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  1. Message sent, I visit Alaska at least once a year and it needs to be protected from government officials at all levels as well as those interested mining industries.
  2. You can either just cast out and reel slowly back with the paddletails for trout or reds, or with either the paddle or shrimp, let it sink to bottom and just give it little hops back. That will get trout, reds, and flounder. If you get out early, i'd keep an eye on the beach and see if fish are busting on bait. could be trout, reds, jacks, or ladyfish... all fun to catch, but only trout/reds worth eating if thinking about some table fare. If you think you'll fish the pier, bring some spoons for the spanish mackerel. They'll hit the jigs but i've had better luck on spoons. Probably default to "Badtothebugs" responses as he seems to fish piers a lot more than me!
  3. shrimp tails, small swim baits, twister tails... they all tend to work if the fish are around. 3/8oz will be just fine as well... especially if there is any sort of wind blowing in.
  4. Only fished once in Mississippi, in Pascagula, a bit east of Gulfport. But i'd say bring a couple topwaters 3-4" and some jighead/plastics and you should be set for most anything that is inshore. Speckled Trout, Redfish, Flounder, etc... doesn't look like any rivers in the immediate area, but along the beaches, jetties, or harbors should hold fish. Maybe bring some hooks/sinkers in case live bait is required, but i'd focus your time early and late in the day.
  5. awesome, i've tried a few times myself and came up empty... glad to hear you finally got your elusive bonefish!
  6. I'm in Chicago and so far this spring the perch fishing has been the best spring/summer season at least in the last 5+ years. I think finding a perch charter might be one of the 2 difficulties of the planning. From my experience, which isn't a ton, most of the charters primarily focus on the salmon/trout fishing instead of the perch. The other would be to find/hire a boat that can hold that many people and be knowledgeable about the perch situation. You may want to look into a facebook group for help locating someone, I follow one called "Great Lakes Salmon and Trout Fishing" and there are a lot of boat captains that post reports that could probably point you in the right direction if you can't find anything else on your own. I haven't heard much about the perch fishing from the Michigan side of the lake, but from what i see regarding reports in Indiana, the perching has been consistently good for the last month or so. It has slowed down around Chicago after a big storm came through about 2 weeks ago, but appears to be still going strong in Indiana and probably michigan since their perching is typically better than this side of the lake anyway. Good luck, if you can find a way to make it work, you should be happy as they appear to be plentiful this year and big... most fish i've caught have all been 10+ inchers with some 14-15" mixed in.
  7. Final Update on the topic... I received my order a couple of minutes ago. Tyler came through and shipped overnight for my trip tomorrow.
  8. I would check your credit card and make sure the order went through, mine was charged on the 1st when I placed the order, even though it hadn't shipped yet. If you are seeing a charge, then they should have your order. It sounds like phone is the best way to contact them, I tried all avenues and never got a response until FMTuna helped out.
  9. Update: Just got a call from Tyler at TD, he stated that he located the item I ordered on July 1st in their warehouse, and will be shipping it out overnight... so I should get it by Friday. He was nice and apologized for the issues/delays, etc... stated they are getting over 1100 calls a day between 6 service agents. I may use them again if I get into another situation where nobody else is carrying what I need, but I will probably use them as a last resort instead of my go-to, that's for sure. Maybe it was a perfect storm of issues, but still seems like a very poorly managed situation overall. Hope everyone else's delays and issues are fixed sooner than later.
  10. FWIW, FMTuna is having someone reach out to me today regarding my order. I gave him my phone and order # yesterday afternoon. Needless to say, guessing I won't get my order before the Friday deadline, but we'll see what happens. I did get a call this morning from the tackle direct line, but it was an automated message asking me to leave a message... which I thought was odd considering their system was calling me? Hoping to speak with a human today!
  11. sat on hold for another 15 minutes...entered call back number, we'll see.
  12. Is there a way to get an update on my order? or know when the item will ship to see if it has a chance to get here by Friday? I found another online dealer and can try some expedited shipping, but don't want to end up with 2 of the same thing either.
  13. Levari, I received the same email on July 11th... but for me, going to TackleDirect and using their contact options hasn't yielded any results for me. Unfortunately, with my job I don't have the ability to call all day long and wait on hold for hours. Twice i input my call back number for someone to call me back and i have yet to get a call back from last week. Is being shipped to Chicago, hopefully.
  14. Thanks for the help Tim, I'll wait to see if anyone has a better line of communication. But to have nobody responding to email, phone, chat, or shipping orders... seems like a cluster of a business idea if you ask me. I feel that waiting 2+ weeks before bringing this up on an order that was supposed to ship within 2 days is rather patient. Especially when I don't receive any updates nor responses to my "Check order Status" inquiry options that they are providing. The worst part is that what I ordered is for a trip i'm taking this weekend, so now I have already paid for the item 2 weeks ago, the item won't be getting here before I leave, and i won't have the item on my trip cause nobody local seems to carry it, which is why i had to order it in the first place. Just all around, a very sour taste in my mouth regarding this situation.
  15. Yeah, checked spam...nothing. I’ll keep trying to reach them, I’ll cancel my order if anyone ever picks up.