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  1. may find some in store, all sold out online though. would have been nice to score one of those tho!
  2. I will take it at $130, if you have the box and any accessories, please include those as well! Send me your paypal and I can submit payment shortly.
  3. Would you be willing to accept $125? if so, I can pay today via paypal.
  4. I’m in the Midwest, so it may be more for me.
  5. 2 piece or 3 piece? can't tell from the last pic? Any idea on what shipping costs would be?
  6. If it was me, I would seriously consider getting a 3 or 4 piece travel rod of some kind, depending on your budget. Just the convenience of either leaving it in your trunk or under your bed, in a closet etc...will help your rod last a lot longer. Okuma, LL bean, St. Croix, Tsunami, most rod companies make options for travel rods... I have an Okuma SST 7' medium I got for like $70 on ama... have caught hundreds of fish, freshwater and saltwater, salmon in alaska, been on several plane flights, car rides etc... still works great and if it should ever break, not the biggest deal to get a new one. I think Fenwick makes one that has 2 different tip ends that you can change depending on your needs. Like a Medium/Medium Light option that you could swap out if you were going for panfish or something bigger. Plus being in a dorm, you won't have to walk through doorways, stairs, elevators and increase your chances of snapping a tip off or anything. Just all around, easier in about every way.
  7. I’ll offer $60 shipped, PayPal.
  8. Sounds good, if you PM me your address I can get the check in the mail.
  9. Please read the rules. PayPal is the online payment here.
  10. I’d offer $105 for the Stradic 3000fj.
  11. I guess I never really even thought about using a baitcaster for that light of line... kinda figured it would just bite down on itself too bad and cause backlashes... but I guess if you don't put a lot of pressure on it, it wouldn't bite down. Maybe i'll give it a try sometime!
  12. Did you say you are putting 4lb test on a baitcaster? Curious as to what application that would for? Apart from that, i have had some sufix spools where they really jam that line into the clip area. I'd unwind a few times around the spool and do some checks of that line to get an idea if it's an old/rotten spool or if it may have just be where they attached to the spool.
  13. i get it too when fishing for a while... i too am a desk jockey... i sort of chalk it up to a weak middle back area that has slowly developed over time from sitting at a desk. I typically get it the worst when just standing and casting in one place, if I'm moving around, seems to not bother me as much. Sounds like you are more active than me, though i do run a couple times a week 4-5 mile runs and lift when I have time. During this time, I would look up middle back exercises on "u"tube and see if that helps any. i will usually try to do some from time to time or if I am going on a fishing trip where I know I will be standing a lot. it does seem to help, but would probably be more helpful if I did them more often.
  14. Sounds like someone is changing spools on a reel. The spool says Cabo? The item number you listed is a Boca... they may be interchangeable spools, but the Cabo is more expensive line put out by Quantum.
  15. 2nd if this falls through for some reason