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  1. Hmmm, maybe post a photo of what you are looking for. I think the newest model is “FI”
  2. Which model?
  3. I’d offer $50 for the eliminator shipped.
  4. I don’t remember, it was a store site from a shop in Florida. They were on sale at the end of 2019, then went back to full price. Of course never got to really use it in 2020, so hoping 2021 will get some use out of it.
  5. There was an online site that had them for this price at the time. Doesn’t look like they are on sale anymore.
  6. Any idea how old they are? Don’t see anything on the bean site.
  7. Turn them over onto their tops to unhook them. Keeps the barb facing into the ground...and not your foot, leg, or hand!
  8. Nice warm sunny day, don’t be afraid to throw topwater lures...small poppers, walk the dogs, etc...3-4” lures are best for trout!
  9. I’ll take them! Let me know where to send PayPal for shipping.
  10. If you can wait till holidays, usually stores like bass pro/academy/scheels have some good deals on reels. Also, if you know how to do a basic cleaning/greasing/oiling cheap reels will last quite a while in brackish use if you do a quick clean after every few uses and don’t let rust/corrosion take hold. i’d also just look for a better used reel. Seems like you’d be more interested in something more “freshwater bass” size, check out the BBC forums, usually some good deals to be had by guys “upgrading” their gear, but most are just standard freshwater sized options. If you want something bigger, I’d just post in the BST forum and see what people may have sitting around and decide from there. I have an Okuma Komodo SS and a quantum iron 300, both are big low profiles, but caught plenty of nice fish with them! But they hold a lot of line, like 200-250 yards of 50lb braid.
  11. Good luck, be safe, and eat well!
  12. I used to fish Chicago, and still talk to some buddies who still fish it...if I were you, skip Chicago and just fish Kenosha, Racine, or Milwaukee. Chicago king season has sucked the last 5 years or so, and this year is even worse due to all the city restrictions. I think the lakefront in Chicago is still technically closed to fishing and all the parking lots near the lake are shutdown. So unless you really want to fish it, I wouldn’t waste your time.
  13. I used to fish Kings and steel from Lake Michigan shore. 4000 is plenty of size, I used to use a saros and never came close to getting spooled with a number of fish over 20lbs. The shoreline fall run Kings just don’t have the stamina a chrome summer fish has. My biggest shore steel was 17lbs and caught on a 3000 size Shimano. You will be perfectly fine with a 5000 size reel, if you find it too big/heavy, especially if you are casting lures...any 4000 will be fine, or 3000 with 15-20lb braid should work as well. A lot of guys use pflueger size 40’s, fairly inexpensive and I’ve seen them catch hundreds of fish. as for gear ratios, you can always reel slower, but you may need the speed to catch up to a fish running back at you.