fees and shipping. Send me a pm If it’s a go
  4. I've only been local to this spot for the last few years and even I wondered how long this could last. It's an absolute dump on weekends. So disheartening to see. Last year on a Saturday night in April you could find it all: fires, piles of garbage, drinking, smoking, blasting music, you name it. I've tried my best to pick up others trash whenever I'm there.
  5. Thanks for the heads up. Just picked up another 12. Awesome reel even at retail. For $112.99 its a no brainer.
  6. Unfortunately all of my builds with the CC finish have done this. Some have only been used once.... I have since switched to all black, which is a shame since I love the CC finish look.
  7. hmmmmm do I buy another saltiga to stash it...they can't screw up a new version right? The saltiga 10/15 5.1 gear are now my all time favorite bottom fishing reels
  8. PM coming
  9. Thanks for the offer. I’m going to hold tight for a little bit. Shipping is too expensive now adays
  10. For sale are two Abu 4600s that I never use anymore. Both have power handles and have 20 lb power pro braid. I do not have the original paddle handles. Both are in good condition and ready to fish. $50 shipped each or both for $80. Paypal only. Mike
  11. Used but in good condition. Filled with 30lb jbraid x8. $25 PayPal shipped if you’d like it. Anything less and id just keep if given the ridiculous price they go for. Let me know. Mike
  12. I’ll take them for 25 shipped. Send me your PayPal info and I’ll pay now Mike
  13. Xcomp 806 cut down to 7'6 should fill that need nicely.
  14. I have the 15 and now the 10. I think I got close to if not the entire spool of 330 yrd 30 lb jbraid on it. If you are togging with it I don't see how you'll ever have a problem. Another reason why I didn't jump on the salitst just yet is a really really like the new torium 14. It's incredibly smooth and powerful. Great size too.
  15. I think the price point is too high. Yeah you can get a nice deal on eBay every once and a while but I believe retail is $240. I had plans of trying one out since I’ve always liked the saltist line but best I could find was $225ish so I just bought another saltiga on sale from jigging world for not much more lol. I’ll end up with a saltist eventually