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  1. Used but in good condition. Filled with 30lb jbraid x8. $25 PayPal shipped if you’d like it. Anything less and id just keep if given the ridiculous price they go for. Let me know. Mike
  2. I’ll take them for 25 shipped. Send me your PayPal info and I’ll pay now Mike
  3. Xcomp 806 cut down to 7'6 should fill that need nicely.
  4. I have the 15 and now the 10. I think I got close to if not the entire spool of 330 yrd 30 lb jbraid on it. If you are togging with it I don't see how you'll ever have a problem. Another reason why I didn't jump on the salitst just yet is a really really like the new torium 14. It's incredibly smooth and powerful. Great size too.
  5. I think the price point is too high. Yeah you can get a nice deal on eBay every once and a while but I believe retail is $240. I had plans of trying one out since I’ve always liked the saltist line but best I could find was $225ish so I just bought another saltiga on sale from jigging world for not much more lol. I’ll end up with a saltist eventually
  6. Well it's definitely not 6 oz. It's listed at 9.3. but like you said you really can't go wrong with the 2500. I've used mine in a blitz of keeper bass to 12 lbs this year and it was great. Fill it with 10 lb braid and enjoy.
  7. All the BG's can be had for ridiculous prices on ebay with the coupon. The 2500 is my go to tog jigging reel. It's comparable to the stradic 3000. I actually prefer my <100$ BG to my stradics now....Phenomenal reels.
  8. No it does not. I must have lost it.
  9. For sale is a Penn Surfmaster 150 with Newell bars and base. It is in good mechanical and cosmetic condition. The only major blemish I noticed was while taking pics of the reel. Note a small nick that does not effect anything. Please view the pics. $60 shipped USPS priority shipping with tracking provided. The Newell components alone are probably worth that. PayPal only please. Any questions please ask. Mike
  10. SOLD thank you. Will pm you a tracking number once I have it.
  11. Before I had a drill press I would do it using a regular drill. It's not difficult if you are careful. Put it in a vise and go slow. Practice on an old reel handle if you have one.
  12. This classic has been sitting around for a few years. Awesome reel but it doesn't see light of day anymore. Cosmetically and mechanically it's in good condition. It is filled with 40 lb daiwa j braid. Please see pics attached to view any cosmetic blemishes and let me know if you have any questions. $115 shipped paypal payment only. -Mike
  13. Yup many of my new in box reels are from ebay. I just stay away from used on there. The thing I really like about eBay is the attention to shipping speed. It’s important to sellers to ship almost instantly, which is not the case with other places that take their sweet time. As for used stuff, I’d rather buy used from a site like this where there is a little more accountability.
  14. Yup watched two guys get written up at a popular spot 2 weekends ago. Didn't take their gear though....